CC at Nature Preserve, Hoeven NL - Reported 9th May.

This design is clearly showing the Dark Twin during the passage. The Dark Twin is shown opposite the Earth, identified not only by being on the opposite side of the Sun but by the counterclockwise orbit direction that they both assume. In this diagram, Planet X is shown entering from the lower right, moving slowly past the Sun and doing dual 270 degree rolls. We have mentioned that the Dark Twin is caught in the cup with the Earth and Venus, but that both will escape prior to the pole shift. We have also mentioned that the Dark Twin has moved outside of the orbit he shares with the Earth at this time, to escape the current crowding. In fact, the Dark Twin has been captured on film due to this drift outward. This crop circle diagram is showing the escape of the Dark Twin, which will escape in the manner depicted! After moving directly behind the Earth as Planet X approaches, it will seem to disappear into the night sky.

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Comment by JP on May 27, 2011 at 8:01am
Are those planets lined up?

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