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ZetaTalk Chat for July 31, 2019

Questions can be posed on this discussion by a member, or posted to a ZetaTalk Question email address. Nancy will then post all accepted em…

Started by Nancy Lieder in ZetaTalkLatest Reply

Muslim 40 Days prediction

God bless you and the Zetas for the noble work and assistance to the weak and the helpless people of the world during this end of times. I…

Started by Gerard Zwaan in ProphecyLatest Reply

Gardening from scratch - a beginners guide

A beginners guide to Gardening. Have added several 5' x 13' plant beds to a garden.  Starting from scratch using only the minimal of tools,…

Started by KM in SurvivalLatest Reply

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General discussion

General discussion

20 May 23, 2018
Reply by SongStar101


NASA claims, Chemtrail, Media, Government Ops

4 Feb 2, 2018
Reply by Juan F Martinez

Crop Circles

Crop Circles

0 No activity yet


Dreams, Bible and Channeling, Premonition, Hunches

6 Oct 21, 2018
Reply by Elle



2 Oct 26, 2011
something is happening over midle Norway??! 5-7 ufo`s in 2 days
by per sigurd hansen

Earth Changes

Earthquakes, Sinkholes, Tsunami

4 Jun 5, 2011
Reply by Starr DiGiacomo

Magnetic Changes

Compass, Blackouts, Satellites, Plane Crashes

2 May 28, 2011
Reply by Starr DiGiacomo

Pole Shift

Timeline, Last Weeks, Nibiru Passage

6 Mar 15
Reply by Recall 15

Signs in the Skies

Second Sun, Spirals, SOHO, Red Skies

9 May 12, 2016
the wobble?
by per sigurd hansen


Personal Reactions, STO vs STS, Illness and Agendas

17 Nov 27, 2019
Dogmatic people
by Gerard Zwaan


Safe Locations, Preparations

19 Mar 23
Reply by KM

Weather Wobbles

Extremes, Animal Migration, Earth Wobble, Crop Shortage

11 Aug 30, 2012
Reply by Howard


The new Zetatalk "Live Chat" started 05/22/2010, that used to be on GLP.

63 yesterday
ZetaTalk Chat for April 30, 2020
by Nancy Lieder


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