Gerard Zwaan's Blog – September 2016 Archive (5)

Merkel's bunkers

Here is a google Translation of a German article, which actually goes viral on German conspiracy Websites. This one blows my mind. Is there any Truth in it? This would explain, why almost every Refugee has an expensive Smartphone. Could the Zetas please verify?

[and from another] …

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Anchorage wobble proof

I had been watching Grumpy Moose and noticed that it was doing a lot of alternating between lightness and darkness this morning. I’ve seen that on other webcams, but it has been more dramatic in Alaska. The sun finally rose at 9:10 am. Well, it’s supposed to rise at 7:16 am in Anchorage, Alaska. Are my calculations accurate? Is the wobble more obvious at higher latitudes? If this is true, it’s fairly stunning. …

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LA UFO display

A string of UFO flew over LA. Is this a warning that a huge EQ or tsunami will occur? [and from another] [and from another] A string of very clear lights were seen…

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Oklahoma 5.6 quake

I just want to make a comment about the reported 5.6 earthquake in Oklahoma.  I am vacationing in Minneapolis and this morning I was awakened by what I felt like an earthquake causing my hotel at Mall of America to sway.  I had to look outside the building to see if everything was alright.  I dismissed the incident because I have never felt an earthquake before but later this afternoon I heard about the news that the quake was felt all the way to North…

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FaceBook satellite explosion

xxx [and from another] xxx Space X has had successful launches and even successfully landed on its ocean platform in April ( Why is it now blowing up during a test? What is the message? [and from another] …

Added by Gerard Zwaan on September 2, 2016 at 2:03pm — 1 Comment

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