On Monday, May 11th, we had a surge of power through our house so great, that it magnified the brightness of our lightbulbs tenfold.  The lights and one of the circuits proceeded to burn out, and the surge fried anything that was plugged in—as a strong burst of magnetic energy would. Even a surge strip did not keep the cable box from being fried. This type of situation has never occurred in our home in over 50 years. The event occurred at a little after 13:00 pm CST, or 18:00 UTC. No source was found for the surge, only a fried wire, which had caused a burning smell in the home. Certainly a malfunctioning wire, more than like fried by the surge as well, would not cause a surge in power, but a reduction in it. Would the Zetas care to comment on whether we are now experiencing  EMPs from PX on a more frequent basis? If so, would it be recommended that all electronics not in use be disconnected from their power source? Space was relatively quiet, but the magnetosphere was fluctuating widely. [and from another] http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news... The cut was said to have been caused by an electrical surge. People in the area say "Smoke was coming from the electric cupboard from 86 Deansgate when the power surge hit. 4 fire engines responded to the call". Jade Barrow is a receptionist at 86 Deansgate, and said the whole building shook. She said: "The firemen explained to me that an electrical surge is like 2 magnets hitting each other. That's why it all shook because of the force."  [and from another]http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blog/show?id=3863141%3ABlogPost%... May 15. After 15 days with approximately 300 hours of missing data, it appears the uninterrupted BATSRUS RCM image feed has resumed.

Air France 447 in 2009 and Malaysia 370 and the recent Germanwings A320 are in the news because they impact the airline industry, and the blame thus placed elsewhere. To date, pilot suicide, storms, and bad pilot judgement have been used, and how is the public to know otherwise? Electric trains such as the Disney Monorail  and DC Metro crash incidents in 2009 and the recent Amtrak 188 go into investigation while talking heads murmur about safety devices or track maintenance or mechanical failure, which ultimately get the blame.  

It is only when the public is broadly affected that the public can get a hint that something else is afoot. Cell phones are regularly having disrupted service but the blame is placed on blocked access to towers or bad weather. The blackberry outage in 2008 was blamed on a software glitch. If the public is frankly being lied to, engineers responsible for maintaining equipment and the grid are not fooled. The talk has spilled over into the press, or into conversations with the public. During the Washington DC blackout, the electrical problem was described at first by the Washington Post as a “surge”. 

This is a key determinant between a failed electrical system, a simple outage, and electro-magnetic pulse. Pulse is a surge, and the sudden increase in the amount of magnetons and their associated electrons, such that equipment controlled by a steady pace of either particle flow goes into a runaway state. When equipment is guarded by surge protection, to guard against lightning strikes, it will shut down, as a brownout situation can damage equipment. But unless a lightning strike was present, there can be no excuse for a pulse or surge other than the presence of the charged tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru.  

What can the public expect? As cell phone service and cable TV via satellite continues to degrade, as airplanes increasingly crash during complete electronics failure or are forced to land with smoke in their cockpits, as electric trains surge off the tracks and brakes fail, as transformers explode at dams and on the grid, and as residential lights flicker and erratic and unexplained and spotty blackouts descend, the public can expect endless inane excuses from the establishment. The truth will be withheld because mankind is so dependent upon his electrical systems and equipment that the thought of being without is unthinkable. It is mass denial. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 23, 2015

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Comment by M. Difato on January 2, 2019 at 4:11pm

'Electrical arc' turns night sky blue in NYC


 ASTORIA, Queens (WABC) -- Con Edison says an electrical fault at a substation in Astoria, Queens caused an electrical arc Thursday night (Dec 29), lighting up the sky over New York City while causing some flight delays and scattered power outages.
It happened shortly after 9 p.m. at the Astoria East and North Queens Con Edison plant on 20th Avenue and 32nd Street in Astoria..."

 Zeta Talk Explanation: Q&A Chat for December 31, 2018

 (Blue glow in the sky over New York.)

The glow was caused by the explosion of a transformer in New York. But what is a UFO doing there? 
[and from another]
[and from another]
There was a boom; then a hum. The lights flickered. A giant plume of smoke filled the New York City sky around 9:12 p.m., and turned it blue. Officials said the event was caused by nothing more than a transformer explosion. The power went down briefly at La Guardia Airport, forcing a ground stop and causing delays. 
[and from another]
Blue Sky In NYC - UFO Spotted!!!
[and from another]
The blue flashes that briefly lit up the night sky were caused by a power surge and electrical "arching" and sparked a transformer explosion and a small fire.
[and from another]
US investigating CenturyLink internet outage, 911 failures. December 28, 2018 The Monroe, Louisiana-based telecommunications giant is one of the largest in the United States. It offers communications and information technology services in dozens of states. Customers from New York to California reported outages. CenturyLink said the outage “is not related to hacking,” but she declined further comment. 
[and from another]
"Electrical Spectacle" witnessed by Thousands! - Two Main events on same day 1100 miles apart


Of course there was more than a mere transformer arcing in New York City, to turn the sky a neon blue seen from miles around. This was a neon cloud, a charged cloud caused by the wafting tail of Nibiru. Such neon clouds have been seen around the world over the past decade, but normally do not come down to Earth, but when they do, any electrical apparatus in the vicinity should beware. The simultaneous outage across the US, caused by an electrical outage at the CenturyLink headquarters in Louisiana, was a result of the same EMP assault in N America. 

It should be noted that both the Con Ed facility in New York City and the CenturyLink headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana are on the water, and in the case of the CenturyLink headquarters, virtually footed in a swamp. Why not put out a welcome sign for the EMP, which loves the water. Why was a UFO zipping about during the New York City incident? Just gathering data on the intensity of the EMP. The UFO did not cause the incident, nor do UFOs seen above volcanoes cause eruptions. Just gathering data.


Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on December 29, 2018 at 8:54pm

Message for Juan Martinez.

Please "always"  include a link when you post to this ning.

Comment by Juan F Martinez on December 28, 2018 at 3:53pm

New York City, a UFO was recorded near the power plant explosion.   

Comment by Juan F Martinez on December 23, 2018 at 9:52pm

Aliens? Russians? Birmingham Airport the latest UK hub to shut down, cites air traffic control fault

Birmingham Airport briefly suspended all services citing an air traffic control fault, becoming the latest British hub to halt its work in days – and heating up online conspiracy theories in wake of the Gatwick “drone crisis.”

A brief statement issued by the airport said it “had to temporarily suspend services due to an air traffic control fault,” without giving any further details. Passengers were advised to check schedules while the airport ws working “to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

Luckily for the travellers, the airport managed to promptly resolve the issues, stating that all operations have resumed.

The incident follows a string of alleged drone sightings at London’s Gatwick Airport, which were enough to shut it down for over 30 hours this week. Thousands of passengers became stranded or had to rebook their flights.

Comment by M. Difato on December 20, 2018 at 5:56pm

Explosion, 2-Alarm Fire In Boston Prompts 2.5k People To Evacuate

One Boston fire fighter was sent to the hospital during the two-alarm fire at a 12-story occupied building downtown.


 BOSTON, MA — One firefighter was sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and some 2,500 people had to evaccuate after a two alarm fire broke out at 245 Summer St. People took to Twitter to report they heard an explosion near South Station just after noon (December 19, 2018).

The Boston Fire Department said they were alerted to the fire when a smoke alarm was activated and sent to them. When firefighters arrived they found heavy smoke and fire at the 12-story occupied commercial building and called for a second alarm.

By 12:50 p.m. officials said they'd successfully evacuated the building with no civilian injuries reported.

According to early police and fire scanner radio reports the fire may have been started by a transformer explosion in the basement of the building. It's still officially unclear as to the cause or damages, but fire fighters said they were able to put the fire out after making their way into a basement electrical vault. 

Photos courtesy Boston Fire Department.

Comment by M. Difato on December 14, 2018 at 4:21pm

Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Bradley Airport After Engine Explosion

 https://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Delta-Flight-Makes-Emerge...  (Published Dec 13, 2018)

 A Delta flight from Bradley International Airport destined for Atlanta had to turn around after an in-flight emergency.

Telemundo CT reporter Miguel Santiesteban, who was on board the plane at the time, said passengers heard what sounded like an explosion and a few minutes later the pilot announced they would be making an emergency landing due to an engine explosion. The plane returned to Bradley Airport.

Passenger Adina Gaughran described the scary moments.

"The lights all went off and you just - they kind of all of rocked and you heard the engine go off so it felt like we were just going to start sinking and crashing. I was waiting for the oxygen masks to come down," she said. "I was just thinking ‘OK they’re going to tell us everything’s going to be fine soon’ and then they didn’t say anything and I kept waiting and then all of a sudden the came overboard and just said ‘well something’s wrong, we don’t know what yet,’ And that was where it sort of got terrifying."

"..An Electro-Magnetic Pulse can take everything out, interfering with all electrical activity in its path. The radio equipment, the jet engines, the ability of the pilots to maneuver the aircraft – all are stopped dead. Explosions happen when the jet engines have fuel aflame that cannot vent, as the jet blades are stopped..' -http://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/ms804-egyptian-plane-crash

Comment by M. Difato on December 11, 2018 at 2:59pm

Carolina Hurricanes' Plane Makes Emergency Landing Due to Odd Smell

https://www.wfmynews2.com/article/sports/nhl/carolina-hurricanes-pl...  (Published: December 10, 2018)
 The team's vice president said Monday that passengers could smell something similar to burning plastic.

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - A passenger says a Swift Air charter plane carrying the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes made an emergency landing in Oklahoma over the weekend after a noxious smell filled the cabin.

The Boeing 737 landed at Tulsa International Airport about 4 a.m. Saturday (Dec 9) while traveling from Long Beach, California, to Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. The aircraft was returning the hockey team to North Carolina after a game.

The team's vice president of communications, Mike Sundheim, was on the flight. Sundheim said Monday that passengers could smell something similar to burning plastic.

Once on the ground, Sundheim says technicians replaced a malfunctioning air data computer and took off again after a delay of about two hours.

No injuries were reported.

Phoenix-based Swift Air hasn't responded to telephone and email requests for comment.."

Comment by M. Difato on December 11, 2018 at 2:36pm

IndiGo plane makes emergency landing after smoke detected in cabin

 https://www.newsbytesapp.com/timeline/India/37966/167943/smoke-insi... (Posted December 1, 2018)


 In a terrifying incident, thick smoke spread inside the cabin of a Kolkata-bound IndiGo flight causing it to make an emergency landing.

A video of the catastrophic incident has emerged on microblogging site Twitter showing smoke spreading inside the cabin of flight 6E-327, which was flying from Jaipur to Kolkata last night.

The plane was carrying 136 passengers.

Here's what went down.

Pilots transmitted 'Mayday' call, alerted Air Traffic Control of danger

According to sources, IndiGo's new Airbus A320neo was around 45 miles (approximately 72 km) from Kolkata when the pilots transmitted a "Mayday" call on radio.

This indicated to the Air Traffic Control that the aircraft and passengers were in grave danger.

Sources said smoke was detected in the cockpit, cabin, and the lavatory.

The flight then made an emergency landing in Kolkata.



Smoke inside an aircraft is a life-threatening situation

A senior industry pilot said that smoke in an aircraft is one of the most life-threatening situations "because of the threat of asphyxiation".

Oxygen masks, which drop in the cabin when the pressure in the aircraft decreases, are not designed to completely filter the smoke.

He said only pilots in the cockpits of airliners are equipped with full-face masks to completely filter the smoke.."

Comment by M. Difato on November 30, 2018 at 2:19pm

Electronic problems mid-flight force Angela Merkel’s plane to make an emergency landing.

 German Chancellor’s plane makes emergency landing in Cologne

 Posted: Nov. 29, 2018 Merkel's jet breaks down on the way to G20 summit


 German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Cologne not long after it took off for the G20 summit in Argentina, after it experienced “electronic problems” mid-flight.

Merkel’s plane, named after Konrad Adenauer, had to return after just an hour into the 15-hour flight to Buenos Aires after experiencing “technical malfunction.” The high-profile aircraft turned around over the Netherlands and made an emergency landing in Cologne.


Photos from the scene show firefighting vehicles with their lights flashing waiting for the malfunctioning plane at the airport.

A replacement aircraft has been sent to Cologne from Berlin to pick up the German chancellor and her stranded delegation.

It remains unclear if the delay will affect Merkel’s schedule at the G20 summit..."

Comment by M. Difato on November 21, 2018 at 8:21am

Explosion at AT&T building rocks downtown Bakersfield; power outages for blocks



A loud explosion rocked a busy downtown corner of Bakersfield Tuesday afternoon (Nov 20), shooting billowing flames into the air and causing widespread power outages.

The ground shook along Eye and 20th streets across from Dagny's coffee shop around 5 p.m. near the AT&T building. Bakersfield firefighters said the explosion came from an underground transformer.

David Killingsworth told The Californian he was sitting in Dagny's and heard a loud explosion. He said everything shook and "it felt like an earthquake."

A car parked in front of the vault was burned, but the owner was able to drive it away after the fire had been extinguished. Two other cars also parked in front of the vault did not receive damage, BFD said.

A woman was walking nearby at the time of the explosion, but no injuries have been reported.

"I looked up and there was a big fire," said Valerie Vidal, an employee of Henley's Photo, who walked outside after hearing the explosion. "It was pretty wild."

Flames shot from an underground vault in the sidewalk along Eye Street. The initial explosion shot the lid of the vault in the air, but it landed just a few feet away, causing no injuries or damage..."


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