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Kick'em Jenny eruption

I am sure that I am one of many mentioning this and asking about the accelerations that are taking place regards tectonic plate movements with resulting quakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis. The Bermuda Triangle volcano Kick 'em Jenny has been placed on orange alert (red is highest), meaning there are highly elevated levels of seismic and/or venting activity and eruption may begin with less than twenty-four hours' notice. Its summit is ±190m (600ft)…

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Transformation teams

I was wondering, in the situation of a group of people who have prepared well for the pole shift and find that they are managing to create an excess of food, yet the group is located in an isolated location and not many others end up coming by, the question is: in this, I'm sure, rare situation (in that most groups will probably have no…


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Venus Confusion Crop Circle

Could the Zetas say something about this crop circle?

And this one from 12 July?…


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Spiritual balance

Culture also have small influences any decisions about the orientation or is it misleading? Does the Council of Worlds considered whether choice as "sincere", these 7% souls on Earth and on Nibiru 12% STS? It is known that young souls can be influenced by the environment, but one life is insignificant and can balance the circumstances. But in the past quite a considerable time the balance was broken.

What constitutes a…


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Magnetic Crop Circles

Could the Zetas say something about these 2 crop circles, both seem very direct and to the point?…


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NYSE/WSJ/United Simultaneous Downtime

Are the computer glitches experienced by United Airlines, NYSE, and WSJ part of the Elites slowing down the crash of the markets before the announcement? [and from another] May I ask the Zetas of these two events are linked? NYSE and United both both described as "glitches" Is this an…

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Contactee knowledge

In the 5th of July issue, the zetas mentioned that in 2015 there are about 3.5billion humans who are actually in contact with aliens and the numbers are increasing. If this is the case, a lot of people will survive the coming pole shift if they believe and follow their contactees advice regardless of what the establishment would do. Please respond to this concern.

If there were …


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Retrograde Orbit Crop Circle

Could the Zetas say something about this latest crop circle that appeared in Brandenburg, Germany. It seems to indicate a more violent wobble?

This design depicts a retrograde orbit, which Nibiru, aka Planet X has. When looking down at…


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Greek Euro exit

After the sudden decision of the Greek prime minister to call for a referendum regarding Greece's place in the EU, what followed was exactly what the Zetas have already predicted for most countries, albeit in a smaller scale. Closed banks and strict withdrawal limits for atms, rapidly diminishing goods in supermarkets and fuel supplies etc. The question is, who is hiding behind these moves and what is the purpose of this political and economic drama which…

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Jade Helm plus

What’s going on with this? What about this in Montana? [and from another]  All across the country, Americans have been bearing witness to a massive buildup of military vehicles, convoys and equipment from coast to coast. An 'enormous…

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