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Service-to-Other expectations

I know that being truthful and living from the heart, unconditional love are parts of the STO lifestyle. Could the Zetas say more about it. What will the future held in store for those being STO and highly STO besides living with the hybrids without going into detail about the time frame. My feeling is also that during the full blown 8 of 10 we will see way more of this. 

We have mentioned that those who are truly…


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Magnetic Trimester Crop Circle

Would the Zetas care to comment on the following crop circles reported in Germany and England during July? Ammersee (Lake Ammer), Bavaria, Germany. Reported July 18th. Tetbury Lane, near Charlton, Wiltshire, England. Reported July 8th.…

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STO viewpoints

Is there a reason for an STO person to be living with a STS person? How does the disparity ever work? Is it supposed to work? Is there a bigger lesson to be learned? Is there growth that is supposed to happen, is the STO person supposed to "inspire" something in the STS? Is it the job of the STO to raise the STS person up to a higher level? Are there lessons to be learned from the STS for the STO? I am asking because I do not want to "check out…


Added by Gerard Zwaan on July 24, 2014 at 2:43pm — 2 Comments

Wobble Ecliptic

Would the Zetas care to comment on this article on Space Weather, more specifically on the angle of the sun in the photograph. The photo was taken yesterday, by Stephen Mudge of Brisbane, Australia. When a compass is overlaid on the photo, it appears to be tilted at a 40 degree angle. Since the sun has not tilted to that degree (at least that we're aware of),…

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NASA flexibility

Would the Zetas choose to comment on the recent dismissal of NASA's Heliophysics Director? [and from another] NASA Heliophysics Director Fired. June 16, 2014.…

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