Could the Zetas give us an update on the transformation, polarization.  Did the amount of STO on earth increased and could the Zetas gave some percentage? And my feeling is that there will be exceptional increase during the 8 of 10 changes. Is there some truth in this?

During the Arab Spring we mentioned that many of the activists were Walk-In’s, mature souls incarnating human bodies with immature souls wanting to step aside during turmoil or unsparked souls so as to make a difference during Earth’s Transformation.  A Walk-In thus does not differ from a Star Child, except that a Star Child has incarnated the human body from birth. Our previous description of the composition of incarnations on Earth in 2002 indicated 1 billion Star Children, 1 billion reincarnating Earth born souls, and 4 billion human bodies with unsparked souls. In that the population of Earth has increased to be closer to 7 billion, the percentages have changed. 

There is still approximately 1 billion incarnations of Earth born souls. The percentage of humans incarnated by mature souls from other worlds, ie either Star Children or Walk-in’s, has increased. This increase is almost entirely from Walk-in’s because an infant could scarcely make a difference at the current time. Walk-in’s can effect change because the human with an unsparked soul does not need to be consulted for the Walk-in to occur. There is no resident soul to object. Walk-in’s can also effect rapid change because the Walk-In can target a social setting or locale in turmoil. The Walk-in’s are thus focused and turmoil targeted. 

These Walk-In’s are on the increase, but the percentages can swing as the time of the Pole Shift approaches.  The base of 5 billion unsparked souls currently on Earth could swing to be a population of 2 billion Walk-in’s with only 3 billion unsparked souls.  Targeting an area in turmoil, such as blocked migration or mass starvation, might become a project for these spiritual warriors, who might conceivably leave for work elsewhere when the issue is resolved or diminished. This is not a casual endeavor, as torture and a lingering painful death can ensue, thus those souls willing to engage in this activity are a limited number during any particular Transformation. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 3, 2014

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