Howard's Gifts (12)

At 9:39pm on November 03, 2012, Raz Ziyad gave Howard a gift
You all inspire me... GREATLY!
1b4u7f5fb016x At 12:12am on April 12, 2011, 1b4u7f5fb016x gave Howard a gift
Thank you Howard for the Power in Aftertime info.  You're a real gentleman.
At 11:29pm on April 07, 2011, Lavonne gave Howard a gift
I have been following this site and all the posts. Thank you for your hard work and information. Invaluable wisdom on this site. Thanks again.
3nk50hlk28cem At 7:34pm on April 04, 2011, 3nk50hlk28cem gave Howard a gift
At 3:57am on February 07, 2011, Raz Ziyad gave Howard a gift
Relevance of any of the current seismic action in & around the HUGE & very weighty, folding Pacific plate compression zone it affects the Indio/Australian plate...
2t51toefba035 At 10:36am on February 02, 2011, 2t51toefba035 gave Howard a gift
Howard, thank you for your excellent, well reflected comments. Thank you! Elsa.
Charles At 7:13am on January 01, 2011, Charles gave Howard a gift
Alex Rubsam At 12:47pm on December 18, 2010, Alex Rubsam gave Howard a gift
At 1:17pm on December 08, 2010, Jorge gave Howard a gift
At 5:57am on October 07, 2010, Starr DiGiacomo gave Howard a gift
I am honored to be your friend Howard............Big Grin

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