A former Ning member had a good discussion on this topic, but must have erased it when she left.  So I want to repost some of my comments on the topic, along with some new observations, and re-open a space for this discussion.


This topic relates to defending yourself and your group after the Pole Shift, when desperate people and STS gangs will be roaming around looking to take whatever they can.


I will touch on a few of the main points I remember from the old discussion.  First, location.  This is probably the most important factor in defending your group/stores.  You want to be well-concealed, in a rural setting.  The Zetas have said these groups will receive assistance in that STS raiders will be unable to find those groups, and will be led away, or distracted.




Here is ZT regarding small groups:  http://www.zetatalk.com/xtime/x10.htm


Another main point is guns.  Some people swear by them, and plan on using them.  But what happens when the ammo runs out?  How much ammo are you going to carry, when space is limited? 


Here is a ZT answer in response to the gun question: 

The statistics on guns kept in the home are such that you are more likely to be killed by a gun in the home than by a stranger. If 43% of the survivors will be somewhat insane, if only temporarily, after the pole shift, then this applies to the head of household who holds the gun as well! Protection by angels, who cloak a survival community, cannot simply be calculated. Those who are highly Service-to-Other of course are more likely to get this assistance than others, as the Earth is intended to be their home in the Aftertime. Communities that are predominantly Service-to-Other or led by Service-to-Other individuals likewise will likely be assisted. We have stated that communities should do self-help and keep a low profile, be out of the heavy traffic lane, as to do othewise is not Service-to-Other but expecting the angels to do all the work, like a parent tending a spoiled child. Service-to-Other.




There is much more info about guns if you do a search on the ZT site.


There are many alternatives to guns.  It seems that pepper spray is a good idea.  It will take down the biggest men, it is quietly used, and easy to carry.  Of course, most should carry a knife of some sort also, as they are very useful in a survival situation, not just for defense. 


This should be enough to get us started...



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I have a book recommendation to make on this topic which is The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker. I found the book incredibly illuminating in terms of identifying red flags which indicate the possibility that a stranger may inflict violence. The author speaks from personal experience as a child and is one of the foremost experts on violence prediction. I think people can benefit immensely from this even today, and even more so after the pole shift occurs and there are wanderers all about.

When choosing community for survival, extremely nonviolent people may be very problematic if they're rigid in their views, not flexible and adaptable to arising necessities.  I've been surrounded all my life by "pacifists", but came to realize that although they live quite peacefully, their pacifism amounts mostly to just letting others do the dirty work of the world and never acknowledging the good of it, and even speaking out against it.  Policing, stopping Nazis, border security, counter terrorism, international peacekeeping and so on.  They call for cops with guns about as quick as others when they're in trouble, then they go back to condemning all guns, and all uses of force and deterrence, even for defensive purposes and other unavoidable purposes.  It's really a hypocritical thing to never support or be involved any type of security work and to always see it as part of the problem, not the solution, yet rely on it all like the rest of us.  Also, many people imagine themselves to be on the same level of nonviolence as Buddha, Jesus and Gandhi.  They imagine their willingness and capabilities to remain completely nonviolent, no matter what the circumstances, are far, far greater than they actually are. 

As policing falls apart and crime and violence ramp up, many of these people will persist in their delusions that friendliness, goodwill and flowers alone will always see them through.  This is unrealistic, given the weirdness and wildness that the world is about to enter.  There'll be a lot of desperate people around and they won't all be nice.  Far from it.  If you're with people who refuse to be part of any common sense security strategies and implementation because they're too nice or think these things are always unnecessary, then you might go down with them.  Their life-long delusions about all the "unnecessary" security features in society and the world (which they depended on, but never admitted to) may persist, even though the world will have changed dramatically and become far more dangerous.

I'm very nonviolent, but only claim to be as nonviolent as possible.  Complete, total nonviolence isn't really an option for 99.99% of us, if we analyze what that means in terms of potential risks, sacrifices and suffering.  Are you willing to give yourself and others up to danger and violence, to be heavily victimized and dispossessed?  Probably not.  Most of us like to avoid rape, abduction, murder, etc.  So, if you've never come to grips with unavoidable security, then now is probably a good time.  That which police did for us 24-7-365 will be gone.  They held back the tide of crime and anarchy, in general, and also responded to our emergencies.  They will mostly be overwhelmed and absent soon, it seems.  What then?  We'll do out own policing, as necessary.  We'll do our own security.  In our survival communities and as we travel about.  We'll have no choice.  We'll have to decide what amounts and what types of force and deterrence are necessary and when.  No more depending on police and others.  And for "complete pacifists", no more thinking that they're too pure to engage in this and that.

Excessively violent people are very problematic, yes.  My point here is that excessively nonviolent people are, too, in many cases.  So, let us all become completely nonviolent within ourselves, but also realize that outwardly complete nonviolence is usually an impossibility.  Such is the world.  Accept it.  Do what you have to and feel you must.  Keep a level head.  Refrain from threatening people or fighting with them, but also do so if you have to.  If you have time, there are lower levels of uses of force and deterrence you can try first, in order to use less force, if possible.  For example, you can inform someone that you have a weapon.  You can then brandish it, if necessary.  You can then fire it in the air, if it's a gun, if necessary.  Lastly, you can point it at a person and use it, if necessary.  The idea should be to avoid whatever violence you can, but also engage in it if you have to.

Most so-called "complete pacifists" that I know have never faced such realities.  Well, nothing in life promised that they'd never have to.  With love in our hearts, we avoid a lot of crime and violence in this world, or resolve it peacefully, but not all of it.  Face reality and realize that violent people actually kill themselves.  Unjustified attacks on others is really a from of suicide.  If they meet stiff opposition and it becomes their demise, this is obviously their own doing.  What police did for you, you can do yourself.  But locating remotely may mean you never have to.  So start with location, perhaps.  And awareness, including awareness about who you are surrounding yourself with.  Excessively nonviolent dreamers, or too many of them, may be what ruins your community and kills you.  Be STO (be of a service-to-others mindset), but also be realistic.  You may have to get your hands dirty.  Don't worry about it.  Be happy and just do your best.



I carry a bottle of wasp spray in my vehicle just in case I am accosted.  When sprayed, it travels a good 10 feet or more.  And, yes, it is effective.  You can buy it anywhere and it reasonably cheap.  Good investment.  Even for children.


I have read on several sites that wasp spray works really well as an alternative to mace or pepper spray.

The other thing that would be helpful is trying to form a "neighborhood coalition" of immediately surrounding neighbors that all agree to look out for each other.


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