I completely understand the lack of timeline discussion,  and my question has more to do with what rather than when.   The 7/10 is progressing along slowly, and yet the devastation due to plate movements is becoming quite clear.  The wobble as well, with some of the worst weather on record on a global scale, and the pot of sociological and political dramas only beginning to heat up.  The magnetosphere trick was neat, and the visualization of Venus jiggling was as well, but can we please have a hint on what the next "shock the world (even the sheep)" event is going to be, without giving the Establishment too much info?  A physical change that has been help back for whatever reason?   Maybe some astrological drama on an unprecedented scale?  Maybe a *burp* of a well-known volcano?  The possibilities are endless. To sum up:  Can we have a hint on the next "big one"?   If not, I understand.

The rapidly occurring 7 of 10 pace we predicted in the Fall of 2010 has become what some would consider an agonizingly slow pace, as the plate movements slowly occur in the form of crumbling and mountain building and sinking lands, all without the drama of dramatic earthquakes and mass death. Our prediction, thus, that the 7 of 10 would “shock the world” is missing, and many were hoping for a rude awakening to shake up the stalemate between themselves and others they want to interest in planning for safe survival camps. While the humming black boxes are making the plate movements gentle and gradual, the Council of Worlds is facing off against the cover-up. Who is winning and who losing, and how might this end?

Most of the battle is behind the scenes, in the consciousness of the public and the discussions in smoke filled rooms of the establishment. Contactees, who are now of a number approaching billions, are aware of the presence of Planet X and that their governments and in many cases their religious leaders have been lying to them. Those in charge of the cover-up are becoming increasingly polarized, which was frankly expected in situations like this, so that even as it weakens it appears, on the surface, to be hardening. Meanwhile, the Council of Worlds is keeping the pressure up in ways that affect the establishment rather than the populace at large, as this is the point where a break must occur. Why is that?

Recall that one of the major reasons for the Element of Doubt rule is to prevent panic in the establishment. Determined to keep their perch, their status and power, they would gun the public down during demonstrations and impose draconian rules on the rest, such is their concern only for themselves, and retaining their control over the populace. These are, in the main, not nice people concerned about the common good, but ruthless and greedy individuals who have clawed their way to the top, whether the top be in government, in the military, in corporations, in the markets, or in religious institutions. Thus breaking the cover-up suddenly with undeniable evidence has its risks.

Does this mean that the establishment has only to continue the cover-up in order to win in the standoff with the Council of Worlds? Refuse to budge so the Council of Worlds is reluctant to move forward? Progress in this matter is gradual, as the establishment can see this will not last forever and evidence handed to the common man has an upward and exponential trend. The Earth wobble has been increased so that the Sun almost appears to rise in the North at times, and the Moon Swirls of Planet X are visible naked eye around the Sun, seen by many and captured on video. All this receives no comment by the establishment, who issues forth increasingly ludicrous explanations for the Earth’s magnetic field being twisted and awry, and ignores plate movements and the Earth wobble altogether.

What goes on in the minds of those at the helm in the establishment when they realize the common man can absolutely ascertain the Earth wobble by the position of the Sun, and are doing so! When they realize that Internet chatter about objects between the Earth and the Sun has gone viral, and attempting to stop the chatter would only flame the fires? There has been steadfast erosion in the ranks, who leave their jobs or city residences to head for bunker locations, converting their stocks and bonds and real estate holdings to precious metals and jewels. This trend has pock marked the ranks of the establishment determined to maintain the cover-up so that it looks like Swiss cheese, rather than a wall of solid determination.

All it takes on the part of the Council of Worlds to accelerate the trend is a nudge here or a nudge there, a hint that it would be oh, so easy, to remove the Element of Doubt and allow the common man to speak out. And then the roar of rage, which the establishment so fears would emerge from the populace, would be heard. How often has one seen, in movies or in real life, the bully suddenly groveling and pleading, the tables turned, when they lose control. This point is approaching, and will be seen by a capitulation in the cover-up crowd. They will suddenly decide to clothe themselves as the good guys, announcing the presence of Planet X and providing regular updates on its whereabouts. Meanwhile, the tens of millions who would have been slain or tortured during a panic in the establishment have been spared.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 14, 2012

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Comment by Kris H on July 15, 2012 at 4:25am
Here's a link to the Sri Lanka 2012 video discussing Nibiru (with half-truths), and Nancy's debut! (Albeit short-lived)

Comment by astrogal50 on July 13, 2012 at 7:54pm

I will take those behind the cover up making themselves appear to be the good guys.  Better that and the cover up broken than many millions murdered by the Establishment in their own panic.

Who ever thought this day would come?  That an official announcement of the presence of Planet X -- in the inner solar system for close to ten years -- would actually happen?!

But even if it is President Obama (likely) who announces Planet X is real during a televised press conference, some people will still be in denial:  They will still try to insist nothing much will happen or things will remain about the same with earth changes.  Those mature enough to accept the truth of ZetaTalk should expect this to happen, that some will still laugh in their faces and call them crazy.

Those with common sense may correctly conclude that the consequences of nearby Planet X must be severe and that is why the massive cover up was instituted.  If the Establishment really thought that the Zetas are wrong about what is coming and the effects will be mild, shouldn't they have announced the discovery of Planet X way back in 1983 when it was located?  Sure, but not if the souls involved are STS or STS leaning.

But an official announcement of the long-delayed truth telling about Nibiru is far, far better than the cover up continuing until the last weeks.  What is good for All should be the determinant of what is best to do, not what the 0.01% desire for themselves (no matter the result for the common man who they mostly disdain).

Comment by mrkontra on July 13, 2012 at 7:28pm

excellent chess move!

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