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Note the Zeta's words on wasting the opportunity to pose question to themselves, and get a response via Nancy. They do not suffer fools gladly, and this will increasingly be the case.

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 70 [73] years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek. To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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Nancy and Zetas,

    Two bills were introduced to the the house in January, they are as follows: 

H.R.24 and H.R.25 Bills Submitted to US 116th Congress (2019-2020) Call For A Full Audit of The FED System & Abolishing the IRS by repealing All Taxes!

    A lot has come out since Friday in regards to what is call GESARA Law, could Zetas explain this and how it will work?  According to many articles and youtube postings it is to be a redistribution of the wealth thoughout the world.  Apparently Zimbabwe's vast gold is enough to make multi-millionaires out of every person on the earth.  It is also the lead into all countries going to gold back currancy again.  

   Anonymous ran this on Jan 12, 2019:

 Since this is suppose to be a world event which will be announced at Davos between Jan 22 - 25 2019, I was hoping Zetas had some insight into it.

Accepted via email: 

Our media politicians etc are constantly telling us immigration is good, diversity is our strength and pushing and increasing to record levels the amount of immigrants to take in over the next 3 years to 1 million, not including refugees, asylum seekers, all the people crossing from the US border now. And we're expected to take in large numbers of Muslim people from the Middle East and Africa and not complain or be called racists (even Trudeau called a white Quebec woman racist for questioning why we are encouraging so much illegal immigration and how it’s being paid for). And our social welfare, health and housing are heavy burdened as a result of this. And also over the last 30 years there has been a major demographic shift on Canada away from European ethnicity. Many parallel societies are being created. For example where I live there is a major city 30 minutes away where English is the 3rd most common language and you'll barely see any signs in English. There seems to be a constant message in the media etc that being white is bad, whites should become less in the population etc. Even in schools in BC the government has put up posters to promote the ever present and pervasive reality of white privilege and that everyone needs to be aware of it and acknowledge it. And Trudeau has been in the hand of Soros and the globalist, essentially kowtowing to any UN dictates. And it appears the swamping of illegals in Europe may soon come to an end. But say in Canada., and similarly in the US, is the plan still about population replacement, to create a more docile, controllable voting population, with the Deep State etc trying to keep the majority of white, and I guess the middle class, in the dark as much as possible with little resistance? Trump has been a hero in the US but Canada still seems secure in the globalist hands for now, or can that change?
[and from another]
Those dropping fertility rates mean half the world's nations are now on the cusp of a "baby bust" — meaning their residents aren't giving birth to the number of children needed to maintain the population.

The immigration battles have scarcely begun. When the lands we have predicted to sink begin to take on water, the press to migrate will intensify. Russia is guarding against an influx from drowning Eastern Europe, while encouraging its own citizenry to move to its Far East. China is rebuffing immigrants from drowning Asia while preparing to move its coastal populace to rural Ghost Cities already prepared. The US is building a wall to stop those fleeing a crumbling and sinking Central America from demanding US citizenship rights.

But other countries, such as Chile,
are welcoming immigrants. Chile has an aging citizenry, and those it is accepting from Haiti and Venezuela are young and strong, of child bearing age or carrying babes in arms. Half the developing nations of the world have such demographics at present, where the worker base is aged and the birth rate has not replaced the old with young. Japan, S Korea, and Europe are examples. This is counterbalanced by the expense of accepting new immigrants who in the main are not skilled or well educated.

That said, why is Canada making a pitch for new immigrants? Canada is a vast, sub-Arctic land, cold and barren in the main, with only 37 million citizens. Russia has a similar climate, but has 145 million citizens, and is a technology leader. Both Russia and Canada will have excellent climates with equivalent land mass above the flood line after the Pole Shift. Trudeau has ambitions to be the N American King in the Aftertime, thus, he is driven to increase Canada’s populace and in particular to increase Canada’s technology creds. Thus the preponderance of accepted immigrants are from India and China.


Stanislav said:

Looks like it's Double Zetas Right Again.

Any comments?
[and from another]
20 December, 2018. Giant Dust Is Spreading Across the World, Defying the Laws of Physics
For nearly 30 years, scientists have known that small particles of dust, kicked up in the Sahara, often ride on global winds to the Caribbean, 3,500 kilometres (2,000 kilometres) away from home. Originally, this foreign cloud of desert dust was thought to contain particles no bigger than 0.01 to 0.02 millimetres in diameter. But recently, when scientists began collecting samples of dust from floating buoys and underwater traps in the Atlantic Ocean, the sheer size of the particles defied their expectations. Between 2013 and 2016, the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) found some dust particles measuring 0.45 millimetres in diameter, nearly 50 times bigger than what global winds were once thought capable of carrying.
[and from another]
Dec 18, 2018 - An unknown influence is allowing giant dust particles to spread around the world and could be contributing to global warming, scientists have found. Large dust particles from the Sahara Desert have been found up to 3500 km away in the Caribbean.

Red dust from the tail of Nibiru began appearing after Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System. The red dust
was ascribed to industrial pollution if a rust red color or if an orange color it was ascribed to dust blown in from the Sahara. From 2007
to 2012
to 2015
this excuse was used. What will the cover-up claim now that science has stepped in to challenge this claim? The usual routine - to refuse media coverage, or at a minimum ascribe the science to the back pages. Until Nibiru is admitted by officialdom, or the public wises up, this will continue.

Prior 5/5/2007 ZT:
Any red dust incidences was to be covered by the Sahara, which has been blamed for red dust in the US and Europe whenever it appears. Somehow, the dust goes in great swirls, landing in the US, so is the story promoted. 

Prior ZT:
Explaining orange snow in Siberia or in Texas as dust blown from the Sahara has been a standard excuse proffered by NASA for years. It is met with ridicule. 

This is just the start of the immature insanity we will be seeing from the Democratic House, I fear. This is clutter that does not deserve a place on the Q&A. The Dimwit Demos have suggested bla bla bla what do the Zetas say?

Do you really think the IRS will stop collecting taxes? Where will the funds come from? Why even ask the question or take up my time?

Audit the Fed sounds nice except if a true audit were to be done it would show the Bush/Clinton Cabal took the Gold from Fort Knox, ( then it was retrieved by Dunford's tribunals and returned. Per the Zetas, neither that theft nor the fact of tribunals is to be known by the public.

Then there is the child's dream that everyone will be rich, all debts forgiven, etc. WHAT? What kind of stupidity is this? When everyone is rich, a billion dollars won't buy a cup of coffee! Flashing worthless money while everyone refuses to do actual work! Good lord, I despair.

The Zetas spoke to the issue of the NESCARA nonsense ( over a decade ago. 

Rebecca S. Barnhart said:

    Two bills were introduced to the the house in January, they are as follows: 

I’ve done a quick search of the site and have not found any references to Trump’s soul regarding whether he is a walk in or other type of old soul. Would the Zetas care to comment?


Declined as both President Trump and I are members of the Transformation Team and thus it would be improper to talk about a team mate. An invasion of privacy, so to speak.

Working with and for Trump and his Junta, and in his presence more than once, I can tell you that he is Service-to-Other in the extreme, focused on the real issues that will and are affecting mankind, and taking action. He delegates well, and has tremendous energy and persistence. These are not signs of a young soul.

I know that it has been speculated that he is the reincarnation of General Patton, and Trump certainly gets along well with his Junta. The Zetas have stated as much, that they have a conflict free relationship.

Trump is an excellent chess player, a possible insight into his past lives, and in my opinion many of the so called fights he has with others is a game played to discombobulate and confuse the enemy. He is a master at the sneaky move, bait and switch. Very patient and smart. 

Cameron W Coates said:

I’ve done a quick search of the site and have not found any references to Trump’s soul regarding whether he is a walk in or other type of old soul.

Hello Nancy and the Zetas,

 Could the Zetas give an opinion of what happened to the passengers of flight U6-893?

Is this off-gassing or harmful VOC's from burning wires or toxic when burned circuit boards, capacitors, grease ect. due to EMP ?

It seams dd that only some where sickened.


Dubai-bound plane makes emergency landing over cabin poisoning fears as passengers say they are ‘suffocating and turning green’

Fearing mass poisoning on board, the pilot decided to make an emergency landing in the southern Russian city of Volgograd.."  (Posted: January 19, 2019)

Plane makes emergency landing over poison concerns after passengers start ‘turning green' 

 (UPDATED: JAN 20, 2019)

The Ural Airlines flight U6-893 reportedly left from Moscow Saturday carrying 150 passengers. Just over a half an hour after the flight took off, some on board started reporting feeling ill.

Several passengers started to “turn green” and complain they were “suffocating” while the illness made its way through rows 21 and 26 in the economy cabin, The Sun reported.

One passenger, Ilya Brinder, told TV360 that the sick passengers had “greatly dilated pupils.”

“All of them had greatly dilated pupils. They were suffocating. The flight attendants were in panic, and the aircraft captain decided to make an emergency landing in Volgograd.”

A female passenger who deplaned in Volgograd told The Sun, “I was woken by a young woman screaming for assistance. She yelled and screamed 'Help, help!' because her husband felt ill. He was feeling really bad. He was suffocating and he couldn't breathe in.”

“His face went the color green. Then a panic swept through the plane,” she continued.

Declined as nothing nefarious was done. The Zetas agree with what I am writing here. No human intent. Likely EMP related. Remember when the "smoking planes" were over Siberia etc? That was over Siberia too! Where the N Pole is taking up residence. Sounds magnetic to me!

Air France Flight makes Emergency Landing in Siberia
November 11, 2018 Air France flight carrying 282 passengers from Paris to Shanghai made an unexpected stop in Siberia. An acrid smell and light smoke appeared on board. Air France said the flight could continue to Shanghai after technical clearance.

But clues that this was some kind of burning wiring, coming through the ventilation system, are many. Any puff of poison and the one who huffs it the most is most affected. Burn some insulation on electrical wire and see how YOU feel. Green, unable to absorb oxygen, no doubt. 

"Particularly affected were passengers between rows 21 and 26 in economy class" 

“All of them had greatly dilated pupils. They were suffocating." 

M. Difato said:

 Could the Zetas give an opinion of what happened to the passengers of flight U6-893?

Accepted via email: 

Wondering what the message was for those in Portland and the UFO event that MRBBB333 was covering? MrMBB333 post "Strange geological Event" may be a pre-curser, for people up there?
[and from another]
My quick analysis would be to watch out for tsunami up the river. Portland is inland, but at the juncture of 2 rivers that flow to the coast.
[and from another]
*Strange Geological Event* - Cascadia Subduction Zone - "Megathrust Fault". January 21, 2019. It appears as though there is some kind of repetitive pulse pushing the water?.
[and from another]
Massive craft above Portland. January 3, 2019.

The stationary UFO display in early January was warning Portland residents to be alert to a sudden and unexplained influx of water from the Columbia River, its coastal river. This then happened a few weeks later. The Columbia and Willamette Rivers merge at Portland, which is the branch depicted in the UFO display. Portland is the first city along this coastal access, and thus would be the first hit by any silent subduction of the Juan de Fuca Plate. We warned that the rough edges on plates sliding over, under, and past each other were becoming worn smooth, and thus the jolt of earthquakes might be absent during plate movements. This is an example!

My question this month ..

Is there more to the Shutdown than appears on its face? Many Q forums have been abuzz about the possibility of gutting the Deep State via this Shutdown, as when it goes past the first 30 days, a second furlough is set in motion whereby employees can be terminated not based on seniority but based on qualification and need. A reorganization plan would be needed as a guideline. In preparation for such an eradication of formerly intractable Deep State actors, Trump’s EO of January 23, 2019 is preventing any workarounds such as new positions or new hires. ? There is that odd tweet to Donna Brazil, implying that the MLK weekend would see Pelosi transformed from Speaker of the House to President over the MLK weekend, the time frame when Pelosi was going to be out of the country. Was a coup planned? Did the arrest on January 17 of an ISIS bomber intent on blowing up the White House relate?
[and from another]
[and from another]
[and from another]
FBI Arrest ISIL Supporter who Planned to Attack White House with Anti-Tank Rocket
January 17, 2019
An American supporter of the Islamic State has been arrested after he plotted to blow a hole in the White House with an anti-tank rocket and storm the building. He had been watched since March.
[and from another]

It is no coincidence that Pelosi and Shiff were planning to be out of town, and out of the country in a country without an extradition treaty, on the very day of a planned attack on the White House. President Trump had been notably sticking to the White House during the shutdown, a lure they could not resist. This was a broad coup plan, with more than the ISIL member in Atlanta staged to attack the White House, as the coup plans had been learned and infiltrated with military and intel agents. It had become a sting operation.

The plan was to devastate the White House and kill President Trump, and simultaneously do away with VP Pence. The plot required that the saboteurs have confidence that their military cohorts would provide cover, and block the Secret Service. Just as 911 was blamed on 19 Arabs with box cutters, this coup was to be blamed on a clumsy ISIL member from Atlanta. Then Pelosi would by default become the President, as Brazile noted in her tweet. Pelosi and Shiff were to be blame free and safe in Belgium or Afghanistan. In case they were implicated in a treason charge, they could remain at large.

Does the timing of this coup attempt relate to the shutdown ongoing? Yes, in that the saboteurs assumed a disgruntled Secret Service would be negligent and a disgruntled public would be sympathetic. This is the reason Pelosi was so adamant about not giving a penny toward the wall. She gauged that Trump would bull up and stick to his demands, which he did, as he knew it was his role during the sting operation. A secondary benefit of the shutdown is the draconian reduction in the Deep State. A gradual call-back of only productive workers will now proceed. A two for one win for the Transformation Team!

Wasn't Nancy Pelosi Service to Others of at least for the people? Seems like a major shift. The Zetas have said that she's a woman with compassion (, and was also under protection from assignation (

This is why there are frequent debates between STO groups in front of the Council of Worlds, for resolution decisions. Not all STO agree on how to proceed! She wasn't pulling the trigger during an assassination, nor was this her plot, she was just doing what she believe in, being compassionate to all who want refuge, her logic. She was just going to be the beneficiary, that would be her mindset, no doubt. Why let an empty White House go to waste? And she probably gauged that she could not stop the plot anyway. Is she playing a denial game with herself? Humans are very prone to denial, to excuse oneself from guilt, yes. Not a surprise. Those who are STO are not without flaws, nor perfect.

Aliens in the Service-to-Other orientation avoid lies except in the white lie category, to avoid hurting another with facts they do not need to know. This is why the Pleiadians do not talk about the pole shift, as they view this as an occurance humans can do little about, so why distress them with this news and ruin their day. We, the Zetas, are considered humorless and blunt, without emotion, as we avoid these types of white lies, almost entirely.


Is Nancy Pelosi aware of Planet X?

Pelosi heard the rumors but was not officially told until the Democrats won the House. She is third in line, at that point. The fact that the election ran without election fraud allowed to happen, this being countered by the Puppet Master's efforts, was a shock to all. Pelosi has not changed her stance on how to proceed, but is doing a lot of serious thinking about what may come. At present, she is marching to the stated agenda, her first 100 hours and commitment to end the war in Iraq. But if put into the Oval Office, which is a distinct possibility, she will closely coordinate with the mililtary in regard to how to inform the public and what steps to take. She sees a form of Martial Law emerging, not to retain control but to dampen panic. Beyond this, any plan seems grim as what to do with those in the cities? What to do with those who will no longer get social services, but need them? She has no answers for these questions, nor do any of her advisers or those in the military. Letting everyone fend for themselves, even letting the military return to their homes, to be with their families, seems the best and likely bet. But what about migrations? Do you stop them or allow them? And if you allow them, what are you doing to those in the path of the migration? Many questions, and few answers, for a woman with compassion.


My question has to do with the new speaker of the House. It is so clear that she lies. Has she been told about Planet X and the reserved bunker space?

Pelosi is aware of the pending passage, or at least has been briefed by many and has heard the rumors. She does not have the information that NASA holds close and to which the White House is privy. She has not been offered safety in a bunker outside of what her position would normally command, nor is she considered by the liars in the White House to be a friend. They wish her dead, and have tried to put her there repeatedly, but she is under protection. If she has not announced to the public that the passage is pending it is because she knows few leaders would align with her and such a move, without proof, would get her removed from her position. Her replacement would likely have fewer ethics.

J A said:

Wasn't Nancy Pelosi Service to Others of at least for the people? 


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