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Pole Shift date calculations

Given the recent calculations on the distance of Nibiru from Earth is it true that the Planet X group is approximately 26 million miles from Earth currently?  And that it will be 14 million miles at the time of passage. Can we predict with some accuracy now when the date of the passage will be? Taken from James of Idaho has said about distances and where we know Nibiru is currently. If this is somewhat accurate can we deduce how long it will take Nibiru to…

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Hurricane Harvey wobble

Would the Zetas care to comment on the massive hurricane Harvey?  It was such a weak hurricane just a day before making landfall and suddenly intensified to become the worst storm to hit Texas in almost 60 years. FEMA says it will be there for years and that this is unlike any storm in memory.  The storm path seems to show the wobble with the storm meandering up the coast and going backwards even.  Was this another message for humanity as we may lose much…

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DNA implanted humans

During the Open Your Mind interview, this issues was raised. Is there anyone else who relays the words of the Zetas? Lysa Royal has been identified as a channel. Is Nancy the only person with a brain implant to facilitate telepathic communication with the Zetas? Is it possible that hundreds or hundreds of thousands of people have been implanted with DNA and may wake up and have the information that you, Nancy, are privy to? Will they ever show themselves,…

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Huge Uptick in Earthquakes!

Note this blog Originally posted by Stanislav, the author.

The Alaska Earthquake Information Center state seismologist Michael West

“There’s never been a year where we identified 40,000 earthquakes…


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David Meade dates

What can the Zetas say about a flood of articles popping on the Internet that claim Nibiru will now collide with Earth? More establishment disinfo? [and from another] Hypothetical 'Planet X': In Depth  Caltech researchers have found evidence suggesting there may be…

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EarthEX2017 Black Sky event

An exercise sponsored by FEMA and the U.S. Department of Energy set to take place on August 23 called EarthEX2017 will wargame responses to catastrophes such as mega earthquakes, cyber terrorism or high altitude electromagnetic pulse attacks. The exercise will simulate a “subcontinent-scale, long duration power outage, with cascading failures of all other infrastructures,” according to the official Earth Ex website. Can the Zetas comment? …

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Schumann Resonance spike

Is this worthy letting people know of the Schumann resonances lately. The page is Russian but you can see by the picture/graph the Schumann resonances seem to be all over the shop. I've heard it went up into the 30's, Schumann resonances is usually 7.83 from memory. Can the Zetas comment on this and the effects on public/animals etc. [and from another] …

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