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Sahara red dust

I saw this article, where red dust has been appearing in the UK. It is being said to be Saharan dust, thrown up high into the atmosphere from a violent sandstorm, resulting in the sand mixing with water in the atmosphere and falling as dusty rain in the UK. Now, is this really dust from the tail of Nibiru/Planet-X?…


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MH 066 electrical problems

A second Malaysian Airlines flight in trouble with electrical systems:  My questions: 1.  Is this route out of Kuala Lumpur over the Sunda Plate going to prove so…

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8 of 10 overlap

Zetas have told us that public reactions to the pending announcement will be surprisingly calm where they will continue attending their jobs, kids going to school and paying their bills because majorities of common man simply can't afford to move.  Now, if the severe wobble during the Last Weeks will generate 200-300 tides assaulting all coastlines around the world, Wouldn't half of the world's population living along the coastlines would be dead by…

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EMP by Planet X

How will the damage from electro-magnetic pulse caused by Planet X differ from that caused by the solar flares or lightning man is familiar with? As we have often mentioned, man is only aware of a few sub-atomic particle flows, less than 1/1000 of those known to the Zetas. Thus our explanation cannot be given by citing only those particles known to man. It is more than electro-magnetic flows that…


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Courtney Brown Prediction (NEW ZetaTalk)

Are the Zeta's pressuring the TPTB r/t Courtney Brown's (CIA, NASA?) announcement that there is going to be an undeniable "announcement" in February 2014?  Is that "remote viewed" announcement related to Planet X? Hmmmm. [and from another] January 22, 2014. …

Added by Gerard Zwaan on February 17, 2014 at 1:30pm — 23 Comments

California night walkers

In the forest of California, there's a rooted legend that has gone for generations, beings that seem to have no arms, no body but they have a head and long legs, tend to walk through the forests at night. No one has been able to discredit them and the locals called them "Night Walkers / Crawlers". Would the zetas like to comment if these magical creatures are…

Added by Gerard Zwaan on February 14, 2014 at 12:00pm — 3 Comments

BATRSUS changes

The following anomaly (small maroon area on the left) appeared briefly yesterday on BATRSUS.  These images were recorded within approximately 30 seconds. I originally dismissed it as a computer modeling error. I believe the color code scale at the lower right of each image represents a normalized numerical value for particle density in the solar wind (i.e.,…

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Banking restrictions

There seems to be internet problems going on. Is this connected to Planet X? [and from another]  A Lloyds Banking Group spokeswoman said the…

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I have heard some genuine people receiving messages and visions through their dreams on Youtube.  Some of their messages and visions are in line with ZetaTalk but some don't. For example, Zetas have told us that Obama is a Star Child and he is doing great things! However, some people are receiving visions and messages portraying Obama as evil or Satan or AntiChrist which doesn't make a lot of sense. My question is: Does false prophecies and…

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Blending seasons

For what i saw on the magnetosphere site, LISS. The wobble has gotten stronger and more violent. We see temperatures differences within a small country as the Netherlands. Weather getting more unpredictable. My feeling that this week the steps for the 8 of 10 have been set in motion. But my feeling is also that this stronger wobble is the key of a faster progress of the 7 of 10. Could the Zetas say something about this, are we seeing signs that the 8 of…


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Seasons blending

The weather is so erratic, jumps in temperature and so on. As the blending seasons blog shows that my sense is that the blending of the seasons as the Zetas described on is upon us. Could the Zetas say something about this?

Clearly we will…


Added by Gerard Zwaan on January 5, 2014 at 8:37am — 13 Comments

Polarized arguments

There seems to be a trend developing in the mainstream press, published by the usual suspects vis-a-vis the Cover-up, though with an almost ZT-confirming slant. That is, they are almost, but not quite, admitting stuff which the Z told us, those who would listen, years ago. For instance, there is this piece, published by the International Business Times online,…

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Planet X as MONSTER Persona Captured on Stereo Ahead (New ZetaTalk)

On 11/28/13 during a solar flare, STEREO_A HI1 picked up the hidden object between Earth and the Sun. Can the Zeta's please tell us what this mysterious object is?…


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Domino volcano eruptions

I suspect you may have seen this already, but I am forwarding this to see what the Zeta's say about it. I guess, it is time to cash out and buy up everything else we need. Looks like count down is sooner then I think.  [and from…

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Super Typhoon Haiyan - Pole Shift and Last Weeks Comparison


Can the damage Haiyan caused to the Philippines be compared to events we have predicted for the Last Weeks or the Pole Shift? Yes and no. The Pole Shift itself will be larger in almost all respects – magnitude 9 earthquakes worldwide and…


Added by Nancy Lieder on November 12, 2013 at 12:00pm — 1 Comment

Fukushima Ocean Pollution

Would you ask the Zetas to give us the true condition of radiation on the planet currently in light of all the news coming out about Fukushima.  Are they able to help clean it up or is this man's lesson to be learned in a very diastrous way? So it would seem that if Planet X doesn't do us all in, Fukushima will. …

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8 of 10 sociological changes

Could the Zetas say how the Transformation is making progress now with the signs of the 8 of 10, like sociological changes as we see last efforts of the STS and them losing ground etc?.

When we stated that the 8 of 10 phase would involve sociological changes, we did not detail what might occur. This is of course in the hands of man, and thus might run in many directions, and not run as predicted, in…


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7 of 10 completion

With the announcement date set in stone. The Zeta's have talked about the simulated seasons, the dampened Earth wobble, and how the wobble at some point be allowed to go free. My question relates to things like the humming boxes seen on the US west coast and around the world ( ) that were placed on the fault lines to lessen/dampen tectonic plate…

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Shutdown vs announcement

I am wondering if the US government shutdown is part of the plan for the upcoming announcement. Did Obama anticipate this would happen at this time and affect the time frame chosen for the announcement? Many US government websites such as and are now offline because of the shutdown. I can understand not updating the websites, but find it odd for them to shut down the sites completely. If the announcement is made during the…

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