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New Madrid timeline

Are the recent earthquake swarms indicative of a pending West Coast bow as the Zetas have mentioned or a New Madrid rip? Or are both of these future events manifestations of the same root cause?

We have firmly stated that we anticipate the New Madrid to adjust first, with the West Coast following. This does not mean that the West Coast will cease burping around, as it constantly does, or even have significant…


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Netherland tides

How high will the tides or storm surge might be, if the Netherlands gets hit prior to the last weeks.

During the hour of the pole shift we have predicted that coastlines can anticipate tides up to 500-600 feet due to the sloshing of the oceans. This is due to the exceptionally rapid movement of the globe, a 90° turn within the span of an hour. The severe wobble and lean to the left do not bring that rapid movement,…


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S America Roll

Unlike the usual pattern on the IRIS charts, where the Asian side of the Ring of Fire is full of circles indicating recent earthquakes and the Americas are fairly light in this regard, S America and the Caribbean have become very active.

Argentina hit by 6.3 magnitude earthquake after Haiti and Venezuela

January 17, 2010…


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ZetaTalk: Moons Astray

written January 27, 2010

Much speculation on the GLP message board regarding object seen on the Stereo Behind images. [and from another]…


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ZetaTalk: Leadership, Earned

written Sep 23, 2005

You wrote Decapitation Process, detailing the beginning of the end for the Bush Administration. Incidentally (or not) shortly thereafter Katrina left its mark and the fallout of which would seem to be 1. increased disapproval and apathy toward the Bush Administration after its failure to be prepared for and respond to a nation in crisis. 2. increased gas prices which will have a…


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ZetaTalk: When Things Go Wrong

written Feb 21, 2005

After the pole shift there will be many injuries, many traumatized people, overwhelming the emergency services. Most often, people not prepared to give first aid will be stepping in, as getting to a doctor will not be possible. There are going to be a lot of mistakes made, by good hearted people trying their best, a steep learning curve. This will lay a burden of guilt on those folks,…


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Extreme weather kills Mongolia livestock

The United Nations has warned that extreme winter weather has killed more than a million livestock in Mongolia.

The organisation said this was likely to harm the country's food supply and worsen poverty.

It said 19 of Mongolia's 21 provinces had been hit by heavy winter snow and -40C temperatures.

Mongolia suffered a severe drought during the summer months, which prevented the stockpiling of food for livestock.

More than a third… Continue

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ZetaTalk: NASA Cover-up

written January 25, 2010

A German debunking site posted SOHO images purporting to show that the Winged Globe of Planet X, with streaming tail, was appearing in 1999, well before the arrival date of Planet X into the inner solar system in 2003. [and from another] I have found these pictures in a German Debunker forum. The…


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ZetaTalk: Radar Circles

ZetaTalk: Radar Circles

written January 25, 2010

What Now? Seen on radar by thousands today over Australia [Jan 22]…


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String of Pearls

String of Pearls

The Zetas have described the Moon Swirls of Planet X as having the appearance of a string of pearls.

ZetaTalk Description 6/15/1997: Planet X's moons travel like a string of pearls behind the monster traveling planet and a great deal of trash has also been caught, from…


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N Pole Migrating

Under pressure from the N Pole of Planet X, the magnetosphere of Earth is bowing, pushing the magnetic N Pole toward Siberia.

North Magnetic Pole Moving East Due to Core Flux

December 24, 2009…


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Haiti Quake

On January 12, 2010 a major quake hit the capitol of Haiti, causing widespread devastation. The magnitude 7 quake was followed by 32 aftershocks between magnitude 4-6 within 10 hours after the initial jolt.

Big Haiti Quake Topples Buildings, Casualties Seen

January 12, 2010…


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Two dead as storms blast Bulgaria and Turkey

A man suffering a heart attack died in the northeastern Bulgarian region of Silistra when the ambulance he was in became trapped by snow.

A man walks under heavy snow on a street in Istanbul on January 23, 2010. Heavy snow and high speed winds are affecting Istanbul, causing blackouts as well as related natural gas and water outages. The wind coming from southeastern Europe threw parts of Turkey into deep freeze on January… Continue

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ZetaTalk: Pole Shift

Note: written Apr 15, 2002

A common reaction among humans when first contemplating the pole shift as presented by us, is to think that the better option is to go out with the tidal waves, go down under quake debris, or be blown against a wall by high winds and have it all over with quickly. Most survivors of multiple pronged disasters sit stunned until death overtakes them. Imagine the World Trade Center disaster, without rescue. No food stuffs brought in, no financial…


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Strongest storm of the week moving into L.A. area, bringing flood, mudslide threats

January 21, 2010 | 6:34 am

The strongest storm of the week was rolling into Southern California this morning, bringing heavy, sustained rains that will last into the evening.

The National Weather Service said the rains will get progressively heavier through the morning and early afternoon, with the strongest showers coming in the late afternoon and early evening. The snow level is expected to drop throughout the day,… Continue

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ZetaTalk: Aftertime Calls

The 100 years after the pole shift are a time of transition for planet Earth, in that it is not wholly divided into Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self groups separated by the rules that govern 4th Density spiritual groups. Yet there will be pockets, whole countries or continents even, which are operating in this spiritual orientation, and quarantined from interaction with others in 4th Density of the other orientation. As we have stated in the Rules section of Zetatalk, visitors to…


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Flash floods in Egypt and Israel kill seven

Surprise heavy rains have caused flash floods that hit Egypt and Israel

Heavy rains and flash floods have left seven people dead in Egypt and Israel.

Rains washed away mud brick houses in southern Egypt killing two women, and in Israel a woman drowned when her car was caught in a flash flood.

A British tourist was killed when a yacht capsized in bad weather on the Nile, Egyptian police said.

More than a dozen people are still… Continue

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ZetaTalk: Actions

Note: added during the Dec 7, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self orientation cannot be determined strickly by action, by a rule of thumb, as it depends. As we have explained, a gruff person can be self centered, or just angry because they see that harm will come to others unaware. A demanding person might be demanding for the self, although presenting the demands as for others, and this cannot be determined…


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Second Sun in Clouds

The Planet X complex is most often lost in the glare of the Sun, but can best be glimpsed at sunrise or sunset when the glare of the Sun is reduced. At these times, the red light spectrum light from both the Sun and Planet X, which bends around the curvature of the Earth, is predominant. Mid-day glimpses are rare, due to the flood of light from all spectrums creating glare. But when the Sun is behind cloud cover the light from Planet X, the Second Sun, can at times be seen. On…


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ZetaTalk: Until the Last Days

written Mar 24, 2006

I really wonder what this world would be like if people knew what is about to happen. To me, it would become Mad Max, total chaos, anarchy quickly being the order of the day. With or without Martial Law, people would generally act like cornered animals - anything goes. Very few would prepare orderly.

We have stated that when the pole shift hits, the…


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