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Category 5 – Strongest Hurricane on Record So Far North and East in the Atlantic Ocean


 Strange Sounds


Sep 30, 2019

Lorenzo’s intensity over the weekend was unlike anything in the record books so far east in the Atlantic Ocean.

Lorenzo has now weakened but is still a danger to the Azores Tuesday night or early Wednesday, while Lorenzo’s post-tropical remnant may end up in western Europe later in the week.

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Hurricane Lorenzo…

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Ezekiel’s Wheel

Referring to Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Bible? [and from another] Massive "Wheel in the Sky" September 27, 2019…

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Aftertime partners

Will there be other types of defense partnerships amid countries emerging, as the Pole Shift approaches? [and from another] Russia,…

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8 of 10 trends

I am from Moldova, Republic of a small corrupted State in the centre of Europe. The crisis grows stronger and every new day something goes worse, despite the fact that power changed in February of this year and "all the olgarhs ran away". The prices and taxes keep rising, the law still not working and it is total disorder everywhere. Not too long time ago appeared information that our single Airport was sold to Nathaniel Rothschild. Does it mean that our…

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