Going into the Pole Shift, if people are still Debt Slaves, (this is a situation many face and the stresses of being part of the system is getting worse, as many already know.  Reports of the Cabal loosing their control are on the increase, and it makes some sense to this limited human that we may have some financial relief before the shift in order for the light workers to do some of their greatest works in helping hydrate the banks accounts of others so they can be free of the day to day stresses.  If this is not the case, I understand that it is what the soul does when the chips are down that matters.  Are the Zetas able to shed any light on how we move from a coastal city, to a safe zone and ask the land owner if we can squat on their property, and work for food, (after it is too late to make a real difference before being a liability to a group rather than an asset)?  Rather than, approaching the land owner with an offer to help improve and care for the land and support others in the process, explore new technologies in dome building techniques, healing machines, food production and sharing on an Open Source platform like http://www.opensourceecology.org and https://www.thevenusproject.com/ 

We have predicted that the world will go on the barter system after the Pole Shift. Except for some enclaves where the wealthy will try to barter art work and precious jewels among themselves, or some holdouts where paper money and banking still prevail for a few months, only items of real worth will be used as a medium of exchange. Seeds, hand tools, livestock, medicinal herbs, and skill sets such as carpentry and dentistry will be of value, where former accountants and hedge fund managers will be rejected by survival camps.  

At the present time, debt slavery has been imposed on the common man, and on many countries, by the IMF and western banks. Encouraged to go deeply in debt, both individuals and corporations and Heads of State find themselves owned by their masters. These shackles will not hold forever, as bankruptcy is afflicting all. How does the globe leap from this situation into one where the barter system prevails, and survival camps are operating on a sharing and caring philosophy? This transition does not occur overnight. 

Half the world’s population lives on coastlines or in river valleys. During the increased ocean sloshing and torrential rains expected during the daily Earth wobble, which has hardly peaked as yet, these coastlines and river valleys will implode. Corporations, which cluster near high population areas, will go bankrupt. Insurance companies will default and go bankrupt. Governments will not be able to fill the gap, themselves being bankrupt. Homeowners will default on their mortgages as flooded homes are in any case worthless. Where does all of this leave the banks and the common man? No one will be compensated for their bad judgement, fantasies like NESCARA notwithstanding, and as the bankruptcy courts know, one cannot get blood from a turnip. 

So the common man, destitute or with a few belongings, may gather in tent cities or squat in foreclosed houses or wander into the countryside looking for a camp they might join. Here the spiritual maturity of the population comes into play. Though walk-ins by Service-to-Other souls might increasingly occur, most humans do not have a sparked soul, and of those that do, most are immature, so that without an influx of walk-ins, only 5% of humanity is inclined fully as a Service-to-Other soul to share and care. This makes ventures like The Venus Project a fantasy.  If there are 7 billion people on Earth at the present time, there will be 7 billion different paths taken. The culture, personal assets, past life experience, soul maturity, age, and courage are some factors but there are too many even to list.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 17, 2017

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Comment by Muzz on June 16, 2017 at 11:12pm

Many thanks Gerard for placing extra light on this subject.

A special thanks to Nancy for your unrelenting and tireless work, (all mods need special mention here too, thank you).

I think it is time to help people understand what has true value and what is going to have the highest value in our changing world like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5fXb4WEkVE and Seed Savers Australia & Global

It is very important to realign ourselves with reality, as our current IMF and Central Banking imposed financial controls create stress on our day to day lives.  Mental health issues are well and truly on the increase, just ask any health professional, they will confirm a constant and increasing need for people to fill their practices.

At the end of the day we need to ask ourselves whether it is worth stressing about currencies, cars and houses on the coastline, that are going to be worthless in the future?  Now is a time to do as Nancy and the Zetas have stated, start gathering things of value, even if it is a skill or knowledge.

Comment by pasquale pugliese on June 16, 2017 at 6:08pm
gerard thank you for all your messages

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