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7 of 10 SINKING; Dhaka is sinking! Experts also blame movements of tectonic plates!

Indonesia SINKING:

/ Sea water overflow in Penjaringan. …


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Southern Pakistan Sinking: 14% of Max Flood are still inundated; as of 1st January 2012

* Max Flood Extent against 1st January 2012 - Southern Pakistan [ReliefWeb: 10 Jan 2012]




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Innovative Planting methods for Aftertime

In responding to the latest zetatalk, I am also preparing this blog for innovative planting methods for Aftertime.

If you have any innovative planting methods for Aftertime that you like to share, your contribution is much…


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NASA Near Real Time Flood Mapping - Disinformation! Satellite image confirmed - lie NASA! The apparent cover-up sinking!

Disinformation - NASA flood mapping

Now I'll prove to you that these cards are nothing but lies. Using satellite imagery - NASA Satellite image

This is particularly…


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Another sinkhole appeared in Turkey

Massive sinkhole appears overnight ( 1.Jan.2012)

A massive sinkhole suddenly appeared overnight on January 1 in Gelik district of Zonguldak city.

The sinkhole is about 30 meter deep and 15 meter wide.

Residents shocked when they woke up and saw huge…


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Signs of the 7 of 10 from December 26, 2011 to January 8, 2012


* Bangladesh (2)

2012-01-06: Bangladesh:…


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7 of 10 SINKING Mexico, Caribbean Island and American Roll as of Past week!

7 of 10 Floods (American Roll):


/ Flooding in the city of Bogotá, Colombia's capital, and in different provinces have so far caused over 477…


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Much needed Seed Savings Skills

In responding to the latest zetatalk, I (I am no experts) will now research and present SEED SAVINGS SKILLS.  

This is work in progress!

However, if you find any good youtube videos, I will simply add them to the collections.  



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UK tsunami preparedness warning

Leading think tank Chatham house commissioned a report into how the UK would fare if it experienced a 'high impact, low probability' disaster event and concluded that it would only take a week of disruption before the country descended into chaos.

Food and petrol supplies are…


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Mindanao again - this time landslide, approx 150 dead or missing

Rescue teams are continuing to search for up to 150 people thought to be missing after a landslide struck a mining village in the southern Philippines.

The landslide occurred on Thursday in Pantukan, Compostela Valley province, on Mindanao island.

Occurring near the plate boundary, no doubt feeling the recent pressure from the Pacific via the Mariana…


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Netherlands flooding

With the increased wobble. In what way will the storm and wobble sloshing affect the low areas of Europe, like the Netherlands before the EU tsunami. I feel this time it will be larger then the flood of 1953 that also affected parts of NL and the UK (…


Added by Gerard Zwaan on January 5, 2012 at 10:24pm — 2 Comments

Colombia - Latest status

I found this very nice Colombian web site - Humanitarian Situation Room.

Map of the country with events marked:…


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7 of 10 SINKING; Rain stopped, Nakhon Si Thammarat is still facing severe floods!

Indonesia SINKING:

/ Five villages in the District Kayen, Pati regency, Central Java, on Thursday…


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Brazil: Deadly floods and mudslides killed 7 so far in Minas Gerais

Deadly floods ravage Brazil's Minas Gerais

Firefighters recover the body of a man killed by a landslide in Ouro Preto. Picture Agencia Brasil

locator map

Floods and landslides caused by heavy rain in south-eastern Brazil have killed at least six people and forced thousands from their homes.

A total of 66 towns cities in Minas Gerais state have declared a state of…


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Flood situation in Southern Thailand still critical! / Solo River overflow water began entering the area of ​​East Java!

Indonesia SINKING:

/ Sukoharjo district estimates of material losses due to flooding in the District Mojolaban and…


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NASA misquotes Nancy

Originally posted by steve havas on January 2, 2012:

Apocalypse Not Now: 2012 Doomsday Predictions Debunked by NASA

On Dec. 21, 2012, many doomsday believers fear the apocalypse — anything from a rogue planet smashing into us to our world spinning end over end. However, the world should expect nothing…


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FishDeath in Troms Norway, Landslide in Trondheim (Includes ZetaTalk)

with the birds dying this is getting spooky,be prepaired..

Here's the question posed on the 1/7 Q&A, answer early.

Landslide in Norway in the middle of winter? What exactly is happening there? On top of that, tons of herring found dead north of…


Added by per sigurd hansen on January 3, 2012 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

Thailand: Disaster zones declared for floods, cold weather, menacing waves and wind

Disaster zones declared as flooding hits Phattalung

Disaster zones declared as flooding hits Phattalung

As Nakhon Si Thammarat remains seriously flooded following heavy rain, rising waters have spread to Phatthalung province, all 11 of whose districts have been declared disaster zones.

Forest floods have engulfed several homes in two tambon in Si…


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Indonesia Sinking - 2nd January 2012

Heavy Downpour, Ten Areas in Java Flooded

Video Link

VIVAnews – Heavy downpour early this year hit…


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Input ACE Data of Magnetosphere Simulation and Earthquakes in December, 2011

* Earthquake data: Search for earthquakes (CSEM/EMSC)

* Input ACE Data of Magnetosphere Simulation in July, 2011

* Input ACE Data of Magnetosphere Simulation and Earthquakes in…


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