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Argentine alien sighting

Is this genuine footage of an extraterrestrial? The tourists that took the footage never saw the being until they watched the film.  There's mention of several other instances where ET was captured on film. [and from another] …

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Ebola outbreak

A news has come up stating that the new Ebola virus could be airborne, thus highly contagious. Is there any truth in this? What is the Zeta´s inside? Was this epidemic planned by any party? Being at a high altitude, like in our safe place, would that help to stay away from this…

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Pulse Crop Circle

I was wondering if the Zetas would care to comment on another crop circle that appeared in the Netherlands on the 25th first shared with this group by Howard a few hours ago. It appears legitimate and seems to be conveying something quite important perhaps tied to the magnetic trimester switch ahead.  …

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ZetaTalk: Crashing Planes

written July 25, 2014

As we predicted, air travel has become increasingly risky. AF 447 in 2009 and MH 370 in 2014 were both electro-magnetic zaps when the planes were over water and over land that was either highly magnetized (AF 447) or under squeezed rock (MH 370) so electro-magnetic screech was present. Both these planes had…


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Service-to-Other expectations

I know that being truthful and living from the heart, unconditional love are parts of the STO lifestyle. Could the Zetas say more about it. What will the future held in store for those being STO and highly STO besides living with the hybrids without going into detail about the time frame. My feeling is also that during the full blown 8 of 10 we will see way more of this. 

We have mentioned that those who are truly…


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Magnetic Trimester Crop Circle

Would the Zetas care to comment on the following crop circles reported in Germany and England during July? Ammersee (Lake Ammer), Bavaria, Germany. Reported July 18th. Tetbury Lane, near…

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Wobble Ecliptic

Would the Zetas care to comment on this article on Space Weather, more specifically on the angle of the sun in the photograph. The photo was taken yesterday, by Stephen Mudge of Brisbane, Australia. When a compass is overlaid on the photo, it appears to be tilted at a 40 degree angle. Since the sun has not tilted to that degree (at least that we're aware of),…

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NASA flexibility

Would the Zetas choose to comment on the recent dismissal of NASA's Heliophysics Director? [and from another] NASA Heliophysics Director Fired. June 16, 2014.…

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Magnetosphere wobble

Is this Swarm image of Earth’s magnetic field showing the wobble? It looks to me that it is. The red is stronger magnetic fields and the blue is weaker. They call it a "snapshot" as of June 2014.  If…

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ZetaTalk: Timeline Anxiety

written June 10, 2014

I seem to recall that when Planet X begins pointing its North Pole directly toward the earth, this has certain implications with regard to the progression toward the Pole Shift. As you said in your recent post, the tail is presently hosing directly at the earth. Are we to…

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Last Weeks transition

In the pole shift section in the 2004 paragraph. In the "Twirling into Darkness" page. If I'm understanding it correctly they are not just talking about the wobble. They are talking about bumps or an extra push at times the wobble will receive but it's different than just the wobble alone, or even the extreme wobble they talk about when we wobble much worse than now. If I understand it correctly. It is something that happens before the last weeks…

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The Truth about Obama


The purpose of this blog is to counter the hatred, lies and disinformation being spread about Obama by those who don’t want the common man to be informed about Nibiru AKA Planet X in our inner solar system, and the Pole Shift…


Added by Derrick Johnson on May 15, 2014 at 11:57am — 4 Comments

Service-to-Others philosophy

I was thinking that in the Aftertime Service-to-Other humans are going to be living among hybrids who are much more intelligent and technologically advanced. My question is: how are these Service-to-Other humans going to be of any service? It sounds like they will most likely be a burden to these hybrids. What will be their daily responsibility to the community? I just really can't imagine it.

What do you think…


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Star Child increase

Could the Zetas give us an update on the transformation, polarization.  Did the amount of STO on earth increased and could the Zetas gave some percentage? And my feeling is that there will be exceptional increase during the 8 of 10 changes. Is there some truth in this?

During the Arab Spring we mentioned that many of the activists were Walk-In’s, mature souls…


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2014/04/15 Planet X Visible! (NEW ZetaTalk)

Today monsters presence, and abnormal light and brightness at bottom, explain to me if possible . Ciao Alberto…


Added by Nancy Lieder on April 16, 2014 at 2:30pm — 5 Comments

Sahara red dust

I saw this article, where red dust has been appearing in the UK. It is being said to be Saharan dust, thrown up high into the atmosphere from a violent sandstorm, resulting in the sand mixing with water in the atmosphere and falling as dusty rain in the UK. Now, is this really dust from the tail of Nibiru/Planet-X?…


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MH 066 electrical problems

A second Malaysian Airlines flight in trouble with electrical systems:  My questions: 1.  Is this route out of Kuala Lumpur over the Sunda Plate going to prove so…

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8 of 10 overlap

Zetas have told us that public reactions to the pending announcement will be surprisingly calm where they will continue attending their jobs, kids going to school and paying their bills because majorities of common man simply can't afford to move.  Now, if the severe wobble during the Last Weeks will generate 200-300 tides assaulting all coastlines around the world, Wouldn't half of the world's population living along the coastlines would be dead by…

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EMP by Planet X

How will the damage from electro-magnetic pulse caused by Planet X differ from that caused by the solar flares or lightning man is familiar with? As we have often mentioned, man is only aware of a few sub-atomic particle flows, less than 1/1000 of those known to the Zetas. Thus our explanation cannot be given by citing only those particles known to man. It is more than electro-magnetic flows that…


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