Survival Site Cautions - Our Rule 15 (applies to everyone!)

The Pole Shift ning has a rule against group formation to protect YOU, the readership, the membership, from hazards. Form groups from those you already know, are familiar with. This is not only Rule 15 on this ning, but is also the ZetaTalk advice.

Rule 15.
No Group Formation. Any person meeting others through blogs and discussions on the Pole Shift Ning is doing so at their own risk.  Blogs and discussions are not to be created for the purpose of survival group formation, as this needs to be a private undertaking among family and friends. Discussions about survival groups in general are allowed so people can discuss the Zetas  advice, can share techniques, share solutions to problems, and give or get advice from personal experience. Please carry on any group formation activity outside of this Pole Shift ning. The Pole Shift Ning is not responsible for any negative outcome of group formation arranged between members, such as broken hearts, empty wallets, rape, theft, confiscation by the government, monitoring by the government, harassment, broken promises, lack of expertise and support, liability due to negligence or crime, or any other adverse situation that may arise. REASON liability. We inform, but do not coordinate or otherwise supervise or give counsel on specific group formation.

As the Earth changes pick up, many people are feeling desperate and the urge to form groups for survival becomes almost an imperative. Could the Zetas summarize their advice on group formation, and what dangers might be on the horizon?

We have advised, from the start of the ZetaTalk saga, that plans for survival communities think small and stick to coordinating only with those family and friends they know well - known entities. The danger of attempting to find partners on the Internet is that many will be highly Service-to-Self, and determining orientation in a stranger is often difficult. The Service-to-Self are adept at putting on a kind face and offering a helping hand, while attempting to insert themselves into a leadership position. The odds are that those advertising on the Internet, trying to start a group, are Service-to-Self looking to prey on others.

The second advice we have steadily given is to avoid being close to government installations. The governments of most countries have tried to give the impression that they are there to assist their citizenry, while in fact the first priority is to perpetuate the jobs of those in government. This is not apparent in good times, or even in disasters of short term nature, but when taxes cannot be collected and those who fed at the taxpayer's teat find themselves out of a job, takeover of survival communities will be their first priority. Supplies and food will replace taxes, and essential slavery will result for those who cannot pay.

Plan to be mobile. We have stated that most successful survival camps will be spontaneously formed. The true orientation of most will not be revealed until the stress of the Last Weeks arrives so that the Service-to-Self show their colors. Even among those who know each other well, the known entity formula, there will be surprises. Insanity, due to post traumatic stress, will run high. Stress and shock bring anger, a natural response when an organism is threatened, so hostility will be common among survivors. It may be necessary for the Service-to-Other individual to simply gather his dependents and move on, abandoning any supplies he has gathered.

Then there is the issue of establishing the leader in any endeavor. Due to cultural expectations and conditioning, most groups will look to a strong male, a domineering type, who will be decisive and bark orders. This is likely to be the worst choice. We have often mentioned that many survival groups will be lead by children in the Aftertime, as children do not have a fixed mindset and are open minded and resourceful. Next, in leadership, will be the women in the camp, as women traditionally keep the family going, concerned about meals and injuries and sleeping quarters and the like, and thus are practical.

The least likely to be leaders are the males, because they will have expectations of leadership and due to the way male teams are structured, acutely aware of the pecking order and where they stand. Thus, they will be focused on challenges to their authority, as many military groups reveal. For male leadership to succeed, the leader must first and foremost be willing to observe and listen. Where in a military setting the top dog barks an order, this may work because there are few variables to consider. The Aftertime will present an endless parade of variables. Fights over who is leading and who is right waste time and energy. Thus those who place a priority on this will end up at the side, in fist fights or arguments, while the women and children and those males who can see the total picture are working on survival!

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 21, 2012

In 2002 the Zetas wrote a piece entitled 'Survival Groups' and stated 'Thus, the best laid plans most often do not work out, and spontaneous meetings, often guided, work out best.' The page gives the impression that you are better off not preparing too much for the shift, and are better off just heading to a relatively safe place and seeing what happens. I know this is man choice and man's decision but I was wondering what advice the zetas can provide when trying to put together a survival group, how small is small? Obviously the first choice is family and close friends, but if you invite a friend, they will most likely want to bring some of their loved ones/friends, and I can see the groups getting out of hand coupled with people bringing STS along. I have friends who will most likely struggle in a survival scenario mentally, do I invite them into my group or anonymoulsy inform them about the pole shift nearer the time, or do nothing? Do you only select people who you think are truly STO or do you invite undecided souls who are headed in the STO direction. Do you select people based on their skill sets? Any guidance on forming groups would be appreciated.

All these options you mentioned are your choice. Plans made ahead of time will of course allow for a safe location, supplies to be delivered, and skill sets developed. Making wise choices for such a group should include inviting only those you know rise to the occasion and do the right thing when an emergency or stressful situation arises. Your drinking buddy or cousin might be fun to be around, but what will he do when he must forgo eating for a few days so that the children can continue to get the protein they need for their brains to develop normally? Our statements on spontaneous meetings includes the fact that disaster has already struck! Those involved in such meeting have already sorted out who among those they know are worthy of a partnership. What one would do in an emergency is already obvious, thus.


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