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The Pole Shift: A Message of Hope


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It appears some who accept the…


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Plane Crashes on the rise

Crashing Planes

The Zetas predicted that air travel would become increasingly risky. On July 23 a plane crashed in Taiwan, during rough weather but other planes were landing without problem. On July 24 a plane flying over Mali went missing, had diverted its path due to rough weather, and was found crashed the next day. On July 25 a plane flying to Barcelona, Spain was struck by lightning so severely that a…


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Personal EMP

There seems to be a surge of what might be called Personal EMP, at least here in the N American continent in early February. Is this caused by the bow stress, and can we expect more of this? There was a double incident of van and bus fires on March 1 in Manchester, England, and an unexplained parking garage fire at Disney too in February. Cars bursting into flame? [and from…

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Transformation Team

Has Dunford been disposed since the Trump election?  What is his current role? [and from another] 

We reported that after Obama failed to make the…


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