The Norway neon spiral that occurred on December 8, 2009 has caused many to question the many prehistoric spirals and spirals in crop circles. Are these warnings of what is to come?

Spirals have appeared in prehistoric glyphs, drawn on cave walls along with the animals early man hunted. What was the significance of these spirals, which until now had no explanation? Perhaps early man saw them in the sky prior to a pole shift, and this was their way of telling the story. If so, we can expect more massive spirals in the sky as the time of the pole shift approaches.

VIDEO: Prehistoric Spirals

Spirals have also shown up in crop circles, such as this dual spiral at Fort Nelson in the UK on June 11, 2004.

At the time, the Zetas made no mention of pending sky spirals with neon spirals clouds emanating from their centers, but did allude to a "magnetic maelstrom"

ZetaTalk Analysis 6/25/2004: Planet X remains on the flow lines of the Sun, increasingly at an angle to the Sun, causing the Earth's tilt to be more extreme, until, as magnets do, the Earth is in an extreme tilt, almost lateral to the Sun. Again, given the complexity of recent crop circles, not the last dance, but implied in Fort Nelson in the angle of the small bodies, planets, caught in the magnetic maelstrom.

When pressed they admitted they had withheld the full meaning of the crop circle, in order to discombobulate the establishment so that the cover-up over the presence of Planet X might crack.

Question: Are the elite now trapped with their cover story of a Russian missile to debunk the latest neon spiral? One might assume that many more such spirals will manifest and it will not be credible for TPTB to suggest misfired Russian missiles will be responsible for the spirals to come. Are the spirals that are so often represented by petroglyphs showing us what man saw during previous Planet X passages?

ZetaTalk Admission 12/12/2009: Spirals were present in the skies, as signs in the skies, during prior pole shifts, yes. This is a matter we withheld up until now, because of our desire to surprise the establishment as much as possible, to hopefully shake the cover-up and allow admissions of the truth to blurt out. Just as with the frequency of fireballs, which at first were blamed on space junk or on a satellite crash and then on asteroids entering Earth's field, the establishment will cast around for explanations before simply falling silent on the matter. The time is coming when silence will be their only defense, so that the common man looks elsewhere for an explanation.

Source: ZetaTalk Newsletter,Issue 164, Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Comment by Ovidiu Pricopi on June 19, 2022 at 11:31pm

Spiral in the sky 6 18 2022 observed in New Zealand and Tasmania

Comment by Ovidiu Pricopi on February 1, 2022 at 2:04pm

Spiral in the sky , 1 31 2022 Missouri USA.

May be an image of sky and text that says 'My buddy just captured this in the sky over the Jane/pineville area any ideas what the hell this could be AT&T LTE Home 7:03 7:03PM PM Favorites Recent Josh Watson 6m お ben something cooll moving across the sky tonight 77 50 Comments 30 Shares'

Comment by Juan F Martinez on January 24, 2021 at 2:54pm

Signs in the sky: spiral, moon swirl and monster persona.  1/21/2021

Comment by Juan F Martinez on November 25, 2020 at 4:26pm

RUSSIA SPIRAL, posted on YouTube November 13, 20202

Comment by Derrick Johnson on April 17, 2020 at 5:02am

Mystery as 'huge' burning object tears through the skies of Cambridgeshire for 20 minutes before hitting the ground

  • Gerry Underwood, 55, saw the bizarre entity above Stretham, Cambridgeshire
  • The unidentified object fell slowly to the ground and left a huge trail in its wake
  • Eventually the burning mass disappeared behind a line of trees in the distance

A burning object was spotted spiralling through the night's sky for up to 20 minutes before to the ground. 

Gerry Underwood, 55, who lives on a canal boat in Stretham, Cambridgeshire, saw the object at around 8pm on Wednesday.

He and partner Melanie had been 'having a little fire outside' when he noticed the trail across the sky and decided to photograph it. 

He said: 'It looked like a very thick chemtrail to start with. It looked like a short, skinny cloud.

'It wasn't moving quickly at all. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a meteorite because they are gone in seconds.

'We have seen hundreds of shooting stars but this definitely wasn't that either.

This was coming down very slowly and spiralling. It started to glow orange as you can see in the pictures.

'There were flames coming out of the back of it as well. It was really unusual.'

The unidentified object left a huge trail in its path and took 'between 10 and 20 minutes' to fall to the ground. 

Eventually the burning mass disappeared behind a line of trees in the distance.

Gerry said: 'The sheer size of it is what's got me. When you look at the pictures, they show the trees in the foreground and it's way beyond that, it was very big. 

'It landed beyond the horizon, that's how big it was - we couldn't see it land. 

'We see a lot of strange things down the river but that's the first time we've ever seen something like that.'


ZetaTalk: Light Towers: 

Comment by Scott on January 8, 2020 at 5:08am

Smoke ring spotted above Jarrell, Texas (December 31, 2019)

The dark circle of smoke was spotted in the sky around sunset above the town of Jarrell north of Austin in central Texas. The photograph of the smoke ring above was taken by Shay Van Raalte and a video was recorded by Sandi Dotson.

"The tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru has petrol elements, which as we have explained form the basis of the oil deposits on Earth.  The recent dark smoke circles have such a basis, when seen at night the petrol whoosh appears as a tower of light and when seen during the day it is seen as a curling pillar of smoke. But when seen directly below the aftermath, only the smoke that has accumulated on the edges of the combustion remains – the smoke circle."
ZetaTalk for August 1, 2015:

Jarrell, Texas video:
Jarrell, Texas photos:

Comment by Scott on October 9, 2019 at 5:22am

This September 28, 2019 video recorded near Rotterdam, Netherlands looks like a type of petrol element reaction due to the tail of Nibiru wafting into the atmosphere of the Earth, similar to the Chile firestorm of September 25, 2019 explained by ZetaTalk.

Chiloe Island, Chile firestorm

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on September 30, 2019 at 2:52am

Nothing to See Here: Cryptic Black Ring Appears in Sky Above Moscow Region - Video

Residents of Kalininets were celebrating the city day when the obscure object appeared in the sky. No explanation has been provided so far.

Not a day goes by without news of UFOs or some other paranormal events. While residents of the United States are scratching their heads over a snake-like UFO that was again spotted by a YouTuber, residents of Kalininets in the Moscow region are trying to figure out what a black circular thing floating in the sky for half an hour on 28 September was.

Kalininets is located in the Naro-Fominsk district, which is home to the 4th Tank Division. Some users thought the ring could have appeared as a result of military exercises or could be the product of chemical activities. One Instagram user sent a photo dating back to 2004, which shows the same black ring. The photo prompted speculation of an impending doomsday.

Other users were more positive and claimed that someone in the sky was apparently playing tic-tac-toe.

ZetaTalk about what is causing black rings of smoke

Curious circles in the sky have been appearing the last few years, and have variously been explained by us as a place where a mothership had just vacated the clouds, or an incomplete tornado, or the remnants from a spiral of heat from a petrol reaction in the atmosphere. The tail of Planet X, aka Nibiru has petrol elements, which as we have explained form the basis of the oil deposits on Earth.  The recent dark smoke circles have such a basis, when seen at night the petrol whoosh appears as a tower of light and when seen during the day it is seen as a curling pillar of smoke. But when seen directly below the aftermath, only the smoke that has accumulated on the edges of the combustion remains – the smoke circle.

Comment by SongStar101 on April 25, 2019 at 9:45pm

Cool Smoke Ring Caught Floating Over Denver, CO Saturday Evening

DENVER (CBS4) – Dozens of people saw something odd in the sky over Denver around sunset on Saturday and took to social media with great wonder about the mysterious cloud-like feature, including myself. It resembled a smoke ring and appeared to float by with subtle changes to the shape over time.

All kinds of explanations were offered up ranging from aliens to a failing transformer to a flock of birds or insects. One of my favorite comments came from Ashley Carter on Facebook, saying whatever it is I wouldn’t want to be under it!

CBS4 viewer Tom Daggett sent us the video below. He caught the strange sight around 7:40 p.m. Saturday from his deck in lower downtown. He said it lasted about five minutes.

After putting out a plea on social media for other witnesses and to find out if anyone had an explanation I had several immediate replies, including one from Rachel Kolkow. She was attending the Supercross event at Mile High and said it was a smoke ring from a cannon shot off during the event.

She snapped the following picture of the smoke ring as it floated high above the stadium. She said it lasted for several minutes.

The longer the smoke ring floated in the air the more twisted the shape became due to changes in wind speed and direction above the ground.

Our CBS4 roof cam in the Outdoor Weather Lab was pointed west to capture the sunset when the remnants of the smoke ring suddenly appeared. Master control operator Ben Pliska grabbed his phone and snapped the following video of the interesting sight.


Interesting how a similar ring appeared over a remote village in Kazakhstan in 2015 without any conventional explantion...?

4/2015: A strange black circle was spotted in the sky above a village in northern Kazakhstan. Baffled residents captured the mysterious spectacle on video as it hovered in the air for fifteen minutes before dissipating.

Comment by jorge namour on September 27, 2017 at 6:42pm




Readers from all over Russia are reporting in that they have seen strange lights and objects in the skies, and many have sent in pictures, and even video, evidence of the event.

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