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Japan 7 of 10

So if these were nuked they cannot be considered part of the 7 or 10? Or doesn't it matter how the EQ happens? [and from another] It is a given on Japanese internet chat boards that the recent spate of earthquakes in Southern Japan were all artificial earthquakes. The evidence presented is that the seismographs…

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Domino quakes

M6.4 earthquake hit Kumamoto where locate in south island of Japan. Is this earthquake the start of what the Zetas' prediction "For the 7 of 10 events, Japan must experience a series of quakes, starting on the South Island and then proceeding to the North Island. " The epicenter of this earthquake is on the active fault line that go through the center of Japan. Could the Zetas tell us about this? …

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Planet 9 in Cetus

On January 20, 2015 Planet 9 hit the news, what the Zetas described as a “prong”. At that time there was no clear indication where they had located Planet 9. Wikipedia posted a diagram showing that the aphelion, the farthest point from the Sun, was along the lower bow of Orion, which is where the Zetas stated the IRAS team had located Nibiru in 1983. Then we had another media blitz starting on March 28 and continuing, associating Planet 9 with Nibiru,…

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Nibiru in the news

On Yahoo and NY Post there are news that Planet 9 is going to destroy Earth any day now. What do Zetas say? [and from another] Scientists believe they have discovered a planet, currently unnamed but being referred…

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Planet X in the news

Planet X or Niburu was mentioned in this article “Could 'Planet X' Cause Comet Catastrophes on Earth?” and also here “Researcher links mass extinctions to 'Planet X' “. is major. Am I correct in assuming that it's the announcement team who is doing these "prongs" as the Zetas predicted? My feelings tell me the real announcement is about to happen. Very soon. Can the Zetas comment? …

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Antarctic focus

This question is about all these secret visits to Antarctica recently by a number of high profile people such as Patriarch Kirill and Obama. Just before the Obama visit, it was revealed that China has built a giant space exploration base in Southern Argentina. Would Zetas like to comment on what they were doing in Antartica? [and from another] …

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