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Planet X is seen most readily at sunrise or sunset, when light in the red spectrum curves over the horizon and the glare of white light is reduced. Red light bends most readily, and the charged dust cloud shrouding Planet X is composed primarily of red iron oxide particles.[...] The Zetas are frequently asked to pinpoint the spot where Planet X could be sighted, but it is a complicated picture! - Read more:
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Comment by stephan grumbach on May 5, 2011 at 10:03am

Easy Lens Flare Testing

1.)  Make an image with your camera and identify supposed objects

2.) Start to move your finger from the sun side over the sun in front of your camera,

 3.) until your finger covers the sun, if the dot disappears it is a flare if not it is an object.  4.) Move your finger from the flare/object side to the sun if the dot appears in front of your finger it is a flare


Easy Reflection Testing


Beware of the Glare

More Video captures:

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 19, 2012 at 5:46pm

I think Alberto may have captured Planet X itself in this photo:

At the 4 o'clock position. Note from Italy the globe in wobble is tilted N Pole to the right, so the Sun appears to far to the South at sunset from Europe. This would tend to make the Ecliptic seems to have a slant up at the right of the Sun too.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 18, 2012 at 11:05pm

I must get Alberto to start posting his photos here on occasion. Including this in an answer on the 1/21 Q&A this week. Alberto uses mylar for the gold tone photos, as a filter, and a floppy disc for the red tone photos, as a filter. Per the Zetas, these are ALL Moon Swirl funneled light orbs.

Comment by bill on January 7, 2012 at 4:45am

Haulover Beach Florida - Two Suns?

video uploaded in youtube on 5th Jan 2012

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 5, 2011 at 3:45pm

From an Italian amateur astronomer who has worked with me extensively in the past.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 3, 2011 at 10:34pm

This is an example. Two suns on top of one another.

Comment by Sechinah on November 9, 2011 at 10:54pm

Finally: The photo you were expecting. October 25 to 19.35hs. Pedruchillo Location:
La Manga del Mar Menor. Murcia.

This picture corresponds to the filming of the event G1.9STV  (Nibiru). In the picture you can see an event, and further radiation, violet circular pulse (the pulse "G".) The picture was taken by a voluntary / completely unknown to the logic of the intermediate sequences of pulses "G".  The event can only be photographed in objective conditions.  =. 5 minutes before the sun complete.  1.5 minutes before sunset in septeptrionales latitudes.  Elsewhere, there is the possibility of a catch during the 1:40 "(seconds) before the occlusion of the sun above.  said in popular terms.  The event may be photographed only when performed prior to 45 minutes prior to sunset, provided it is clear of clouds and chemical events similar to the clouds ("Chem Trails").

 The event has been analyzed, and electromagnetic waves can be observed (press "g") surrounding the event.

 Then published the photograph.  Unique and authentic.  A all censorship.

 "It is not rational and empirical rationality is not always empirical."link

link english


Comment by Derrick Johnson on October 30, 2011 at 7:00pm


@ Chris

Here is a picture from the signs of the times section of Zeta Talk, it explains that the black dot is light overload, in this picture you can see two black dots showing to distinct sources of light. The black dot means nothing unless there is more than one

Signs of the Times #1626
From Italy: This time there can be no more excuses: it's on SOHO, and what else could it be! [and from another] From Nancy: I see a dim spot toward the center, which might be Planet X as the dust is closest there, reflecting back to the Sun. Notice the light reflecting from this cloud also streams away from the Sun, but not along the lines of light spreading out from the Sun. Planet X is not at the Sun, but more mid-way toward Earth, so the angle would be different. [and from another] I was hoping you could possibly explain this picture. Photo take in Springfield, MO on Aug 2, 2006. [and from another] Nancy: Sure can! That dot in the center of the photo is a light overload. The fact that there is a second body, smaller than the Sun, with a similar dot indicates a second light source. My guess, Planet X!




And this quote taken from Zeta Talk also explains how there is a black dot when there is light overload for a camera

“Of course, there is light overload when the Sun hits the image full on, which for camera equipment is a black spot where the light overload is most intense”

Comment by Moderating Staff on October 26, 2011 at 2:49pm


Comment by Nancy Lieder October 25, 2011
There is a object near the sun in this video from Spencer Butte, Eugene, Oregon October 22, 2011 would this be a genuine capture of planet X or one of its moons or something else?
[and from another]
Sunset at Spencer Butte, Eugene, Oregon October 22, 2011

This is Venus looming. Venus would stands to the left of the Sun, along the Ecliptic as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere at sundown, all things being normal. But as it is squeezed in the cup with the Earth, in front of the approaching Planet X, it is out of place. Catching the Sun’s rays in a blooming effect, where the light rays bend TOWARD Venus from all sides and then continue on this bent path toward Earth, it creates a monster appearance. Since these are not light rays directly from Venus itself, but only light rays affected by the gravity pull of Venus, and since during sundown the light rays are distorting the Sun’s size in any case due to gravity bending over the Earth’s horizon, the appearance is varied.


Comment by Nancy Lieder October 26, 2011

Adding the Zeta response to this early,  as Gerard asked it on the 10/29 Q&A.


Auroras have been seen in various states in the USA and also in southern states like new mexico. My feeling is that these auroras are now used as an excuse for the red dust in the skies. Also the auroras are rather red as this pictures shows
Could the Zetas say  something about this latest excuse to use the auroras as a cover up for the red dust in the skies?
[and from another]
Geomagnetic Storm in Progress!
October 25, 2011
According to analysts at the Goddard Space Weather Lab, the impact caused a strong compression of Earth’s magnetic field, allowing solar wind to penetrate all the way down to geosynchronous orbit for a brief period between 19:06 UT and 19:11 UT.

Auroras have long been ascribed by man to the Earth’s magnetic field, because human scientists have such a poor understanding of gravity, particularly of the anti-gravity force, which we describe as the repulsion force.
That a wafting of the tail of Planet X occurred, Planet X hosing its charged tail from its magnetic N Pole in the direction of Earth, is clear from the graphs on the Magnetic Simulator
during the aurora display on the night of October 24-25, 2011.
The warping of the Earth’s magnetic field is nothing new, as it has been going on since the Fall of 2009
and has been well documented to NOT be in synch with activity in the Sun. What does cause the warping of the Earth’s magnetic field is the near presence of Planet X,
which is a giant magnet.

Auroras come in many colors, but green is the predominant color. What would cause a sudden display of RED auroras in the Northern Hemisphere on the night of October 24-25, 2011? The aurora display was NOT caused by the continuing magnetic blasts from Planet X, as auroras are caused by fluctuations in Earth gravity field.
The aurora display was also not caused by a CME. Once again, when the Sun is quiescent, NASA chooses to blame the Sun for Earth changes caused by the near presence of Planet X. If a CME caused this aurora burst, then where is the CME?  Red light rays are highly susceptible to gravity, which is why your sunrise and sunset are so orange/red when these light rays bend over the curve of the Earth. We have described the magnetic dance between the Earth and Planet X, but a gravity dance also occurs.


Gravity is strongest at the Earth’s middle, a fact acknowledged by human scientists.
As Planet X draws closer the drama causes Earth to both be drawn TOWARD this giant planet (which has 23 times the mass
of Earth though is only 4 times the diameter of Earth) as well as repulsed away from Planet X.  Earth’s gravity field morphs to thicken at the center when the repulsion force clicks in and pushes Earth away from Planet X, which is via a bombardment of gravity particles moving from Planet X toward the Earth. When the Earth is being drawn toward Planet X, this is by an even distribution of gravity particles drifting in the direction of Planet X, which has the effect of a more even distribution of gravity particles in Earth’s field. Since this dance comes and goes, Earthlings may have such aurora displays more frequently, and they ARE likely to be red! 

Prior ZT:
The Auroras are caused by refraction, a refraction not thought possible as no light seems to enter on the dark side of the Earth. Little understood by humans is the degree to which energy particles are affected by gravitational pulls. They look out into the sky, into the stars, and see a slight variance in light rays that come over the vastness of space, and assume a straight path, or nearly straight. What they are in fact seeing is the light rays that have not been deflected. Others have been captured, and pulled away from their path toward the Earth. And what has caused these light rays to be deflected at this point, to become Northern or Southern Lights, and why no other point on the globe? In fact, they are being deflected elsewhere around the globe, but are not visible because of the greater traffic in bright light. The Northern or Southern Lights, happening at the equator, are lost in the glare. The Auroras, as we have stated, are not magnetic at all but light rays bent by gravity. This has been much ridiculed as it does not fit into the current human way of thinking. Light bends when going through water, bends in a prism, but somehow the idea of light bending in other circumstances is ridiculous. The fact that mankind is even aware of a light spectrum is because light bends. The rainbow, the prism, and suddenly there is a light spectrum. Red light bends toward gravity pulls, as can be seen by the just rising or just setting sun, which broaden and enlarge. Gravity flows are not universal about a body, but have a field. This is not widely noted, as it is slight, but has been noted recently in the discovery by mankind’s probes that the Earth's middle would seem to be fatter, gravity wise, though no shape has changed. The Auroras moving toward the Equator, should not be surprising, as the gravity flow back toward the Equator are obviously increasing. The field has switched, more pull in at the Equator, so the light bending toward the gravity flow is seen more toward the Equator.

Comment by Selim KARABIYIK on October 18, 2011 at 12:51am

Hi Cynthia, thanks for the video.

She moves the camera intentionally to show that the object remains in the same place while the reflections move all around accordingly. I can say, after watching the video several times carefully, it is a real object and it should be Saturn, but it looks extraordinarily large so it must be looming because of the PX interference, most probably.


Comment by Selim KARABIYIK on October 12, 2011 at 11:41pm

Thanks Poli for the video. I have never seen such a shadow in the sky. I don't think it is fake because the trail of the jet would be in shadow if the video was altered by a video editing program. As the guy in the video says, it is quite "Weird".


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