Sokolovskaya, Gulkevichsky, Russia. Reported 19th June. [and from another]

This beautiful and quite legitimate design laid at Sochi is showing what the daily Earth wobble is doing to this part of the world. The Figure 8 of the wobble tilts first to the right and then to the left as the day passes. This tilt has lately become extreme, such that the Sun appears to be coming up hours early in Europe and again lingering in a delayed twilight at dusk in the N American continent. During both tilts the N Pole of Earth has a lower latitude, the Earth somewhat laid on its side, thus more sunlight reaching what would otherwise be considered northern latitudes. 

Sochi experiences both the right and left tilt of the wobble. The clash causing this wobble is also depicted by the normal direction of the planets in the inner Solar System on the left, a counterclockwise orbit, and the direction that Nibiru assumes on the right, a clockwise direction.  The result is shown below in the design, where an orbit around the Sun normally has a relatively peaceful path, the presence of Nibiru has caused reverberations, an attempt by the Earth to escape the magnetic slam of Nibiru and a bounce back into position by the distressed Earth.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 30, 2018

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