The Stavropol design specifically relates to its location in Russia - between the Caspian and Black seas. As the Arabian Plate shifts during the 7 of 10 plate movements, the pointed top will tumble the oil fields of Iraq, as we have so long predicted. The moving point, like a sickle, will apply pressure to the lands between the Caspian and Black seas first from the west, then arriving at the eastern side of the point to apply pressure there. Since the areas where the circle was laid is not on a fault line, this will be confusing for those living there, and this crop circle seeks to give them a clue as to the cause of their earthquakes and land adjustments.

The Netherlands has been host to a series of unique crop circles, laid by makers intent upon relaying a heretofore unstated message. It is hoped that by clustering these circles in one location, in a country normally not the center of focus during the crop circle season, the message may get better focus and attention. The progression at Hoeven shows the status of the 270° roll, with April 28 being the current status, Planet X having turned 180° to point its N Pole almost directly at the Earth. May 20 shows the full 270° roll with Planet X standing upright during which time it engages the 3 planets caught in the cup including Earth with her Moon. Then Venus escapes and the Moons of Planet X enter the picture.

Oudenbosch is showing this from a different perspective. As Planet X approaches the 3 planets in the cup, the rotation of Earth in her counterclockwise manner creates a clash with the other planets. In this they are not given equal weight, as the rotation clash is primarily with the Earth's Dark Twin. Etten-leur is telling the tale of the Dark Twin, from the point at the left where it is caught in the cup with the Earth and Venus, to its escape out into space behind the Earth. The Dark Twin then wants to return to its orbit, and does so with a sharp 90° turn, thence moving in the normal counterclockwise orbit, coming closer to the Sun again. It then finds itself gradually positioning itself on the opposite side of the Earth in their shared orbit.

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