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Awakening pace

Could the Zetas please give us an update on the current pace of the Awakening?  Are humans holding back the pace of the Awakening in any way?

The Awakening is absolutely paced to the attitudes and emotions of humans on Earth. The establishment, especially the CIA which in the early days of MJ12 was very much at the helm of MJ12, has tried to use fear and anxiety in the populace to slow the Awakening.…


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7 of 10 pace

What happens in regards to Earth changes after the coverup breaks? Prior ZT has said that though events have been buffered by the alien boxes along faultlines, that the overall timeline for the Pole Shift will not be delayed. Prior ZT has also said that the New Madrid adjustment should have already occurred, and since the Euro-tsunami was to occur directly after that, I assume that the entire 7/10 should have completed by now. So after the…


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