Scenarios 5, 6 & 7 in the 7-of-10- sequence : Atlantic Rift tear, Africa Roll, Mediterranean Drop


African Roll / Mediterranean Drop
3. a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,
Written October 16, 2010
Reading Z's answers to Oct 9 chat, made me think. Quoting: The sequence of events is, thus:1. a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking,2. a folding Pacific allowing S America to roll,3. a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop,4. great quakes in Japan followed by the New Madrid adjustment,5. which is followed almost instantly by the tearing of the north Atlantic Rift with consequent European tsunami.
If so, the drop of Mediterranean floor (3.) will probably trigger a tsunami in Mediterranean as well. If so, Europe will actually experience two tsunamis: first sloshing East Spain, South France and West Italy (and Africa) and second (the one Z's probably refer to as European tsunami) sloshing West Spain and Portugal, West France, UK, Ireland, Benelux and northern Europe states. Is that correct?
Also, European plate goes into African at Crete, so rolling of Africa will likely affect the Greek islands, too. Can we expect major quakes there and Santorini to abruptly erupt, or is this "scheduled" for later stages? How far can pushing of Greece go, will it also cause Balkans to slide under Italy at this stage and Italian vulcanos to erupt?
The Z's also hinted at "Middle East inferno" a while ago. With some underground fires featured in last week's newsletter, I guess, they are not far either. Where do that inferno fit in? I'd say it follows rolling of Africa in step 3., which makes room for middle east adjustments? On the other hand, tipping of Indo-Australian Plate in step 1. gives some room for middle east adjustments, too?
Answer :

 7 of 10 Mediterranean
The fact that the African Plate, during previous rolls, created mountain building can be seen on a relief map. Morocco and Algeria have mountains due to the rolling in the past. One can see in the mountains of Spain and Italy and the Balcans and Turkey that this was the case there, too, in the past. The Alps themselves were built during previous African rolls. But this time the African Plate will drop away significantly, slipping to the south during the roll. This movement is possible because as the South Atlantic Rift tears open, there is room for the tip of Africa to slid into that void, thus dropping the entire African Plate as it rolls. The African Plate not only moves to the south during this process, it also further to the west, although the southern portion of Africa moves more in this direction more than the parts abutting the Mediterranean.
That said, why would the floor of the Mediterranean just above Algeria be more vulnerable than other areas during this roll? The border of the African Plate slices across northern Algeria, and thus when the plate rolls and drops, the Mediterranean floor there will suddenly find itself unsupported. Where the land mass housing Morocco and Algeria will not lose elevation, in the main, retaining its floatation strength to ride on the magma beneath, the floor of the Mediterranean is of a different composition. It will sink there, unsupported on the African side where the plates will pull apart. The Mediterranean coastline of Algeria will then find more than tsunami worries as they will have a loss of elevation by 12 feet or more. Their coastline is not part of the African Plate. What sinks and what continues to float on the magma beneath is a factor of the rock density, and the floor of the Mediterranean above Algeria has only been floating as it has due to the connection with the African Plate. Elsewhere, where the Mediterranean floor spreads during the roll, the floor is either too deep for a change to be noticed or at a distance from the plate border.
Tsunami will not occur to any ostensible degree because there is a void being created, where the waters will rush. However, turmoil and wave action can be anticipated. The shifting of the African Plate will also not incite any mountain building in Italy or the Balcans or Turkey, as the northern edge of the African Plate is not the solid, jutting line through the center of the Mediterranean that mankind assumes. The sea is deep there, to the south of Italy and the Balcans and Greece, and for good reason. This part of the great plates has fractured in the past, so that many fault lines lie under the surface, unknown to man until dramatic plate movements begin. The roll of the African Plate during the 7 of 10 scenarios thus spares all but the Mediterranean floor above Algeria! The roll will incite the Arabian Plate to roll also, to some degree, as across from Egypt there will be pressure, but further down the Red Sea there will be a tearing apart, inviting the Arabian Plate to migrate in this direction. However, this is not the disaster we have predicted for Iraq, not yet. Nor will the Afar Triangle, the African Rift Valley, experience changes all that dramatic during this roll.
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Africa Roll is occuring NOW, and has been occurring since well before Christmas of 2010 when suddenly earthquakes began around Gulf of Aden/Djibouti - followed up later by the eruption of extinct Volcano, NABRO.

Africa,like the SouthAmerican continent, has begun to roll. This is first in the series:Indonesia’s drop, then S America’s roll, then Africa’s roll. Keep in mind these are just orientation pointers, the real thing is still on the back burner!

More TRENDS of African Roll :
Written November 20, 2010  in Detailed Information
2010.11.14 around Yemen has occurred 49 (!!!) earthquakes for 24 hours. It specifies in the beginning a tearing of the south Atlantic Rift allowing Africa to roll and the floor of the Mediterranean to drop. Zetas have told that the first will occur a tipping Indo-Australia Plate with Indonesia sinking and as have told that it happens til the end of 2010 and error possibility is excluded. Truly? Zetas spoke that before movement of platforms stronger and frequent earthquakes will be observed. Why in Indonesia doesn't occur similar (as in Yemen)? Till the end of 2010 remains a little more than month. And signs in Indonesia possibly already should be shown. Or has probably begun 7 of 10 will be sudden, without what or signs?

Africa has begun to roll. Just as in July, when Pakistan sank approximately 10 feet in elevation, indicating the plate holding India was tilting, this does not mean the big 7 of 10 prediction is occurring in Indonesia. Jakarta began to sink in September, and again, this does not mean the big 7 of 10 for Indonesia is happening, nor did the many volcanoes erupting in Sumatra and Java in October signify the 7 of 10 had occurred. Towns along the coastline in Columbia began crumbing and sinking, and villages on the N Andes fault line in Colombia and Ecuador were clearly mountain building in late October, and all this following oil rig eruptions in rigs in Trinidad and Tobago and the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean. But all of this did not indicate the 7 of 10 roll for S America had occurred. We stated the sequence of events would be Indonesia's drop, then S America's roll, then Africa's roll. What you are seeing is a warmup, precursors, in all these regions. We stated that the trend would be obvious before the actual event, and you are seeing the trends.

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The ZetaTalk NewsletterIssue 212, Sunday, November 21, 2010 Weekly news and views from around the world and beyond.New ZetaTalk Earth Changes Announcements Signs of the Times Africa Roll Hints The plate tongue holding Indonesia has been actively sinking and buckling for several months now, and is expected to be the first in the 7 of 10 scenarios to occur. The S American Plate has likewise been pushing in the direction of its expected roll to the west for some months now, though is behind Indonesia in overt signs of impending plate movement. The S America roll is expected to be the second 7 of 10 scenario, following closely on the heels of the Indonesia drop in elevation. The rolling of the African Plate toward the east is the third scenario expected, and up until this past week has not given any hints of preparing for this roll. This past week, that changed. The 7 of 10 predictions were first cited in a holographic presentation that Nancy attended a year ago, in November, 2009. At that time, the scenarios were not sequenced, but since have been sequenced by the Zetas.

The Mediterranean is shown, while Africa rolls somewhat. This opens up the southern Mediterranean above Algeria such that the Mediterranean floor there is a crumble, not supported. Then over to India where the western side of India sinks significantly, the plate tipping sideways a bit, raising eastern India during this process. Then islands in Indonesia sink, the plate supporting them sinking more than the surrounding area. Over to S America the Andes are shown doing mountain building, while some islands in the Caribbean are sinking, their plate pushed under as S America rolls. Southeastern US is pulled down slightly, while the land just to the west of the Mississippi drops slightly. As the Atlantic rips open, this causes water adjustments. First water rushes from elsewhere to fill the void, then piles up, clashing in the middle, so that a tide rushes toward Europe, assaulting the lowlands there.
The Gulf of Aden, off coast from Somalia, began getting hammered, over 43 quakes in short order. Per the Zetas, the Africa roll is started, but this does not mean that the 7 of 10 scenario for African and the Mediterranean is about to occur. 

ZetaTalk Statement 11/20/2010: Africa has begun to roll. Just as in July, when Pakistan sank approximately 10 feet in elevation, indicating the plate holding India was tilting, this does NOT mean the big 7 of 10 prediction is occurring in Indonesia. Jakarta began to sink in September, and again, this does not mean the big 7 of 10 for Indonesia is at hand, nor did the many volcanoes erupting in Sumatra and Java in October signify the 7 of 10 had occurred. Towns along the coastline in Columbia began crumbing and sinking, and villages on the N Andes fault line in Colombia and Ecuador were clearly mountain building in late October, and all this following oil rig eruptions in rigs in Trinidad and Tobago and the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean. But all of this did not indicate the 7 of 10 roll for S America had occurred. We stated the sequence of events would be Indonesia's drop, then S America's roll, then Africa's roll. What you are seeing is a warmup, precursors, in all these regions. We stated that the trend would be obvious before the actual event, and you are seeing the trends. 
The edge of the African Plate was outlined with quakes, occurring in the Indian Ocean, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, and of course the Gulf of Aden. 

The distress on the African continent showed up during this time on the live seismographs, which showed a peculiar jiggle in those countries being stretched during the roll nudge. Note that some of these countries are above the Mediterranean, as the plate border through the Mediterranean would be tugging at them, too.

The Zetas have described the roll of the African Plate as a dropping down of the plate as well as a twist of the top to the east. As the Atlantic Rift pulls apart in the southern hemisphere, the Africa Plate has room to drop down a bit, pushing into the Atlantic Rift near S Africa. This eases the pressure on the Mediterranean, during the roll
And from :  ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 29, 2011  (

My question when Africa roll after South America roll Red Sea will be larger and larger will this bring EQ for this area? Sorry for repeating but to be more specific I mean the Red Sea itself will have EQ? And my brother is a geologist and he told me if it is so there will be eruption of new volcano in Red Sea and will have a new volcanic island like Hawaii is it true? [and from another] Violent Seismic Activity Tearing Africa in Two [Jan 20],1518,740641,00.html The fissures began appearing years ago. But in recent months, seismic activity has accelerated in northeastern Africa as the continent breaks apart in slow motion. Researchers say that lava in the region is consistent with magma normally seen on the sea floor - and that water will ultimately cover the desert.  
Like the great crevasses that have been opening up in this region, the 7 of 10 stretch will not be accompanied by great quakes. The stretch zone is silent, in the main. Jiggling and shuddering might occur, with minor quakes jolting now and then, but basically a silent process. Of course there will be lava, hardening into a new surface, as the plates are being pulled apart and beneath the plates is magma. And where the surface is thin, magma may bubble up. But the Red Sea will not be an explosive or erupting volcanic region, as Hawaii is, because it will not be under pressure from colliding or compressing plates.

ZT on Italy during the 7 of 10  :  and on South Africa :  and Canary Islands :, Egypt : 
And Plate Movements of the 7 of 10


Thus :  The South Atlantic Rift is tearing, thus allowing for South America to roll west. whereafter Africa is also free to roll. The roll of Africa, as we have described, will be more of a twist in place, so that the southern tip of the African Plate shifts somewhat to the west, toward the void opened up by the spreading Atlantic Rift, while the plate overall drops enough that having the top part shift to the east does not do damage along the plate boundaries. The Straits of Gibraltar will open an additional 125 miles and the northern point at Morocco will move 50 miles further east. All points around the northern border of Africa will move commensurately. S Africa will find itself similarly 125 miles further south, and westward by about 35 miles. Indonesia, as we have described, is already buckling and sinking.And from : :We have stated that Africa is turning in place, its base at S Africa firmly nailed and unable to move, the top rolling to the East as the Atlantic yaws open. This action is what is causing the African Rift to spread so rapidly, in the Afar Triangle, where huge crevasses appear before astonished eyes and the land is dropping hundreds of feet. The Mediterranean will be destabilized. The African plate is a straight line across the top, and when it turns it will create a YAW in the Mediterranean, causing volcanoes in the area to become active as lava is exposed to the surface, and certainly destabilizing countries just to the north of the fault line dissecting the Mediterranean from East to West. The Mediterranean, in the past, was a swamp, but now is a sea. What caused the land to drop? The Black Sea participated in this drop, being inundated where formerly land above water. Istanbul lies at the center of the area that will first be affected when a serious roll of Africa occurs.

Thus :  (

When the 7 of 10 scenario for Africa occurs, dropping Africa and widening the Red Sea, the isthmus holding Istanbul will tear, dropping the city into rubble. During the hour of the pole shift, what is left of Istanbul will find water sloshing back and forth between the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and will be gravely affected by quakes along the various fault lines that traverse the area. Tsunami will not be the issue during the Earth changes affecting Turkey, as the fault lines move horizontally and will not raise or lower plates on either side to create a mass of water on the move.
ZetaTalk ™ March 26, 2011      



There were many interesting photos that I wasn´t able to copy or upload. Since pictures speak volumes, I´m pretty sorry about that.. after several hours working on the photo-side, I´ve decided to post WHAT IS, presently, and hope it´s useful.


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Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 15, 2012 at 7:53pm


2012-04-10 17:40:47.0 43.45 N 0.65 W 2 2.8 PYRENEES

2012-04-14 15:05:55.4 45.75 N 1.87 W 2 2.9 FRANCE
2012-04-14 00:01:41.8 45.86 N 1.29 W 2 3.4 FRANCE
2012-04-13 21:20:43.0 45.73 N 1.87 W 2 3.6 FRANCE
2012-04-10 10:33:17.0 44.92 N 1.55 E 10 2.8 FRANCE

Visual below from


2012-04-13 11:01:00.0 36.92 N 9.32 W 24 3.1 WEST OF GIBRALTAR
2012-04-11 21:17:13.0 41.53 N 2.59 E 8  3.0 SPAIN
2012-04-11 20:58:06.0 42.80 N 7.24 W 8 3.2 SPAIN

Map below with latest Spanish + Algerian quakes is from : 



2012-04-12   06:17:09.0 36.99 N   3.23 E   10 3.1 NORTHERN ALGERIA  

Note how the whole Gibraltar Region is alive with quakes..

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 15, 2012 at 2:46am

Mediterranean Drop :


2012-04-14 17:45:44.0 40.35 N 27.17 E 25 3.2 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-14 14:30:48.3 39.18 N 29.01 E 6 2.3 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-14 12:43:44.9 41.13 N 30.66 E 9 2.5 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-14 03:19:50.5 39.79 N 28.93 E 18 2.4 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-14 02:49:32.0 36.09 N 30.86 E 15 2.9 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-13 21:39:11.0 39.87 N 28.71 E 10 3.1 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-13 10:28:13.0 40.32 N 27.86 E 5 2.3 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-13 10:04:11.5 39.65 N 29.53 E 5 2.2 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-13 07:46:40.0 36.65 N 30.57 E 10 3.0 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-13 07:37:26.4 40.06 N 26.98 E 3 1.8 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-13 03:51:36.0 39.80 N 26.05 E 8 2.6 NEAR THE COAST OF WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 23:25:27.9 38.56 N 31.14 E 4 2.7 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 22:44:49.2 39.50 N 28.01 E 8 2.3 WESTERN TURKEY


2012-04-14 09:02:32.4 36.96 N 37.55 E 12 2.1 TURKEY-SYRIA BORDER REGION
2012-04-13 21:33:49.0 35.86 N 35.62 E 10 2.8 NEAR THE COAST OF SYRIA
2012-04-12 22:10:34.0 36.99 N 36.87 E 2 2.8 TURKEY-SYRIA BORDER REGION

Latest seismicity for ALL Turkey, please follow this link to MAP with all Turkish seismic stations :
It will allow you to choose from a 7-day-scenario up to Last One Year


2012-04-14 20:19:20.0 38.13 N 22.73 E 5 3.1 GREECE
2012-04-14 17:52:24.0 38.12 N 22.72 E 10 2.7 GREECE
2012-04-14 15:41:45.0 38.69 N 22.78 E 11 2.0 GREECE
2012-04-14 01:43:18.0 38.98 N 22.02 E 10 2.5 GREECE
2012-04-13 21:14:16.0 38.80 N 21.77 E 8 2.1 GREECE
2012-04-13 06:22:50.0 39.25 N 20.23 E 6 2.7 GREECE
2012-04-13 03:12:46.0 38.34 N 21.77 E 4 2.1 GREECE
2012-04-13 01:09:34.0 38.45 N 21.26 E 10 2.5 GREECE
2012-04-12 23:46:11.0 38.33 N 22.01 E 5 2.5 GREECE
2012-04-14 02:43:06.0 36.73 N 23.28 E 62 2.2 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-12 23:19:15.0 37.79 N 21.39 E 10 2.6 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-12 23:04:34.0 37.81 N 21.42 E 10 3.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-12 23:01:45.0 37.80 N 21.43 E 10 2.7 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-12 22:55:12.0 37.80 N 21.41 E 10 2.9 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-14 03:56:07.0 39.03 N 23.30 E 13 2.5 AEGEAN SEA
2012-04-14 01:00:29.2 38.86 N 25.98 E 10 2.9 AEGEAN SEA
2012-04-13 21:31:07.0 36.93 N 20.66 E 1 2.7 CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA
2012-04-13 17:50:21.0 37.38 N 16.03 E 11 2.7 IONIAN SEA
2012-04-13 09:59:18.0 39.19 N 13.91 E 10 2.9 TYRRHENIAN SEA
2012-04-13 06:22:55.1 42.53 N 7.93 E 10 2.7 WESTERN MEDITERRANEAN SEA
2012-04-14 00:30:18.0 36.09 N 28.48 E 5 3.0 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
2012-04-13 08:10:50.3 36.50 N 28.80 E 4 2.7 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE
2012-04-13 20:59:40.4 35.20 N 23.56 E 1 2.3 CRETE, GREECE
2012-04-13 18:42:50.6 34.81 N 24.80 E 21 2.6 CRETE, GREECE
2012-04-13 00:54:53.0 34.07 N 23.68 E 2 3.6 CRETE, GREECE
2012-04-14 19:59:30.0 41.58 N 20.37 E 38 2.3 ALBANIA
2012-04-14 02:05:16.3 41.56 N 20.14 E 24 2.7 ALBANIA
2012-04-13 19:56:03.0 45.57 N 26.41 E 141 2.8 ROMANIA
2012-04-13 19:50:26.0 45.61 N 26.46 E 151 3.0 ROMANIA
2012-04-12 00:33:25.0 45.70 N 26.63 E 134 3.5 ROMANIA


2012-04-14 21:17:29.0 44.61 N 7.21 E 17 2.3 NORTHERN ITALY
2012-04-14 08:47:01.0 43.88 N 12.00 E 6 2.4 CENTRAL ITALY
2012-04-14 00:22:55.0 43.12 N 13.55 E 25 2.1 CENTRAL ITALY
2012-04-13 22:13:56.0 44.08 N 10.88 E 7 3.4 NORTHERN ITALY
2012-04-13 22:00:48.0 43.12 N 13.50 E 29 2.1 CENTRAL ITALY
2012-04-13 09:45:24.0 38.24 N 13.19 E 10 3.1 SICILY, ITALY
2012-04-13 07:15:55.0 38.27 N 13.20 E 6 2.9 SICILY, ITALY
2012-04-13 06:44:06.0 38.28 N 13.34 E 10 2.4 SICILY, ITALY
2012-04-13 06:21:35.0 38.19 N 13.31 E 20 4.7 SICILY, ITALY
2012-04-12 21:55:36.0 43.12 N 13.50 E 27 2.4 CENTRAL ITALY 

ITALY/SICILY : This link has all new automatic listings + map of latest quake : 

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 13, 2012 at 3:13pm

African Roll/Atlantic Rift tear :

EL HIERRO/Canary Islands

This link from will take you to a galeria/photo album with many good photos from El Hierro :

Latest quakes @ El Hierro/Canary Islands, find them here :

Ultimo terremoto

Although "officially dead", the underseas volcano (nicknamed "Bob" by Icelandic volcanophiles) at
the island of El Hierro, Canary Islands/Spain is still erupting, though in spurts and definitely more
at times, than at other times.
Earthquake-Report has this update on the situation, where, once again, the status for the La Restinga/
La Frontera area has been put at a Yellow Alert....

Here is an ECHOGRAM from YESTERDAY, showing Bob bobbing away and emitting ash and gas..:
Also there is news that a new barythmetric examination is presently taking place, which will enable us
to find out how tall the cone is now + how close to surfacing it has come..

From the text : 

– The image above is an echogram, done by the IEO Cornide de Saavedra boat between the 5th and 9th of April, showing the volcano realeasing ash and big quantities of CO2.
- Sulphur is not coming out any more, responsible for green stains, same way we don’t see this on Joke Volta’s daily photographs, but what we have seen recently is CO2, which is reflected as a blue concentrated stain and jacuzzi.
- In an area of 500 meters around the summit, the are still some significant changes seen.
- Scientists believed the eruption should have ended already, officially,  it did on the 15th of March, but this, again, proves it had not stopped. Putting back online webcams now would be a very good way to follow this stage of the eruption process.
- More information about pH concentrations can be found in this link of Spanish newspaper Qué

From yesterday´s update : - A ship is currently executing a bathymetry mission in front of the La Restinga
coast. Julio del Castillo Vivero reports that it will be probably the Oceanographic ship Las Palmas (A52)

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 13, 2012 at 2:25am

Just as I was ready to close up for today, these two quakes caught my eyes :

2012-04-12 20:45:17.0 74.16 N 7.83 E 2        4.2 GREENLAND SEA
2012-04-12 20:31:22.4 74.07 N 7.97 E 2        4.5 GREENLAND SEA

1692 km NW Stockholm (pop 1,253,309 ; local time 22:31:22.4 2012-04-12)
1040 km NW Murmansk (pop 319,263 ; local time 00:31:22.4 2012-04-13)
618 km NW Tromsø (pop 52,436 ; local time 22:31:22.4 2012-04-12)

Global view

.. so I´ve checked all the usual quake-and-volcano sites but .. nothing gives. I think it´s about a week ago, maybe 10 days, we last had a Greenland Sea quake.. they really haven´t been that frequent up until now. 

And what´s maybe more interesting, when I posted the 4.6 below for Gulf of Maine Region/Nova Scotia, the IRIS map, showed yet another Greenland quake, that´s not been on the emsc.. so am re-posting that map (which hasn´t registered the Greenland Sea quakes yet... maybe tomorrow ?)  :

Thank you for reading it, Jo Sewelson !

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 13, 2012 at 12:54am

Mediterranean Drop :


2012-04-12 15:19:56.3 39.84 N 30.01 E 7 2.2 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 14:55:12.8 39.05 N 27.31 E 8 2.8 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 11:09:10.0 37.31 N 28.72 E 7 2.3 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 09:24:07.8 37.21 N 28.19 E 12 2.4 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 07:41:10.9 39.13 N 29.16 E 8 2.4 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 07:01:49.9 38.87 N 29.77 E 5 2.4 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-12 06:04:57.2 37.91 N 29.49 E 11 2.7 WESTERN TURKEY
2012-04-11 19:13:53.6 40.74 N 31.01 E 5 2.5 WESTERN TURKEY


2012-04-12 16:27:51.0 38.75 N 22.58 E 16 2.6 GREECE
2012-04-12 16:23:50.7 39.65 N 20.34 E 12 2.0 GREECE
2012-04-12 14:21:31.0 38.34 N 22.01 E 9 2.1 GREECE
2012-04-12 07:38:10.0 38.77 N 22.86 E 8 2.5 GREECE
2012-04-12 20:07:04.0 37.04 N 22.16 E 5 3.5 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-12 17:36:37.0 36.45 N 22.14 E 5 2.8 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-12 00:25:50.8 37.35 N 21.59 E 2 2.2 SOUTHERN GREECE
2012-04-12 00:55:12.6 36.08 N 25.06 E 15 2.6 DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE

you can also see this blog on a new bartering system in Greek town of Volos :


2012-04-12 13:20:28.0 37.89 N 15.62 E 8 3.1 SICILY, ITALY
2012-04-12 13:02:28.0 37.88 N 15.63 E 10 2.1 SICILY, ITALY
2012-04-12 12:57:10.0 37.89 N 15.62 E 5 2.9 SICILY, ITALY
2012-04-12 08:10:46.0 43.13 N 13.41 E 20 2.6 CENTRAL ITALY
2012-04-12 04:04:29.0 44.30 N 10.60 E 9 3.3 NORTHERN ITALY

2012-04-12 12:33:33.3 47.20 N 7.54 E 3 1.9 SWITZERLAND
2012-04-12 02:10:24.5 46.60 N 8.39 E 8 1.5 SWITZERLAND  

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 13, 2012 at 12:46am

In her draft newsletter/7 of 10 STATUS, this week, Nancy touches upon 

Viva the Mexican Heart - a tribute to Mexican-"alien"-cooperation around the present quakes in Baja California - N America Diagonal Yin-Yang - more on the bow stretch - Buoy 46419 Waves - Juan de Fuca and rogue wave action ! - Fiji Flooding - Fiji platelet showing signs of sinking :( - Red Filter Revolution - Alberto in Italy started this,- now everyone´s "out there", snapping photos of PX...- you can too ! - Slowing Rotation - again !   

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 13, 2012 at 12:34am

From the Zetapedia on Maine/New England states :  re 4.6 quake, below comment..

icon New England

The tiny New England states are grouped at the end of what will become increasingly a peninsula of land, due to the widening of the St. Lawrence Seaway and the melting poles. The land is rocky, and will rise some 450 feet by our estimate above the current level due to the land being freed from its current connections during this continental rip. During rotation stoppage, the Atlantic will be stretched, causing land along the southern East Coast of the US and islands such as Scotland and Ireland to drop some 150 feet below the waves. But at the combined ripping of the St. Lawrence Seaway and Atlantic rift, this peninsula of land which is currently called the New England states will be allowed to find its level based on the natural relative gravity of the land. The land will bob up, some 450 feet above the current level. Nevertheless, due to polar melt to occur over the two years following the shift, this rise will be lost and the coastline actually going under the waves some 200-250 feet beyond the current beach level. Thus, those with homes 250 feet above the coastline might find themselves on the beach. However, to be safe during the shift, our precautions of being 200 feet above sealevel and 100 miles inland should apply. Sloshing in the Atlantic, and unpredictable water movement into and out of the St. Lawrence Seaway, will result in terrifying moments for those any nearer to the coast. Return to the coastline after some days have passed, and the water seems to have settled into tides that are predictable.


We have stated that the toggle point where land will bounce up during the pole shift, for the New England states, and be pulled down prior to or during the pole shift, for the southern states, is Pennsylvania. We have stated that the bounce up should be prorated from Montreal to the mouth of the Seaway. Note that across from Montreal there is a rock strata emerging and running south and down into the Appalachian Mountains. Lake Champlain situated between the Green Mountains of Vermont and the Adirondack Mountains of New York is along this rock strata. This is a rip point, as we have described, where the New England area will bounceup vs being held down. This rock strata runs directly south to where Manhattan Island touches the mainland. Thus, our statement that the New England region would get the bounce. Obviously, there is not going to be a cliff at this rock strata boundary, 450 feet in height. The land will slant. To be on the safe side, assume all of Maine to have the full bounce, and prorate your bounce from there to the western edge of the New England states.

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Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 13, 2012 at 12:11am

Atlantic Rift tear : north

2012-04-12 02:29:38.0 41.87 N 66.01 W 2 4.6 NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN
367 km SW Halifax (pop 266,012 ; local time 23:29:38.4 2012-04-11)
337 km E Brewster (pop 37,107 ; local time 22:29:38.4 2012-04-11)
676 km E New york (pop 8,107,916 ; local time 22:29:38.4 2012-04-11)

Right where the Gulf of Maine reaches the open Atlantic Ocean, on the continental shelf at Georges Bank/Corsair Canyon,
is where we find this 4.6 quake.

MAP link :,-65.989415&z=9&t=h...

further south : 

2012-04-12   19:41:29.0  35.91 N   4.64 W   82       4.1 STRAIT OF GIBRALTAR

and still further south :

2012-04-12 11:38:22.0 26.96 S 14.00 W 10       4.9 SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
2972 km E Rio de janeiro (pop 6,023,699 ; local time 08:38:22.2 2012-04-12)
2789 km SE Nova viçosa (pop 55,980 ; local time 08:38:22.2 2012-04-12)
2771 km E Vila velha (pop 394,930 ; local time 08:38:22.2 2012-04-12)  - has actually noted TWO quakes, not one, and at Mag 5.5 & 5.1 (!) - and on the 11th of April, not the 12th..  the plot´s definitely thickening..

Also on the 11th, this South Sandwich Island quake, off-ridge but on Antarctic Plate :

11-APR-2012 11:28:59 -56.85 -27.97 5.4 259.0 SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS REGION

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 12, 2012 at 9:46am

Arabian Plate roll :

and, shame on me, I again forgot to link to Andrey Eroshin´s blog on Yemen floodings : from April 10th.

As always, a beautiful piece with map, photos and story.. go read


Of course, I was curious to see if my old friend, the Arabian Sea buoy, would register ANYTHING after the Sumatra/North Indian Ocean events yesterday, so I commented on that a few comments below, here + have updated the original blog post. 

Comment by Malou (Marie Louise) Geleff on April 12, 2012 at 12:48am

Atlantic Rift tear :

2012-04-11 05:44:43.0 16.81 S 14.38 W 10 5.0 SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
2012-04-11 04:53:26.0 16.86 S 14.46 W 2 5.0 SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE
2012-04-10 05:09:09.0 1.36 S 14.05 W 10 5.8 NORTH OF ASCENSION ISLAND
2012-04-10 03:37:23.0 15.97 N 46.77 W 10 4.6 NORTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RIDGE

2012-04-11 20:58:06.0 42.80 N 7.26 W 12 3.7 SPAIN
2012-04-10 01:54:31.0 41.99 N 2.22 W 10 2.9 SPAIN 

North on the Atlantic Rift / Iceland :
webcams :
This site has automatically updated news on all seismic happenings on and around Iceland :

Iceland is still mostly asleep, but with the usual minor swarming..

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