2012/10/21, 11:25: Tail Compressed (Red-Filtered Lens of a Smartphone Camera) / 2012/10/22 10:16 (Panasonic DMC FZ7 filter UV+ 2red+ND8 assembled) / Sunrise 2012/10/23 8:28 (NEW ZetaTalk)


What is happening with the vast tail of Planet X when at one point it forms Moon Swirl orbs around the Sun, at another is slung to the side so the Moon Swirls look like tubes, at another tossed above or below the Sun so the Moon Swirl orbs are seen as a String of Pearls, and at yet another blown so directly at the Earth that the Moon Swirls are lost in the clutter of debris so that no sunlight can funnel through them toward Earth. Clearly, the direction of the tail is key.

Brilliant, large Moon Swirl orbs close to the Sun occur when the tail is blown TOWARD the Earth, with the dominant, large moons in the swirl being most affected by the magnetic push while the lesser moons, surprisingly, line up behind the dominant moons seeking shelter from the magnetic push on the Earth side of the swirl. The minor moons are hiding behind the dominant moons.

The String of Pearls, which are Moon Swirl orbs slung to the side rather than directly at the Earth, occur rarely when the tail in general is blown to the side by a dither in Planet X but the Sun’s magnetic field affects the charged tail so that they again line up so that sunlight can funnel through them to the Earth. This is a dual action on the Moon Swirls, both Planet X and the Sun’s magnetism affecting them.

At other times Planet X points the hose of magnetic particles coming from its N Pole so directly at the Earth that the vast charged tail, which normally spreads out over a vast area, condenses, clumping so any sunlight that would funnel through the Moon Swirl tubes is lost in the dust cloud and debris. One could correlate these times with the magnetic compression of the Earth’s magnetic field.


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Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 22, 2012 at 11:33am

I combined these two photos into one blog for Alberto. It seems the Sting of Pearls we were seeing last week, in Alberto's photos and those from Spain, have disappeared and now we are seeing a singular clump! This while reports or red rain from Sweden and the Sahara are reported, or anticipated red rain. I wonder if the tail is pointing so directly at the Earth at present that is appears to us as a CLUMP?

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