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Small English village experiences more than 10% of all annual UK quakes in one month (and counting)

The leafy village of New Ollerton in Nottinghamshire, is probably as average as any other rural village in England, surrounded in the main by farmer’s fields and only a stone’s throw from Sherwood Forest, but recently this small parish has hit the news as being the…


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New Madrid Stress: 400ft section of Interstate bridge sinks (new Zetatalk)

Massive 33-year-old interstate bridge is closed after it starts SAGGING in the middle

A 400-foot section of a bridge in Wisconsin has been closed after a motorist noticed the bridge…


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Intense sun? Parked cars in London start to melt!

The Zetas have previously addressed the issue of the sun's increased intensity since Planet X arrived in the inner Solar System and started reflecting extra light back to Earth from its dust cloud; light that would normally not hit the Earth.…


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Australia signs deal to send 'boat people' to Papua New Guinea

Australia bans all illegal boat refugees from ever settling in the country and warns that all new unauthorised asylum-seekers will be sent to Papua New Guinea…


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Downing Street Advisors join the Elite Exodus

Just as in the US where high level public officials have been resigning en masse, particularly since the announcement has been planned, and the Pope…


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The (new) Scramble for Africa explained

‘The Scramble for Africa’ is a term used to describe the period of time spanning several decades  starting around 1880, when most of Africa was still unexplored.  European powers rushed to conquer the continent in the name of commerce…


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U.S. Navy minesweeper runs aground off Philippines

The crumpling Sunda plate which causes sinking but also some ground to rise has caught a US Navy…


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Super Typhoon Bohpa claims 600 lives and leaves tens of thousands homeless (NEW ZetaTalk)

Typhoon Bohpa from the ISS

The Death toll from Typhoon Bopha rose to…


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Republican Congressman Roscoe Bartlett prepares for a threatened future

So not all politicians are in it just for themselves: long time survivalist Roscoe Bartlett urges the more than 80% of Americans who live in urban areas to relocate while the sun still shines before "an emergency" situation leaves the population without food,…


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Power cut in India leaves 370 million without power (Day 2: now 600 million without power)

Staff working by candlelight during a power cut in New Delhi

Northern India's power grid crashed Monday, halting hundreds of trains, forcing hospitals and airports to use backup generators and leaving 370 million people --…


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ANOTHER ghost city being built, this time in the US

Another ghost city is being built at a cost of $1bn, with the reason given that it will be used to test new technologies on a city without interfering in people's lives. As if that's…


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Bangkok sinking - latest

After monitoring the GISTDA site since the floods at the end of last year, it seemed that they were going to stop publishing updated satellite images of the area - my assumption was that they had fallen foul of the cover up - after previously providing regular detailed images from their satellites directly to the public so the extent of the flooding could be seen by all.

However, after almost 3 months since the latest image was…


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UK elite eyeing up another African country for the aftertime (update)

Despite Somalia having had no central government since 1991, suffering from two decades of civil war and being widely considered a failed state, David Cameron has somehow come to the conclusion that NOW is the time to convene a summit to discuss, among other things, the possibility of military intervention as Somalia is now 'a threat to British interests.'

Much easier than trying to take over a sovereign African nation instead, I imagine! :-) 



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Now planes are to blame for the ground shaking

After several reports to the police and the British Geological Society from concerned residents in the North of England of hearing a low frequency rumble, their houses shaking and for some a loud boom, they are…


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