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Planet X is seen most readily at sunrise or sunset, when light in the red spectrum curves over the horizon and the glare of white light is reduced. Red light bends most readily, and the charged dust cloud shrouding Planet X is composed primarily of red iron oxide particles.[...] The Zetas are frequently asked to pinpoint the spot where Planet X could be sighted, but it is a complicated picture! - Read more:
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Comment by stephan grumbach on May 5, 2011 at 10:03am

Easy Lens Flare Testing

1.)  Make an image with your camera and identify supposed objects

2.) Start to move your finger from the sun side over the sun in front of your camera,

 3.) until your finger covers the sun, if the dot disappears it is a flare if not it is an object.  4.) Move your finger from the flare/object side to the sun if the dot appears in front of your finger it is a flare


Easy Reflection Testing


Beware of the Glare

More Video captures:

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Comment by Nancy Lieder yesterday

Remarkable that the dual spirals in casey's capture are similar to the CC! Here's some more enhancement sent to me via email. There they are!

Comment by casey a yesterday

Also, I remember Nancy saying somewhere that Howard mentioned he's seeing magnetic compression from one of those monitors(not seen before?). Would make sense, if these spirals are electrically charged.

Comment by casey a yesterday

7:45 am, September 15

Not sure if this belongs here..

But, I think this is one of those spirals.

"these large charged atmospheric swirls are chasing after some part of the tail waft" -Neon Swirl

Spiral Warnings Blog

Comment by casey a on Friday

7:45 (1 hr after sunrise), 12 Sep.

Film negative used as red filter.

Not sure if a polarizer was used for this particular pic.

Comment by casey a on Friday

Hey. you might have caught something.

I used Gimp (free to use) to play with the brightness levels of your first pic.

When brightness is increased an orb shows up at 6 o'clock. When you decrease the brightness, the orb still remains; neatly wrapped around by the sun's glare. It changes intensity differently than the glare lines and orbs.

Comment by James of Idaho on Friday

I have taken these pics. today at 11:45 a.m. using the 3D glasses idea of Casey's.   I'm not sure what I've captured but I'll let the team have at it and will await their answers.

Comment by casey a on Friday

lol. actually you're right.  They're linear polarized on the back side, and circular polarized on the front. So, as long you have the back side face the sun (at the right angle), it will work. Apparently, this is how polarizer filters for photography works as well. I just read abt it on wiki.

Comment by OrdinaryDragon on Friday

Looks like your correct. I might of been thinking of earlier glasses.

Comment by casey a on Friday

hey. dragon.

Aren't the 3d glasses used in theatres circular polarized? (to accommodate for in case you tilt your head).

Doesn't matter, I scavenged a filter from an old calculator.

I tried the thing out today (at the wrong angle). Refered to an astronomy program & figured out 4 o clock with respect to the ecliptic line is actually 2 o clock to the sun,  when the sun rises here.

Will try it again.


Comment by OrdinaryDragon on Friday

@casey a - For really cheap polarizers the 3D glasses used for movies are polarized. They are the linear type. One side goes one way and the other goes another. You may have a pair somewhere or maybe it's time for a movie. Could even ask a friend to hang on to a pair next time they go. They are also physically flat.



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