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To Understand Disasters Like Maui, Look to Pliny the Elder's Story of the 76 A.D. Mt. Vesuvius Eruption

Did you know that Hurricane Dora never made landfall in Hawaii, that any contribution to fanning the flames was minor, and that the fires in Maui were already burning?  It was only after the Hurricane was passing that people started paying attention and taking videos.  Natural phenomena like lightning, electricity arcing from downed powerlines, and methane and or light towers were mistakenly blamed on weaponry like DEW, Government, Corporate, and…


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Prevention and Treatment of Iron and Iron Oxide Toxicity and Overload in Humans and Animals

Iron and Iron Oxide Toxicity, Overload, and Poisoning

If you are having a medical emergency, please seek treatment immediately. This is post is not intended to replace professional medical advice or treatment. Rather, it is an overview of iron and iron oxide toxicity symptoms in the human body and animals. Many people may already have undiagnosed or misdiagnosed symptoms.…


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Soul Searching Consolidated ZetaTalk Summary

This is a consolidated summary for those new to exploring the ZetaTalk perspective on souls, soul origins, growth, reincarnations, and choosing a Lift, Ascension, and or Early Death before, during and after the Planet X Crossing and  Pole Shift.     

It is not for us to judge another soul's decision as right or wrong.  If we come to know or suspect a person’s choice, rejoice and celebrate that with them.  Per ZetaTalk and other esoteric traditions, up to 90% of the earth’s population…


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Bridge Building 101: Planet X Ice Breakers For Loved Ones

TL:DR?  Use this article as a reference as needed when looking for those ice breakers and talking points to introduce Planet X to someone no matter what their background. 

A dialogue script will not be provided as everyone’s relationship dynamic is different.   


Favor needed:  more information from the Hindu religion regarding a…


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