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New Madrid

There has been much made of an earthquake in the recent past long the New Madrid fault line, as this was unexpected, being in a quiescent area, and thus raised all manner of questions regarding the possibility of massive earthquakes in areas presumed to be safe. Simply put, there are no earthquake free areas, and during the…


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Category 5 – Strongest Hurricane on Record So Far North and East in the Atlantic Ocean


 Strange Sounds


Sep 30, 2019

Lorenzo’s intensity over the weekend was unlike anything in the record books so far east in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lorenzo has now weakened but is still a danger to the Azores Tuesday night or early Wednesday, while Lorenzo’s post-tropical remnant may end up in western Europe later in the week.

Hurricane Lorenzo forecast, Hurricane Lorenzo forecast map, Hurricane Lorenzo forecast video, hurricane lorenzo news

Hurricane Lorenzo…

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Ezekiel’s Wheel

Referring to Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Bible? [and from another] Massive "Wheel in the Sky" September 27, 2019…

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Aftertime partners

Will there be other types of defense partnerships amid countries emerging, as the Pole Shift approaches? [and from another] Russia,…

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8 of 10 trends

I am from Moldova, Republic of a small corrupted State in the centre of Europe. The crisis grows stronger and every new day something goes worse, despite the fact that power changed in February of this year and "all the olgarhs ran away". The prices and taxes keep rising, the law still not working and it is total disorder everywhere. Not too long time ago appeared information that our single Airport was sold to Nathaniel Rothschild. Does it mean that our…

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7 of 10 Sequence

The 7 of 10 concept was introduced on this newsletter on March 7, 2010 in Issue 175 and on March 28, 2010 in Issue 178. The Zetas have predicted that one or more of these scenarios will occur before the end of 2010, but until this past week have not stated which event could be anticipated to come first. They have not sequenced them.…


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European Tsunami

After the New Madrid adjusts, the Atlantic will adjust at the same latitude, across from the continental US and from Mexico, which will surge to the west. This would seem to place the tsunami directly across from the mouth of the Mediterranean and Spain and the coast of Africa. But this is not a typical tsunami that like most has a push in a particular direction. Most tsunami results from a plate dropping or rising, and thus there is a bulk of water with more pressure than the surrounding…


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Severe Lean Crop Circle

Could the Zetas say something about this latest crop circle. Would think it's obvious it's describing what is now going on and that we are in violent wobble (lean left, lean right and so). [and from another] …

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Severe Lean to Right

Alberto’s telescopic photos, fixed on Nibiru itself, have shown a Severe Lean to the Left between June 21 until mid July. Then the gobe seemed to right itself into the normal wobble pattern until July 17 when it seems we are in a Severe Lean to the Right! I know this is a pattern expected at the start of the Last Weeks, and such wobbles can occur temporarily ahead of that time. But what is causing this at the present time? …


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Manhattan blackout

The New York Blackout is very suspicious with many coincidences.  Would the Zetas comment on what really happened?  Was it an EMP or stretch zone accident, or was it intentional? There are many Q posts suggesting the timing of this event is linked to Jeffrey Epstein, and that this was done by White Hats as part of a larger plan. [and from another] …

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Severe lean

During the Eclipse of July 2, photos from Chile showed Nibiru emerging along the edge after totality at the 7 o’clock position. Nibiru is normally sighted at the 11 o’clock position from the Southern Hemisphere, so this is several ticks too early (counterclockwise), but could be ascribed to the location of capture, perhaps in northern Chile vs southern Chile. The totality in Chile happened just after midnight, when the Daily Earth Wobble should be…

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Putin-Pope meeting

Putin just met with the Pope, 7-4-2019.  I suspect it was about informing the public about Nibiru.  An Announcement soon? [and from another]…

Added by Gerard Zwaan on July 6, 2019 at 8:56pm — 1 Comment

Schumann Resonance vibration

Can Zeta comment? Other people notice this, plus we taking about entire planet vibrations and that is not a small thing. Is a new threshold/stage? The Schumann Resonance monitoring graphs is picking up an short burst of high frequency that I did not see it before. Is very rhythmic rattling (see the lines). Is about 100 for each 24 hours, started at the end of last month  April 2019 and it seems that is going steady in the last days.  The Graph that shows…

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China Ice Circle

China News reports an Ice Circle. Would the Zetas explain its meaning, and why the switchover to ice from crops? Does this also imply crop shortages? [and from another] / Hu Guilong Figure / Hengxiu Mai Tian Quan? posts us news of this very exciting ice circle in Qinghai, China. Great aerial photos from: …

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Candida auris

Looks like we're going to have to start being careful and healthy! [and from another] Dangers of a Deadly Fungus: The Candida auris ‘Superbug’ June 11, 2017 While infections have been diagnosed in patients of all ages, from preterm infants to seniors, healthy…

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Russia Internet independence

Do you have a comment? What are they planning? They are planning digital TV everywhere. [and from another] Russia to disconnect from the internet as…

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EMP Executive Order

Can Zeta comment /answer? It seems that Trump want to EMP proof USA and not only. ...he is defining terms : “Critical infrastructure”“National Critical Functions”  “National Essential Functions”  We can say that USA start to move in the direction of Preparedness for the Event? Trump is giving short terms to implement different action 90 days 180 days 1 year! He is on rush to recover ground and steer the country and bring AWARENESS to People? It seems that…

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UFO tsunami display

Would the Zeta's care to comment on this UFO display? It appears to have a very distinct message? [and from another]

We have predicted that a European tsunami will occur…


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Venus orbit

Every morning at dawn i come out and look to the eastern sky and i see the the bright Planet Venus. Now, I've been observing it since December last year if i my memory serves me and Ive noticed it dosent seem to be moving from its position. Normally overtime the sun would eventually overtake it until it makes it the Evening Star but of late it hasn't budged. I remember Nancy once said Venus had encountered Nibiru on its path and is stalled. Im wondering has…

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2021 date

This comment on the last Zeta Report youtube vid gives a date. It there such a worldwide program, to be in place by 2021? [and from another] Venselli: I think That they will down play the event, when Nibiru is totally visible in the sky with everyone world wide to see it. I Think they will just say all, it wont be that bad, keep working and life goes on. Russia, t/v…

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