I was thinking that in the Aftertime Service-to-Other humans are going to be living among hybrids who are much more intelligent and technologically advanced. My question is: how are these Service-to-Other humans going to be of any service? It sounds like they will most likely be a burden to these hybrids. What will be their daily responsibility to the community? I just really can't imagine it.

What do you think Service-to-Others is about? That we reject those who become crippled because they can no longer be of use? In such communities, all volunteer to do what they can for the general welfare, according to their skills and desires. All cooperate with each other. None are thrown aside for being useless. That philosophy is one that the Service-to-Self might understand, but it is not our philosophy.
Source: STO philosophy

4th density aliens are so much smarter and technologically advanced than humans. I imagine that a STO human living in a Hybrid community would have all their basic needs provided for them by the aliens in the community. (All assumptions.) I imagine that such a human would feel kind of guilty if that was the case. Being that a STO human would want to be of service, how would they, other than emotionally? I imagine it similar to Nancy being able to do more work solo then when getting help. In other words, how would the human help the Zetas and the Hybrids? I'm sure they wouldn't want to feel likeleeches.

A Service-to-Other person never wonders what they should be doing, or how they could help. What needs to be done is obvious, in all situations, and they volunteer. Try that yourself. Look around you and see what others are struggling with, whether they communicate this to you or not. After you have done this, you will have the perspective that a Service-to-Other individual has.

Source: STO philosophy

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Comment by J A on January 12, 2013 at 8:46pm

I was the one who asked both those questions. :D I asked them because of my human experience, if I was ever in such a community I would feel so awkward if I was getting more than I was giving. It's so interesting seeing this now because it's a constant worry of mine in life. For example, working at this computer lab I rarely ask for assistance and look for all possible solutions to a problem. But when I have to call the main supervisor because there's a problem and they're the ones with the passwords, they put a visibly annoyed face, which makes it harder to ask for assistance. So my questions was coming from being a person who has never dealt with highly STO entities who would not have such reactions.

Yesterday a lot of students were losing their work because of a computer problems that could have been quickly fixed with a password, and while in normal circumstances they might take out their frustration and pure anger on the person in charge of the lab, with me they would tell me, "I'm not mad at you," because before hand they see how helpful I am to them, calmly going around helping them with any problems that they might have, stopping what I'm doing to help the students with their school work, even though that's not part of my job. Constantly sacrificing myself. Can't describe it. But it was very interesting to watch how despite losing an hours worth of work, multiple time, they were very calm, despite the frustration.

Comment by David Lillington on November 1, 2011 at 2:44pm

I found this bit and thought I would share it with you all.



ZetaTalk: Asian Flu

during the Jan 30, 2004 Lou Gentile Show


With the increased sicknesses that have been showing
up in wild animals and domestic, as the Zetas predicted, how long after the
passage will immune systems remain weakened and these types of diseases remain a
danger to humans, since the mad cow, for instance, began showing many years ago?
Are the animals' susceptibility to those pathogens related to Planet X?


We have stated, early in the ZetaTalk era, that Illness would be on the increase going into the shift. We stated
at that time that this would be due to several factors, primarily depressed
immune systems but also opportunistic germs that would migrate to new
environments due to the erratic weather. All creatures, human and
domesticated and wildlife alike, suffer, and thus all can be
responsible for spreading germs into new environments. Droughts and deluges with
resulting floods have occurred, causing migration of wildlife. The illness
emerging is not new, in the main, caused by germs that have been
present all along. Swine or avian flu, germs passed from animals to humans and
mutating, is not new. Starvation is rampant, worldwide, mostly resulting in
undernourished humans and flocks and herds and wildlife. Humans are
distracted by worry, and thus tend to eat comfort food rather than a proper
diet, and even wildlife suffers from this tendency, being too distressed or
unable to eat their normal diet. All this creates depressed immune

An additional stress on the immune system is the emanations from
the swirling core of the Earth and the rock strata under pressure. If rock emits
radon, naturally, and rock under pressure and heading for a quake emits radio
waves that can be detected by radios nearby as static, then the distressed crust
of the Earth and increased swirling of the core spell a change for mankind and
the other creatures crawling about on the Earth, and change is stressful.
Erratic weather puts the body under almost continuous stress. Humans intent on
surviving the coming times should be careful to eat a proper diet, but the
most important ingredient in a strong immune system is attitude. Think
less of the coming times as a depressing disaster and look beyond them to the
future, which will ultimately be immensely better for survivors than the present
times. Life on Earth will change, with survivors supporting each other and the
Earth becoming a home to high tech visitors - fascinating, unfolding, and
emotionally satisfying.

Comment by Derrick Johnson on September 9, 2011 at 9:55am

here is some good Zeta Talk on the subject


All people, rich or poor, can be and are found to be Service-to-Other. It is not a factor of their current incarnation, but a factor of their many incarnations and their spritual maturity. Read the characteristics we have described and determine for yourself who might be Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self, as your question is an invasion of privacy for those you would point at. The 50% rule is not used to force attentions on those not wanting help from others, but as a guide to those trying to determine whether or not they are Service-to-Other. It is the amount of time thinking of others that is the issue, not whether they are correct in their judgements as to what others may need or want. You also cannot help others become Service-to-Other. This is a personal choice, one that requires action on their part, not intellectual argument. Our advice on this matter is not to give an Service-to-Self individual everything they demand. Force them to take care of themselves, at the very least. In this you are not helping them become Service-to-Other, but are at least not encouraging them to be Service-to-Self. The response to the Call is based on the nature of the Call, regardless of who gives it.

Comment by Gerard Zwaan on May 31, 2011 at 9:32am

One is either STO or STS or undecided.

Also read


Comment by Corey Young on April 6, 2010 at 5:17am
I agree KM,

Those that would intentionally make others feel sorry for them and there situation (whatever it may be) are choosing to lean towards more STS. When a person who "takes the cards that have been dealt" (so to speak) and continues to live a full life without complaining or looking for sympathy is leaning more towards STO. I think its the beauty of this third dimensional world. The freedom to choose and free will to do anything you choose applies to ALL people regardless of what life has thrown at you. Its up to us to decide.

That being said, there is no limit to what a person can offer (in terms of help) in the aftertime. A STO person is always looking to offer a helping hand (even when one may not be needed), the fact that you would ask a person and then continue to offer help is the best possible thing you could do. 'Walk the walk' more than 'talk the talk'!
Comment by KM on April 5, 2010 at 5:37am
An individual in need, is an individual in need. There doesn't need to be any question at all, no matter what they think of the situation they are in when the time comes, that if they require assistance, it needs to be given.
Comment by KM on April 4, 2010 at 7:13pm
Those of us who are STO will always find a way to assist those around us. Be it small things or larger things. We are not doing any of these things for the glory of it, or the praise that probably won't come with the things we do, I have discovered that most STO people are background people who things in the background the hard work. At least that is what I've discovered. Whether it be gardening or leaning towards the organic side of things or just about anything within reason that will assist others.
Comment by Corey Young on March 15, 2010 at 3:21am
In my mind I think it comes down to the fact that there will always be something that needs to be done for the benefit of all in the community. Granted the Hybrids will have many technologies that will be more efficient etc.. but machines can't show emotion. Rita S is right, it doesn't matter what ability you may have physically, there are a lot of problems, chores, etc... that require more than machine and physical ability. The human mind, emotion and social interaction can always be used to help solve problems of a community orientation.
Comment by Irma on March 12, 2010 at 8:53pm
From my own perspective as a healer and homeopath, I understand 'service to others' to be; service for the greater good of mankind, earth, plant and mineral kingdom. To have the heart centre open is essential, because if it is not, one would work from the lower chakras, i.e. self satisfaction, rather than the higher chakras, i.e. universal goals. Each person has a path to walk. Sometimes STS people will have their heart opened by something happening to them and they will become STO people. I feel we cannot judge STS as they are human too and we can all change. Some will only then understand what is happening and what is required. Others will only be reinforced to be greedy and selfish. If the Zetas are trying to incorporate human feeling and emotional capacities, we would serve them by just being ourselves, to love, live and care for others as most of us do anyway.
Comment by KM on March 12, 2010 at 7:21pm
I would think STO would also be able to assist other STO's in the aftertime helping them achieve higher spiritual goals as well as being able to mix with Hybrids.

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