Skinny Bob / EBE - Roswell crash survivor

My adaption of the Skinny Bob / EBE collage originally posted by Ning member, Waveguide.

Waveguide's collage:

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 7, 2011
This footage was recently uploaded. Interesting. What do you think

Would former MJ12 members release a video of an alien apparently in their custody? The presumption is that this is the surviving member from the Roswell crash. A grainy video, showing age, and a Zeta head not unlike the face on the ZetaTalk page, with a tiny almost vertical nose, a mere slit of a mouth, high cheekbones and thin neck. Nancy has done more than one graphic of ourselves, from her memory, showing the very thin body and the face both frontal and in profile. The fact that this video matches in many ways her memory and description is not an accident or deliberate copy, as this is a real video. The US government, former MJ12 members included, are being pressed by other countries to get with the program and engage in disclosure. Rather than release their UFO files they are jumping ahead, showing proof of the alien presence with alien bodies. This is a test run to see how the public reacts.

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 14, 2011
Well, it has been a week since they released the footage of EBE and no panic in the streets! In fact, response seems even more muted than I'd expect. Can the Zetas expand on the reaction? I know it is in the hands of man, but do they expect a step up in disclosure? What about a step up in ufo/alien appearances, as a result of more people getting comfortable with their presence?

Skinny Bob has been welcomed with open arms everywhere. He is charming, obviously non-aggressive, and allowing himself to be filmed without resentment. The immediate reaction of all who watch the video is that this is real, even if objection is made by those in shock at the confirmation of the alien presence. Look behind any verbal sputtering to see the shock, as it is there. Since this has been widely distributed on the Internet, and widely discussed on more sites than one could count, the establishment has lots of data to digest. They will conclude that mankind is not reacting as was anticipated by the CIA many decades ago when they concluded that the common man could not handle the reality of the alien presence. Curiosity, a desire to see more, even a desire to meet Skinny Bob has been expressed. More to follow!

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