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ZetaTalk Accuracy


Since the genesis of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, a growing army of  ZT fans have pointed out the countless occassions where the Zeta responses, replying to inquisitive Humans and speaking to a myriad of subjects, are later proven to be correct.

ZetaTalk is always gaining credibility, as the Zeta predictions repeatedly come to pass, and are continually proven Accurate...

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2001 Predictions
Airforce One Flyover
Airplane Crashes
Animal Illness
Annunaki Gold
Antartica Ice Fractures,
Anthrax Attack
Area 51
Asteroid Threat
Atlantic Rift,
Attack on America,
Australian Artifacts
Bank Freeze
Bank Supports
Bee Colony Collapse
Big Bang/Black Holes
Billy Meier
Bin Laden
Bird Flu Pandemic,
Blaming the Sun
Brazilian Roswell
Brown Dwarf,
Bush Clone,
Bush Insanity,
Bush Decapitation
Cataclysm Masks
Cattle Mutilations
Cell Evolution
Centrifugal Force
China as Investor
China Threats
Chinese Pyramids
Clinton Demise,
Columbia Shuttle,
Comet Behavior
Comet Origin
Cover-up Increase
Cover-up Crack,

Crane Collapse
Crash at Kecksburg

Crop Circles

Crop Circle Video

Crop Failures
Dark Matter
Deflecting Asteroids

Deformed Frogs
Devil's Triangle
Dinosaur Dieoff
Discovery Shuttle,
Dogon Tribe
Domino Quakes
Dr. Reed
Early Man
Earth Core,
Earth Hum,
Earth Plates
Earth Plate Movement
Earthquake Reports
Earthquake Quickening
Earth Torque
Earth Twin

Earth Wobble
Easter Island
Ebola Spread
Economic Collapse
Face on Mars
Faked Terrorism
Faster than Light
Flying Triangles
Fossett Disappearance
Frog Populations
Giant Hominoids
Global Warming
Gonzales Resignation
GPS Failure,
Great Pyramids
Hale Bopp
High Tides
Human Combustion
Hurricanes, Atypical
Imploding Building
Iowa Floods,
Israel Aggression
Jet Stream Changes


John, Jr.

JP Morgan

Lebanon Invasion
List to Left
Iran Invasion
Iran Oil
Loch Ness
Magma Slam
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Whamy
Magnetic Trimesters
Mammoth Lake,
Marilyn Monroe
Mars Exploration
Mars Water
Martial Law
May 5 2000

Melting Poles
Memphis Bridge
Meteor Upticks
Military Rebellion
Mississippi Bridges
MJ12 Documents
Moon Base,
Moon Cities
Moon Plume
Moon Rotation
Moon Swirls
N America Bowing
Neanderthal Man
New Land
Newman's Machine
Newton's Laws
Ocean Rebound
Ocean Vortex
Omnipotent Krlll
Orbit Halt
Pakistan Sinking
Permafrost Melt
Philadelphia Experiment
Planet X
Planet X Denial

Planet X Gravity,
Planet X Triangulation
Pole Shift Equator

Probe Behavior

Red Rain Microbes

Red Sea Stretch
Repulsion Force

Russian Overflights
Santilli Tapes
Satellite Failure
Saudi Takeover
Sea Level Rise
Seaway Rip
Shroud of Yurin
Sighting Aliens
Slowing Rotation,
Social Security
Solar Reversals
Solar System Magnetism
Starvation Denial
Stretch Zones
Summer Snowstorms

Sun Binary
Sun Scald,
Suppressing Word
Swine Flu
Syria Strike
Triangular UFO,
Troops Home
UFO Increase
UK Food and Mouth
Volcano Uptick
Vote Fraud 
Wandering Planets
Warm Winters
Waves, Monstrous
Weather Changes
Weather Swings
Weather Predictions
Work Camps
Worldwide Infertility



...and more to come...



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 There are many more examples, just waiting to be found within the ZT Q&A Chat,

ZT Newsletter, or Ning archives.



Anyone can take part in proving the ZetaTalk Accuracy. To play your role, and help awaken the populace to the truth...

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Comment by Planet Twelve on March 31, 2012 at 5:50pm

Great find Senora Consequencia.

The discoveries reported in the linked story from which you have kindly posted excerpts below are obviously remnant trace evidence left behind in the sampled coral from symptoms caused by the Passage of Planet X when he Passed this way four passages ago. Per the Z's, that was a far milder Pole Shift than the one we soon face.

Four times 3657 equals 14,628. Remove the plus or minus 30 years claimed degree of error and what we are left with is that these scientists, though latecomers, have as you say uncovered corroborative material evidence supporting the accuracy of the Zeta described orbital period of that Earth-bullying PX. Though do not hang around waiting for even a whiff of the barest inference from the likes of them to any incoming object being implicated in all this, especially from that purveyor of Coverup, Establishment line pseudo-science, physorg.com. A fruitless, futile and perpetual wait that would be. There is no hypothesis worthy of consideration even offered by way of explaining why this event occurred. As if by magic?? No, of course it is Planet X!!

They try to make this sound like some rare, one-of event from way back , which will not be recurring anytime soon. Wrong!! A Pole Shift is due, now! And they are applying their "expertise" to  the computational "modelling [of] future climate change scenarios" and hoping to "reproduce this event". Ha!! They can't even "model" what the weather is doing next week with accuracy. Please.

 The Zetas have spoken often to the subject of the PX orbital dynamics etc and thus there is much on the subject contained within the ZetaTalk body. Some of it since 1995. I refer scientists to that archive. Throw off the dogma.

There is a lot of spin to the below piece, and the subtle use of some old chestnut terms. They slip those in wherever possible, even when they are irrelevant to the subject matter. As they are always, but especially so here. Nothing more than attempted  subliminal reinforcement of the party line in my opinion.

However despite all this, the unequivocal Accuracy of ZetaTalk shines through.

Ding! Oh, there goes the ZetaTalk Accuracy hit counter...AGAIN!

Comment by Verdad O. Consequencia on March 31, 2012 at 3:33am

14,600 divided by 3,657 = 3.99, or let's just say just 4. Ergo, pretty accurate correlation with ZT statement that Pole Shifts occur approx. every 3,657 years. -- Verdad

Source: http://www.physorg.com/news/2012-03-coral-links-ice-ancient-mega.html

Coral links ice to ancient 'mega flood'

March 30, 2012

Coral links ice to ancient 'mega flood'

Scientists drilled down to the sea floor to collect coral samples. Photo: IODP

(PhysOrg.com) -- Coral off Tahiti has linked the collapse of massive ice sheets 14,600 years ago to a dramatic and rapid rise in global sea-levels of around 14 metres.

Previous research could not accurately date the sea-level rise but now an Aix-Marseille University-led team, including Oxford University scientists Alex Thomas and Gideon Henderson, has confirmed that the event occurred 14,650-14,310 years ago at the same time as a period of rapid climate change known as the Bølling warming.

The finding will help scientists currently modelling future climate change scenarios to factor in the dynamic behaviour of major ice sheets.

A report of the research is published in this week’s Nature.

"It is vital that we look into Earth’s geological past to understand rare but high impact events, such as the collapse of giant ice sheets that occurred 14,600 years ago," said Dr Alex Thomas of Oxford University’s Department of Earth Sciences, an author of the paper. "Our work gives a window onto an extreme event in which deglaciation coincided with a dramatic and rapid rise in global sea levels – an ancient ‘mega flood’. Sea level rose more than ten times more quickly than it is rising now! This is an excellent test bed for climate models: if they can reproduce this extraordinary event, it will improve confidence that they can also predict future change accurately."

During the Bølling warming high latitudes of the Northern hemisphere warmed as much as 15 degrees Celsius in a few tens of decades. The team has used dating evidence from Tahitian corals to constrain the sea level rise to within a period of 350 years, although the actual rise may well have occurred much more quickly and would have been distributed unevenly around the world’s shorelines.

Dr Thomas said: "The Tahitian coral is important because samples, thousands of years old, can be dated to within plus or minus 30 years. Because Tahiti is an ocean island, far away from major ice sheets, sea-level evidence from its coral reefs gives us close to the ‘magic’ average of sea levels across the globe, it is also subsiding into the ocean at a steady pace that we can easily adjust for."

. . . rest of article available at URL above . . .

Comment by Nancy Lieder on March 24, 2012 at 10:50pm

What's this, planets zooming through space?


Runaway Planets Zoom at a Fraction of Light Speed

ScienceDaily (Mar. 22, 2012) — Seven years ago, astronomers boggled when they found the first runaway star flying out of our galaxy at a speed of 1.5 million miles per hour. The discovery intrigued theorists, who wondered: If a star can get tossed outward at such an extreme velocity, could the same thing happen to planets?

Early in the ZetaTalk saga, the Zetas made the point that the speed of light is not the fastest that a physical object can move through space.


Speed, in space, is a relative thing. In the dozen or so years prior to a passage, Planet X speeds up from almost a standstill to a zoom, toward the foci it is approaching. Imagine the Earth without atmosphere, and a rock some miles overhead. What is the speed limit on this rock as it plummets? There is no limit in space, only that which mankind assumes. During math discussions on sci.astro, it has been surmised that the speed of Planet X approaches the speed of light during its most rapid approach, and this astonishes those in the discussion. Why is it assumed that light is the fastest thing in the universe, re travel? Man thinks this because it is something he can measure. He is aware of such a small percentage of matter and energy about him that to say that he comprehends 1% of what the universe is composed of would be an overstatement. Our space travel, in 4th Density and even 3rd Density, is faster than light, and we do not melt. Man does not understand, so we cannot give him satisfaction in our explanations. Suffice it to say that our explanation is correct, and Planet X travels rapidly into our midst, thence the Repulsion Force is invoked, thence it floats past between the Earth and Sun.

Now, in their desperation to explain why Planet X will suddenly appear in the skies, between the Earth and Sun, the establishment is suddenly discovering rapidly moving planets! My my, such copy cats, and no credits given to the Zetas in this "discovery".As a friend recently noted re this "discovery":

These astrocomical copycats from Harvard read the ZetaTalk about the extreme velocity of Planet X inbound to the inner solar system and then went off to research it and publish it by referencing other planets. And theses copycat savants give no credit to the Zetas, ZT or you. This is a violation of scientific ethics and peer review process I cry. Note the psychological prepping of the public with neurolinguistic words such as "runaway planet" and "hypervelocity planet." I can see another NASA mainstream excuse in the works: "Please excuse us, it came at us even worse than these other 'hypervelocity planets.' We had no idea it was even there. It just came outta nowhere like a bullet in a dark room."

Comment by Planet Twelve on March 22, 2012 at 4:29pm

Well here we have a Zeta Prediction that has come to pass poste haste. It was relayed mere weeks ago to Mankind by the Z’s that the CoW, after deliberation, came to the decision that the ubiquitous and all-enveloping Coverup of PX would not be allowed to go on unfettered, and that unexpected events would occur, events engineered by the Council of Worlds to strike blows against that Coverup, and hopefully begin to hasten the Common Man’s awareness of that big red elephant in the room, Planet X....


Battle of the Cover-Up



Appearance of Magnetosphere Reversal Timeline



An opening salvo, awakening punch to the chin of the Coverup. Just to get their attention. There will be more,  just as this is more supporting evidence of that pinpoint Zeta Accuracy.

Comment by Planet Twelve on March 14, 2012 at 5:19pm

It has been relayed to us humans many times by the Zetas, and already covered more than once within this Accuracy archive, that NASA has been aware for many years what the Earth faces re the pending Pole Shift. They know there is a returning large wandering planet incoming, and are one of the main players in the Coverup of that truth.

The Zetas also warned us repeatedly about some of the methods which would be employed, scapegoats used, to muddy the waters in an attempt to confuse the Common Man.  And so to explain away the repeated bombardment of particles flaying the Earth’s magnetosphere, satellites malfunctioning and any number of other events caused by the oncoming Planet X, they nominated chief among the blameless victims chosen, the Sun…

SOZT: Solar Flares, an extended or anomalous solar cycle, has been planned for decades to be used as a distraction and excuse during this time. […] EOZT

SOZT: […]What does all this mean? It means that any reason for the current weather, satellite failure, magnetic diffusion, or heating core along with volcanic and quake increases, are to be blamed on the Sun or Global Warming, or normal cycles detected in the past, causing Ice Ages or melting poles in history.[…] EOZT

ZetaTalk: Solar Flares (2002)

SOZT: The excuses they planned to use were to blame the Sun for any electromagnetic problems, and they still plan to do so even though the severe interference with the Earth's magnetosphere started while the Sun was virtually asleep. They will grasp at every minor CME as proof of this theory.[…] EOZT

GLP Live Chat. March 6, 2010.

Well, bang that drum they have. Loud and often. Problem is, the Sun is not always co-operating…

NASA Wrong Again! Space Weather Storm Fizzles


Another epic NASA fail. And yes! Chalk up yet another Zetas Right Again!!

Comment by Planet Twelve on March 8, 2012 at 3:49pm

More from that font of Accuracy, Nancy's upcoming 11/3  ZT Newsletter. Contained within is yet more corroborative evidence supporting the veracity of the Zeta Predictions...


Torn Internet Cables

Africa drops, in accordance with the ZetaTalk 7 of 10 predictions, and undersea Internet cables anchored at a Kenya port and in the Red Sea have torn because of this. The Kenya tear occurred in step with the Red Sea tear, but a second Kenya tear also occurred 11 days earlier. Rather than point to plate movement, the establishment preferred to claim a bizarre coincidence of several ship anchors catching and tearing the cables. Or perhaps it was sabotage, as those East African countries have so many enemies, you know. Anything but the truth.

Read more here:

7 of 10 STATUS as of March 8, 2012


                                                                           Zetas Right Again.

Comment by Planet Twelve on February 23, 2012 at 6:15pm

Again, on Venus...Looming...

[the following an extract from Nancy's upcoming 2/26 Newsletter, soon to be found on the archives]


In addition to photos of the Planet X complex, revealed by red filters, the Looming Venus has become more prevalent, as recently discussed on this Pole Shift ning
blog. A series of photos from Taganrog, Russia, taken on February 11, 2012 and appearing on Russian TV
show the Looming Venus with astonishing clarity. Per reports, Venus is not where expected anymore!

I was in Australia a month ago visiting the observatory in Sydney. The staff presenter could not locate Venus in their telescope. Is this because Venus is out of place and caught in the cup with earth Dark Twin?

Per the Zetas, Venus will increasingly be seen as a Looming Venus, as it has become squeezed in the cup.

ZetaTalk Explanation 2/18/2012:
Venus is being squeezed closer to the center of the cup, and can no longer range to the side, being seen in the far East or West by mankind. It will thus increasingly not be seen as the Morning Star, or Evening Star, but as a Monster much closer to the Sun.

Looming Venus has presented before, on October 29, 2011, confirmed also by the Zetas at that time. But there, last October, it was more in line with the expected position. And at that time, Venus was expected to be closer to the Sun.

ZetaTalk Explanation 10/29/2011
This is Venus looming. Venus would stand to the left of the Sun, along the Ecliptic as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere at sundown, all things being normal. But as it is squeezed in the cup with the Earth, in front of the approaching Planet X, it is out of place. Catching the Sun's rays in a blooming effect, where the light rays bend toward Venus from all sides and then continue on this bent path toward Earth, it creates a monster appearance. Since these are not light rays directly from Venus itself, but only light rays deflected by the gravity pull of Venus, and since during sundown the light rays are distorting the Sun's size in any case due to gravity bending over the Earth's horizon, the appearance is varied.

7 of 10 STATUS (as of February 23)


                                                                                      Zetas Right Again.

Comment by Planet Twelve on February 23, 2012 at 4:48pm

Some may suggest that the familiar refrain of Zetas Right Again, a catchy tune heard throughout the world, increasingly, is moot and unnecessary. They say it is stating the obvious, not really a scoop. The STO 4D Zetas of ZetaTalk are entities imbued with a stellar level of intelligence, a level which we feeble brained dullards who are blindly struggling through kindergarten cannot even conceive of , a level that is to us as we are to snails. Not only that, higher density STO co-operative groups such as the Z’s also have access to the collective conscious…that vast reservoir of all knowledge, the sum of the known.  Ergo, Accuracy is the default setting. Why continuously state that which is glaringly apparent? They say

A fair argument,  one which the many aficionados and fans of, and those Awake to the ZT message, can only acknowledge.

But what of skeptics? Nay-sayers, disinfo-peddlers and deniers of ZT??  Those paid by the Coverup to lurk in the shadows…under rocks, scurrying out to debunk and run. Adding nothing to the discussion, feasting on trivialities and existing only to Deny. Or the Scared Who Will Not See, a huge group which contains friends and family members of many ZetaTalk fans.

 The ZRA catch-cry is a loud raspberry and annoying reminder to pro debunkers and the like that their task is futile! ZT is not going away, will continue to give straight talk and facts, diligently relayed and eloquently presented by Nancy Lieder, their emissary. A gift to Mankind which will not be sullied, nor waylaid, by the hapless minions of the Coverup.

Primarily though, the trumpeting, regular beat of Zetas Right Again is an alarm. A wake-up call which it is hoped will impregnate or resonate through the facades of denial,  psychological walls which have been studiously erected and maintained by friends and loved-ones of numerous ZT fans. Built to allow a barrier to seeing the scary truth. Those Denial Walls are coming crumbling down, further permeated and weakened with every Zeta Accuracy hit.

Awake from your Slumber! There is Trouble afoot!! Dismantle Denial!!!   ZT will help you See…and Survive!!  


Zetas Right Again…Zetas Right Again…Zetas Right Again.


Get used to it

Comment by Howard on February 20, 2012 at 6:30pm

Alternating drought and deluge was predicted by the Zetas from the beginning of ZetaTalk.  After one of the driest years on record that killed millions of trees in 2011, Texas is now receiving torrential record rainfall.

From Drought to Deluge

"After yet another weekend filled with drenching rain across much of Texas, the beneficial rain is slowly but surely helping Houston climb out of its current drought.

Before the weekend, the city of Houston was already close to climbing out of drought status thanks to a very wet start that the city hasn't seen in nearly 20 years.

The city will officially know if indeed it is no longer in a drought when the U.S. Drought Monitor releases its latest report Thursday morning.

Saturday's rainfall event in and around the Houston metropolitan area set some records for the greatest one day rainfall total.

Galveston, Texas, reported 2.85 inches of rain Saturday, which broke the previous record for the day of 2.10 inches set back in 1924.

Houston's Hobby Airport picked up 2.56 inches on Saturday that also set a daily record, beating out the old record of 1.62 inches set back on that date in 1963.

The heavy rain from this past weekend has not been a rare sight so far this year. The rainfall received so far this year has helped to alleviate the crushing drought of 2011 that continues to plague much of the Lone Star State.

A look at the latest drought conditions across Texas issued on February 14th. (U.S. Drought Monitor)

Just one year ago, a couple of heavy rain events crossed through Texas during the month of January. Towards the end of the month and the beginning of February, the rain had tapered off and the drought got under way.

It is this drought that makes the rainfall received in Houston this year quite a noticeable change.

So how wet has it been this year in Houston and the surrounding area?

Since the 1st of the year, 11.06 inches of rain have fallen at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport and making it the 6th wettest start to the year since records have been kept.

On the south side of the city, Hobby Airport has received 12.24 inches making this year the 4th wettest start to the year.

About 2 hours up the road in College Station, Texas, 12.08 inches of rainfall have made it the second wettest start to the year.

Comment by Planet Twelve on February 19, 2012 at 12:10pm

Another excellent example which attests to the rare and unsurpassed  ZetaTalk Accuracy:

New Madrid Earthquake Drills: Cover-up Showing Their Hand?

An increasing number of earthquake drills are being conducted in the U.S., many in areas that rarely experience violent quakes.

What originated as an earthquake drill for Southern California has mushroomed into an international organization for earthquake preparedness.  Since 2008, similarly branded "Great ShakeOuts" have sprouted up in 17 states, as well as Guam, British Columbia and New Zealand.

Guised as a public safety collaborative and endorsed by governmental agencies including USGS and FEMA, participation in regional "Great ShakeOuts" has conspicuously increased in U.S. regions with scant histories of destructive seismic activity.  Participation in these organized "ShakeOuts" has surged from 5.3 million people in 2008 to nearly 12.4 million in 2011.

Although states such as California and Oregon seem appropriate participants based on their seismic histories, the entire central U.S. has only experienced a few moderate quakes over 5.0 in the past 200 years.  While the pending catastrophic New Madrid adjustment has been well-known to the Establishment for many years via ZetaTalk, the sudden urgency for conducting such large scale earthquake drills didn't emerge in this region until 2011. [...]

Read more: http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/earthquake-drills-in-the-n...

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