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Squeeze Crop Circle

This latest crop circle seems genuine, and it's like it saying no escape and also seems to point to this trimester. Could the Zetas say more about it, like if this one is genuine and if so more about the meaning? [and from another] …

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Martial Law

Is the Ferguson, Missouri unrest and riots the kind of popular response the US administration is expecting after the Announcement? Something similar happened in a couple of cities in Chile, right after the big earthquake and tsunami which affected that country. Faced with burning, unattended needs, specially if there are hungry kids to feed or urgent medications to be given to a terminal patient, any regular good guy we have known for years might literally…

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Argentine alien sighting

Is this genuine footage of an extraterrestrial? The tourists that took the footage never saw the being until they watched the film.  There's mention of several other instances where ET was captured on film. [and from another] …

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Ebola outbreak

A news has come up stating that the new Ebola virus could be airborne, thus highly contagious. Is there any truth in this? What is the Zeta´s inside? Was this epidemic planned by any party? Being at a high altitude, like in our safe place, would that help to stay away from this…

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Pulse Crop Circle

I was wondering if the Zetas would care to comment on another crop circle that appeared in the Netherlands on the 25th first shared with this group by Howard a few hours ago. It appears legitimate and seems to be conveying something quite important perhaps tied to the magnetic trimester switch ahead.  …

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ZetaTalk: Crashing Planes

written July 25, 2014

As we predicted, air travel has become increasingly risky. AF 447 in 2009 and MH 370 in 2014 were both electro-magnetic zaps when the planes were over water and over land that was either highly magnetized (AF 447) or under squeezed rock (MH 370) so electro-magnetic screech was present. Both these planes had…


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