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Taiwan: Sinking in Changhua, Yunlin, Chiayi and Pingtung, as Zetas Predicted during 7 of 10!

Jul 29, 2014

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- The Water Resources Agency (WRA) said yesterday that concerns over land subsidence issues in Taiwan are rising, with the collective depth of subsidence reaching around 286.47 kilometers in areas such as Changhua County, Yunlin County,…


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Thailand Sinking: Coastal erosion occurred along 830 kilometers of Thai coasts and that account for 26 per cent of all the country's coasts.

Jul 28, 2014

BANGKOK, July 28 -- Thailand's coastal erosion problem is considered severe in 44 locations in 19 provinces along the Gulf of Thailand, with the destruction resulting from both natural and manmade…


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India: Sea Erosion Panic in Thrissur/Sinking Islands in Sunderbans

Strong waves and sea erosion struck several coastal areas in Thrissur. Many families along the coast took shelter in near by schools.…


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Bangladesh: High Tide Floods 30 Villages Inland in Bhola

Flood water has submerged the yard of a homestead at Hazariganj village in Charfashion upazila of Bhola district. Photo: Star

Jul 13, 2014

At least 30 villages under Monpura and Charfashion upazilas of the district have been flooded due to high tide under…


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Maldives: Kurendhoo and Fulidhoo erosion threatens communities

July 6, 2014

Both Vaavu Fulidhoo and Lhaviyani Kurendhoo are suffering the impacts of increased…


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Wobble Admitted! But Disinfo in Article re Changes in Solar Position

The top of the photo is true north.

The red lines indicate the sunrise & sunset positions from DFW Texas region on the June 21st summer solstice between 2006 & 2013.

The yellow…


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Electromagnetic Pulse- ‘Unprecedented’, 13 Aircraft Mysteriously Disappear from Radars in Heart of Europe (NEW ZetaTalk)

June 12, 2014

A total of 13 aircraft suddenly vanished off radars for about 25 minutes on two occasions over Austria and neighboring countries, Austria's flight safety monitor said, calling for an EU probe into the “unprecedented” incidents. The flights vanished from air traffic controllers’ screens…


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Iran Being Crunched and Split: Blamed on Water Tables and Lack of Rain


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India: 70,000 for All those who Lost Houses in Sea Erosion

June 19, 2014

Ullal: The District-in-Charge Minister Ramanath Rai has announced that the district administration will…


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Venezuela: Coastal erosion occurred along a 20km in Via Santa Marta

June 12, 2014

DESPITE CONTINUING executing the work under the contingency plan,…


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VietNam: Thousands of Mekong Delta households face erosion threat/ India: Measures for erosion are all at sea

Authorities in the Cuu Long (Mekong) Delta are seeking ways to relocate thousands of households living in erosion-prone areas

June 11, 2014

In Hau Giang Province's Phung Hiep District, for example, parts of eight houses in Tan Long Commune's Thanh Loi A1 Hamlet…


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Nigeria: Bayelsa community desert homes over quakes in the earth

June 5, 2014


Indigenes of Okordia Clan in Yenagoa Local…


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Indonesia: Flooding and Jakarta’s Urban Poor

Every year, large populations must deal with hazardous flooding, and the problem is getting worse.


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Circles Appear in the sea in front of Croatian islands

May 12, 2014

Many unusual circles have appeared around the Croatian islands, causing the residents to worry. Some even say its aliens that cause it, because they often see circle formations in the sky above the location the circle are in the water. The circles are evenly spaced apart and are found…


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Radar Circles Over Oaxaca In Mexico 2014

This report is apparently based on radar circles, similar to what happened in Australia's west coast in the…


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South Asia’s sinking deltas

May 6, 2014

Seven of South Asia’s river deltas, including the Ganga-Brahmaputra, the Krishna and the Indus, are sinking faster than sea-level rise because of dam construction upstream

One or two people leave their homes in…


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Nicaragua: Crack 20 kilometers in Nicaragua

April 18, 2014

Managua . The earthquake of magnitude 6.2 on the Richter scale, occurred on April 10 in northern Managua, opened a…


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India: Sinking land threatens Kupwara hamlets

April 16, 2014

Haihama (Kupwara), Apr 15: Panic gripped this remote area of Kupwara district after the inhabitants noticed a barren hillock starting caving in.

Reports said that a hillock was slowly caving in at Jugtyal village in Haihama area, posing threat to at least 10 residential…


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Dominican Republic: Sinking land in Santo Domingo union increases


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