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Prong 3 progress

Would you or the Zetas care to comment on this possible new Prong 3 nudge? This article on has Mike Brown, one of the cast of characters for prong 3 talking about how he's "pretty sure, that by the end of next winter somebody is actually going to track [Planet 9] down." The article also brings in Sheppard and Trujillo, two more members of the cast. In addition to that, there's a similar article in the NYT discussing the same press conference, but…

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Palestine trumpets

I have a question regarding a "trumpets" phenomenon that happen in Jerusalem on 10/1/2016 the event it was filmed from two separate location! I know that Zeta explain the trumpets sound, my question have to do with the atmosphere reacting to the sound: why that relatively perfect circle cloud formation formed?  What about the flow of the clouds in that circle? What is the relation between the sounds emitted by the rock with the clouds (atmosphere) above? We…

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Populace tense

Had a discussion at work today in Arizona and we were all commenting on how upset everyone seems to be.  Easily flying off the handle, ready to fight in a minute, or stressed to the max and breaking down sobbing.  Is it electro-magnetic or are we being purposely bombarded with some weird energy?  Is it the influence of Nibiru getting closer?  Solar storms?  I can't sleep although I am exhausted. …

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Iraq Sumerian revelation

During a press conference to announce the opening of a new airport, the Iraqi Transport Minister mentioned the space-faring culture of the ancient Sumerians, the work of Zecharia Sitchin, the 12th Planet named Nibiru and its 3,600 year orbit. Was this another Prong 3 assist in anticipation of the discovery of Nibiru in the inner solar system? [and from another] Iraqi Transport…

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Russia/US - NO Nuke War

This story is developing very fast. So where is this leading to and what of this is the truth? Who is trying to bring this Website down with a DoS Attack? No one would try, if it is a hoax or am I wrong?

[and from another] 

Prepare for the earth changes likely (possible earth wobble or other)? 

[and from another] …


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