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Peru snake-man aliens

Further to the Zetas' comments on the mummified alien hybrid discovered in Peru, has posted a new video detailing the discovery and analysis of more Nazca mummies. These new mummies are much smaller and have a different bone structure to the hybrid seen in the first video. X-rays reveal an unusual metal implant and what appear to be eggs inside one of the mummies. Scientists observe that these mummies exhibit a combination of hominoid and reptilian…

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Russia meteorological admission

We had an interesting event in Russia - for the first time on the website of the main meteorological organization of the country CENTER FOBOS appeared an article, where it was written, that the cause of climate change could be the change in the slope of the axis of the earth. [and from another] With the change in the angle of inclination of the Earth's axis, the climate of the…

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LA substation EMP

What is going on lately with the lighting, fires around the globe and EMP related problems. There seems to be a big up tick in this regard. And there seems to be more buildings etc, catching fire lately also. Could the Zetas say something about it as some, of it sounds to be me like EMP related problems, charged particles and so and it's not like other years? [and from another] …

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NASA mission change

Any comment? [and from another] Starship troopers: US to create ‘space corps’ in radical Air Force overhaul. Members of the US House Armed Services Committee have voted to create a "Space Corps," a sixth branch of the country’s armed forces focused on…

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Huge Uptick in Earthquakes!

Note this blog Originally posted by Stanislav, the author.

The Alaska Earthquake Information Center state…


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Peru mummy

An unusual archaeological discovery has been made in Nazca, Peru. Is this a genuine mummified alien body or an elaborate hoax? [and from another] This Changes Everything! [and from another] Only on! - YouTube [and from…

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FaceBook disaster maps

This little article sat me down, hard. Can you and/or the Zetas comment on this next interesting “deed for humanity” by our friend, Mark Zuckerberg? It sounds really good on paper, helping in disasters and all, but I smell an insidious way to track people. I suspect we all know what his intentions are (as it tracks movements of people in real time), but having you all comment will expose them more to the masses by having this on poleshift.ning and picked up…

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Debt dissolution

Going into the Pole Shift, if people are still Debt Slaves, (this is a situation many face and the stresses of being part of the system is getting worse, as many already know.  Reports of the Cabal loosing their control are on the increase, and it makes some sense to this limited human that we may have some financial relief before the shift in order for the light workers to do some of their greatest works in helping hydrate the banks accounts of others so…

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London terror

There was an article in the Daily Mail last night talking about postponing the election. [and from another] Prime Minister Theresa May officially confirmed the election would proceed as…

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Increased Changing Wobble

Could the Zetas say what this latest Crop Circle is telling?. Alton Barnes, Wiltshire May 25, 2017. 

[and from another]

[and from another]…


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Trump impeachment talk

Is Trump about to be impeached? [and from another] "defending Obama's errors" are now in a pro-impeachment hysteria over President…

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Prong 3 fail

Prong 1 lasted barely two months, and Prong 2 wrapped up almost as quickly. We know that Prong 3 was stalled temporarily due to the US elections, but now that they've passed we've barely heard a peep. And in fact have heard more from those trying to drown out the prongs than the cast themselves. The Zetas have stated there will never be a perfect time to do it (peace in the middle east, no unrest), so to just do it. Can the Zetas shed any light on the…

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The Pole Shift: A Message of Hope


[ Added by the Moderation ]

It appears some who accept the…


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Plane Crashes on the rise

Crashing Planes

The Zetas predicted that air travel would become increasingly risky. On July 23 a plane crashed in Taiwan, during rough weather but other planes were landing without problem. On July 24 a plane flying over Mali went missing, had diverted its path due to rough weather, and was found crashed the next day. On July 25 a plane flying to Barcelona, Spain was struck by lightning so severely that a…


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Personal EMP

There seems to be a surge of what might be called Personal EMP, at least here in the N American continent in early February. Is this caused by the bow stress, and can we expect more of this? There was a double incident of van and bus fires on March 1 in Manchester, England, and an unexplained parking garage fire at Disney too in February. Cars bursting into flame? [and from…

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Transformation Team

Has Dunford been disposed since the Trump election?  What is his current role? [and from another] 

We reported that after Obama failed to make the…


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Alien Intervention

In view of the recent revelation that certain members of the elite, around the world, are currently under house arrest, is there anything in the works for certain crime family members here in the states? [and from another] …

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Magnetosphere skew

I have a question about a picture from NASA 's BATSRUS Magnetosphere simulator from 07 January 2017! Can ZETA give more explanation what we look at? From what pictures and videos  I see in the last years from BATSRUS I did not remember to see the blue Field in that position. .It seems that is a strong flow that is coming from south of the elliptic some warping the earth magnetic field, earth axis is also is leaning, black flow Lines behind…

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Gamma Ray scare

What is this nonsense about a wave of energy that is going to "hit" Earth in 2 weeks? [and from another] Many YouTube Channels, NASA and other space sources are talking about an incoming Gamma Wave due to hit Earth on December 26 2016. The last one to hit is blamed for the Indonesia quake and tsunami in 2004. Is this a false flag information event to cover up a known Nibiru…

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Trump Presidency

What do you foresee under the Trump Presidency?

Trump is working with what we call the Transformation Team, which includes Wikileaks, Anonymous, the Council of Worlds, the Puppet Master, ourselves and Nancy, Ben Fulford groups, and dozens more. Thus it will not just be he, Trump, running things. We expect corruption to be challenged and countered. We expect great honesty from him, about the Earth changes, etc. Nibiru…


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