Before the pole shift  the lowlands of Europe will be assaulted as we can read in the recall that Nancy had about major earth changes that will occur well before the pole shift or last weeks.

"As the Atlantic rips open, this causes water adjustments. First water rushes from elsewhere to fill the void, then piles up, clashing in the middle, so that a tide rushes toward Europe, assaulting the lowlands there"

And the Zetas gave an answer about the height of the tide.

During the hour of the pole shift we have predicted that coastlines can anticipate tides up to 500-600 feet due to the sloshing of the oceans. This is due to the exceptionally rapid movement of the globe, a 90 degree turn within the span of an hour. The severe wobble and lean to the left do not bring that rapid movement, but bring their own problems. The severe wobble will bring a twice a day swing, which is not the hour of the pole shift but is a12 hour movement. These tides can be expected
to be hundreds of feet high, 200-300 feet, the the worst being where a
normal tide under the influence of the Moon is in process during the
wobble. The lean to the left will bring a pooling of water toward the
poles because the orbit of the Moon will continue, crossing over the
poles rather than round the Ecliptic. This will be slight, only a dozen
or more feet of difference. The tearing of the Atlantic, where there is a
sudden void to be filled by water which will then clash and rebound,
will cause something like a tsunami for UK and the countries along the
mainland. This tsunami will mostly strike Europe due to the Gulf stream
which is already in motion, pushing water from the west to the east. We
would anticipate a tide of perhaps 100 feet reaching the Netherlands
during any such tsunami.

My feeling tells me that this will occur soon, within 6 months.
And that those that live in those lowlands of Europe need to be ready for what will occur.

A description of the North European Plain can be found here and a evelation map of Europe can be found here

A evelation map of the Netherlands can be found here and here.

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She seam to say during the hour of the pole shift I think thats what your looking for.
whats happening now if I understand is not dramatic enough ripping but is ripping to cause a tsunami, but when the huge ripe occurs during the hour of the pole shift a major rip will occur and you know the rest of the story I hope this help in some way.
Certainly the hour of the pole shift will have this but the Zetas were saying BEFORE the last weeks. This could include the severe wobble (which leads to the lean to the left) or I think even the ripping of the N American continent, New Madrid adjustment, etc. This will create a sudden void in the middle of the Altantic, the clash, the tsunami toward Europe. They cannot say precisely, as always. If the N American continent moves, THINK about it, that's a lot of land mass to move suddenly westward, opening the Atlantic Rift right there.

Gerard Zwaan said:
So in some way we could state that the factors leading to this tsunami are already occuring. Or is my assupmtion wrong. ?
OK, the Zetas are saying it will be the severe wobble that will cause the 100 feet tall tsunami for the Netherlands, for sure, but don't exclude earlier tides in their analysis. I also think high tides can be expected if the New Madrid adjusts, the N American continent moves. Just not 100 feet high. Should be a wakeup call, though.
Two years ago i had a dream in wich there was a warning for a tidal wave that would hit the Netherlands.
In this dream i saw a globe and at first there was a mention of the pole shift, then i heard that it was not the time yet.
A changed axis or so was mentioned in this dream. And later on i heard about damaged buildings, one building
i remember that got damaged in this dream was the geldredome.

Also read
For what i get now this dream i related to the tsunami warning. As the Geldredome is city called Arnhem more close to the German border. A smaller tide then a 100 feet wouldn't reach that far i would think.?


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