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The Great Wall of China collapses

The Great Wall is the latest landmark victim to a worsening Earth wobble:

Days of heavy rain have badly damaged a section of the Great Wall of China. Local authorities are now trying to repair the collapsed area.



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7 of 10 pace

What happens in regards to Earth changes after the coverup breaks? Prior ZT has said that though events have been buffered by the alien boxes along faultlines, that the overall timeline for the Pole Shift will not be delayed. Prior ZT has also said that the New Madrid adjustment should have already occurred, and since the Euro-tsunami was to occur directly after that, I assume that the entire 7/10 should have completed by now. So after the…


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S America roll and Mexico stretch collapse


05.08.12. Road collapse in Los Chiles, Alajuela, Costa Rica. On the 1.5 km of road between the community of La Trocha and the neighbouring community of Las Delicias, roadways collapsed in four places at once.

One of them emptiness was formed by eight meters in length, a width of five meters and a depth of two metres.

A 100 meters of highway was…


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Magnetospheric Turbulence

The Zetas have explained that as Planet X approaches, the blast of magnetons emanating from the N Pole of Planet X will increase in intensity and envelop a broader area around Earth's magnetosphere such that the flow of magnetons from Earth's magnetic poles will increasingly become more turbulent and constricted, as well as a forward leaning …


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Argentina: massive rock collapse in reserve of La Lobería, Río Negro


31.07.12. New landslides of footpaths in nature reserve La Lobería. This area, located on a cliff top, where you can see sea lions, has already for several months been closed to visitors after the first walkways collapse. The Environment Secretariat reported that between last Wednesday and Friday were new caving steep banks big square on a protected natural…


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Africa Roll- Nigeria: 3-Storey Building Collapses In Lagos, Casualty Figure Unknown

Aug 01, 2012

 A three-storey building collapsed on Wednesday in Lagos with some residents feared dead and others still trapped, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

A witness, Mr Abiodun Adedamola, told NAN that the…


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Philippines: 63 fishermen rescued from a smashing big wave

Fishers who survived rogue waves Sunday off the coast of Agusan del norte, show their boats after they reach shore safely.



At least 63 fishermen either survived or were rescued from a smashing big wave at dawn on Wednesday in Butuan Bay in…


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Power cut in India leaves 370 million without power (Day 2: now 600 million without power)

Staff working by candlelight during a power cut in New Delhi

Northern India's power grid crashed Monday, halting hundreds of trains, forcing hospitals and airports to use backup generators and leaving 370 million people -- more than the population of the United States and Canada combined --…


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7 of 10 SINKING Sunda Plate & Caribbean Islands; Philippines: 10 killed, 234,487 people were affected by floods! Two barges hit homes Manila due waves! Costa Rica: 3 killed, 2 missing in floods!

Total number of population affected in 319 Barangays / 62 municipalities / 18 cities in the 21 provinces of Regions I, II, Ill, IV-A, IV-B, VI, VII, X, CAR and NCR is: 49,118 families / 234,487 persons

Relief Web



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