Texas, U.S.A: Extreme Weather Strikes Again!


Many, if not most, TV meteorologists in major media markets know perfectly well Planet X/Nibiru is causing a lot of extreme weather events, but they are not admitting this.  Instead, little lies are inserted such as "most intense lightning storms
in some time" when it is much more likely this was one of the worst lightning storms in Houston history.

Many Hitchcock, Texas, residents say hail storm did more damage than Hurricane Ike.  The weathermen cannot claim this is typical for Texas because it simply is not true.  Softball sized hail is not normal, even in the big State of Texas.  It is not normal to have thousands of lightning strikes in one hour.


A look at Houston’s super lightning storm

For Tuesday night’s event you can see an hourly map here showing lightning strikes — both cloud-to-ground and within clouds — within 100 miles of Houston.
Between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m. the progression of lightning across southeast Texas looked like below.

The first hour:

Lightning in Houston between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. (Texas A&M University)

The second hour:

Lightning in Houston between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. (Texas A&M University)

The third hour:

Lightning in Houston between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. (Texas A&M University)

The number in the upper right hand corner — 118,097 in the second map — means there were that many electrical breakdowns over the time interval.  According to Orville these electrical breakdowns are some unknown multiple of breakdowns per lightning flash.  There, for example, could have been 10-100 “electrical breakdowns” per flash.

Which means during the 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. hour there were thousands of lightning strikes in Houston.

“Yes, there was a lot of lightning in Houston on Tuesday night,” Orville said.

It was quite a light show.  http://blog.chron.com/sciguy/2013/04/a-look-at-houstons-super-light...


Hitchcook residents amazed
by severe hail storm damage

by Vicente Arenas / KHOU 11 News

April 3, 2013


HOUSTON—People in Hitchcock spent the day patching up windows on their homes and cars after an intense hail storm pounded the community Tuesday night.
People said the hail was the size of softballs.  “I didn’t know what to think,” Betty Whittington said.

Hail busted out the rear window of her SUV.
Surveillance video captured images of the hail falling at the Bostonian Inn on Highway 6.
The storm also had strong winds.
“It sounded like the house was fixing to fly away,” said Hardy Whittington.
Several Hitchcock police vehicles were also knocked out of service.
Some people said it sounded like cannon balls were hitting their homes.
“It was pretty scary. Don’t walk out the door because it probably would have knocked you out,” David Morales said.
The hail also tore fenders and mirrors off cars at Dwayne’s Car Shop.
Throughout the day wreckers were hauling cars totaled by the storm.
Sonia Mendoza’s kids were screaming and took cover.
A section of her home’s roof caved in around midnight.
“It’s horrible and the cleanup is going to be worse,” she said.
Stained glass windows at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church were also broken.
Parishoners were collecting the pieces so the windows imported from Italy could be repaired.
The storm moved through in just a matter of minutes.
Still hours later, Betty Whittington was still shaken.
“I’ve been through hurricanes, but I’ve never been through anything like that that happened last night about midnight,” she said.
Many residents said not even Hurricane Ike did this much damage.  http://www.khou.com/weather/Hitchcook-residents-amazed-by-hail-stor...


ZetaTalk: Pending Partners
written Nov 24, 2004

... We have spoken often of the fragility of the cover-up, in that those who are participating have been told that panic is the larger enemy but primarily because they have also been told that no such cataclysmic event as we have described will occur. They have been told that the monster will pass, and that later, when the danger is past, the public could be told. Heads of state, media personalities, weathermen and astronomers alike are told this line, and mostly they believe it because the heart wants to believe this. But what happens when the lie is revealed, and the Earth tips into days of darkness for the northern hemisphere? This most certainly will be accompanied by a disturbed jet stream beyond what the weatherman can imagine, as cold air moves to warm zones of lighter, heated air, while simultaneously being pushed by the rotation of the globe, an unknown maelstrom of fierce and unpredictable storms.... http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta179.htm


ZetaTalk: Trend Lines
written June 11, 2005

We predicted in 1995 the current weather trends, in 1999 the nature of the increase in hurricanes and tornadoes, and in 2000 that snow in summer could be anticipated. We also predicted in 1995 the magnetic disruption caused by confusing directives from Planet X and the Sun. We predicted in 1995 the increase in earthquake and in 2001 that volcanic activity would increase on a lineal basis. All these trends are now becoming obvious, though not yet admitted by the establishment controlled media. Will these trends continue? They will rapidly become worse, in the eyes of horrified man, as a threshold has been crossed where all are above what mankind can consider normal, and all the trend lines are moving up, simultaneously. When the dragon has raised its head above ground, and continues to rise so the horror of its wings and claws and long lashing tail can be seen, man understands what has been occurring during its climb, and that the worse is yet to come....

The weatherman already simply shrugs his shoulders and admits it has all become unpredictable, no longer looking uncomfortable when records are being broken daily. A bit of noise is made about Global Warming, hoping to distract those who cannot put more than one fact and another together, but this hardly addresses the quakes and volcanic activity.....  http://www.zetatalk.com/index/zeta226.htm

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Comment by Heather on April 15, 2013 at 11:29pm

thanks for this post. I just moved to Austin TX and yes it has been crazy "moodswings" of temps!!

Comment by ann s. on April 15, 2013 at 10:51pm

Below is a blog posted in the Dallas Morning News which shows how the cover up of Planet X is handling the now obvious, recent seasons rolling into one and strange temperature swings in North Texas.

This kind of weather can no longer be completely denied, so for months the TV weathermen and people like this author pretend North Texas weather has always been this weird.  How can low 80s for the high one day and then a low (not predicted, just one day in between) of 34 two days later be considered normal?  At this time of year we should be experiencing the season of spring with stable, predictable temperatures most days, the best weather Dallas-Fort Worth gets normally, but we are not.  Hot and cold, hot and cold.

Where the author says "fall" he really means winter.  He even unwittingly tells the truth a little further into the article when he mentions the last week's "winter chill."  Not fall, winter chill in mid-April.  And two days out used to be not that hard to predict the weather; that is also a cover-up lie.  The number of suddenly occurring "cold fronts" and "heat fronts" in this area have reached the level of absurd.  Anything is better than the truth.

Two very different forecasts.  The highs and lows this week are both higher and lower than average, way off, and in the same week too.  You can see (and we are experiencing) why the local cover-up artists are anxious for people to think this is all normal.


April 56° (average low) 77° (average high)



Today [April 15, 2013]
Thunderstorm 91 °F
20% chance of precipitation
Clear 59 | 39 °F





To begin the week, hot and humid. Then comes the shot at storms, followed by a big cool-down. And then …?

No doubt you’ve seen the week’s forecast: hot then not, in short, with low 90s possible by this afternoon and 60 the projected high for Friday. And in between is the shot at severe storms late Wednesday and into Thursday a.m.

It’s spring, in other words — or, at least, “the transition into a more typical springlike pattern,” says Jason Dunn, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Fort Worth. Which is why some days will feel like summer and others early fall. And why this week’s forecast includes that familiar phrase “chance for damaging winds and large hail.”

Dunn said that after a warm, muggy Monday morning, there’s a chance we hit the low 90s in Dallas-Fort Worth once skies clear. That’s thanks in large part to a weak cold front lingering just to our northwest that’s drawing up warm winds from the south. That front could also spark storms from Gainesville to Mineral Wells late this afternoon — and maybe as far south as Dallas-Fort Worth, but not likely, Dunn said.

“The coverage will be pretty isolated,” he said, mostly because of the so-called “cap” lingering over North Texas. But Dunn said temperatures in the 90s today could weaken the cap, and a dry line just west of Mineral Wells and a cold front across the northern counties could further diminish the cap.

“There’s a pretty good amount of moisture in place,” Dunn said, adding that dew points are in the mid-60s.

On Tuesday, that weak cold front is actually expected to retreat to the north just a bit, which should lower our temperatures by a couple of degrees as winds become a little stronger out of the southeast.

But then comes Wednesday, another warm day — and, to the north, an active one as severe storms are expected to roll over Oklahoma on their way to North Texas. Oklahoma “will have all types of severe weather” during the day, Dunn said. But the storms aren’t expected to hit here till Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, and without daytime heating they aren’t expected to intensify.

“Our primary threat would be severe winds, and there’s always a hail threat this time of the year,” Dunn said.

But, of course, the timing could change; two days out is a long way away in weather-forecast time. One thing is certain: This week’s cold front will be considerably weaker than last week’s winter chill, which surged north to south and produced significant rain behind it.

“This front will be more northwest-to-southeast and move a little slower,” Dunn said. “And it’s not nearly as cold. We think there will be a lot more storms ahead of it as opposed behind it.”

After that, things will get cool and quiet, with highs in the low 60s Thursday and Friday and lows in the lower 40s. Then, there’s not much rain in the forecast. Barring a weak front, Dunn said, it could be days or weeks till we see a drop after this week.


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