Now the Obama administration has won a second term what is going through their heads in relation to the announcement?  With all the major obstacles dealt with prior to the election are they ready to try again or are they going to wait until after Xmas in the New Year?  With the Mayan date close by do they want to wait until this has passed so the populace do not link this false end of the world date and Planet X together and panic or do they perhaps want to do it this year so people make an association between the two and start thinking about the end of the world and consider that the calendar is a bit of out sync and therefore start to think that the passing will be more extreme than what the announcement implies (assuming the announcement does not mention a Pole Shift as an outcome)? [and from another] A central tenet of the Muslim faith is the future coming of Imam Mahdi or the Imam at the end of time. He is also known as Q'aim or the promised one. Mahmoud Armhedhinajad is a firm believer in the imminent arrival of Imam Mahdi. Almost every one of his major speeches make references to the Mahdi and has even said that he expects his arrival within a matter of a few years.

Will the supposed end of the Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012 create a conflict for the planned announcement of the presence of Planet X by Obama? This was always a concern, but the visibility of the Planet X complex in the skies and the increasing Earth wobble has pressed the establishment to make this announcement as soon as possible. It matters not if the announcement comes before or after the December date, as the connection will be made by some in the public. The connection will also be made to Biblical talk of the End Times, the Rapture about to happen, the Antichrist about to emerge, and a final battle about to erupt in the Middle East. Muslims would look for their Madhi to arrive.

The announcement also runs amuck of all the cover-up excuses that have been used – Global Warming, Solar Flares, Quad Poles on the Sun, a skewed Galactic Plane, various comets such as Elenin, or earthquakes caused by HAARP. None of these have any basis in fact but will continue to be argued with even more vehemence after the announcement as the real cause of the Earth changes, because those who promulgated these lies don’t want egg on their faces. It will even be claimed that the real cause of the Earth changes – Planet X – is itself a lie.

The press to finally explain to the public why the Earth has a wobble, erratic weather, increasing earthquakes, and bright orbs around the Sun has not gone away. Those perpetuating the cover-up concluded that unless they explain, the public will realize the truth on their own and blame the government for the cover-up. If they tell the truth, they stand a chance of being one of the good guys, rather than one of the bad guys perpetrating a cover-up and withholding information. There is frankly no way to avoid the circus that is about to ensue, though the announcement by NASA is planning to include mention that Planet X has been in the inner solar system for years, and is moving slowly, to counter the expectation by some that something dramatic is to happen on December 21, 2012.

The supposed end of the Mayan Calendar was, as we have explained, incorrectly determined. It was the basis of a plethora of books making profits, even though meticulous avoidance of a passing planet as the cause was the norm. The authors did not want the harassment that ZetaTalk received for telling the truth. Thus there is little nexus between the pending announcement by Obama and the end of the Mayan Calendar, though many wanting the stage will attempt to make that nexus. Prophets of every color will try to grab the stage. The circus is about to begin and there is no avoiding it.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for November 24, 2012

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on November 25, 2012 at 12:53pm

@Gordon, you are running amuck of ZetaTalk and roiling others here on the ning because you are making mashed potatoes with your concepts and what ZetaTalk says. Very hard to separate mashed potatoes but necessary if your comments are to be left for others to read. Leaving your comments for others to read thus means much work on the part of others, and resented.

- Yes December 21, 2012 is a wrong date but not because the Mayans were struggling with the variables that affect Earth's orbit calculations, but because (as Howard and Derrick pointed out) Thompson (the arrogant author of the 12/21/2012 date) started off on the wrong foot, could not determine the START date. The Mayans would NOT have gotten confused about the calendar date, as the COUNT was given to them (1, 2, 3, .. etc) as a number so all they had to do was click it off, so many little boxes with X's in them, so to speak. It was when to START the count, on the Gregorian calendar, that was the problem. Your implication it was an Annunaki math problem, with the count, or that the Mayan Long Count calendar was incorrect - WRONG. The start of the calendar in the fog of history was lost. Therefore, when you say "And there is no way to relate the calendar changes to the Mayan calendar." you are suggesting that something was wrong with the Mayan Long Count calendar, which was just a number, when it was modern man who is the problem, their attempts to line it up with the Gregorian, not the Mayans.

- Therefore, where you say "Therefore I agree with the Zetas that December 21st is only the usual first day of winter, and no more than that. ...I know the Zetas did not directly address the concepts I bring up, but they could." The Zetas did NOT say 12/21/2012 is the first day of winter, this is only man's calendar, and the Zetas have never addressed when winter starts. And the Zetas DID address the concepts of how the Mayan Calendar works and why the attempts to line it up with the Gregorian calendar were flawed.

- The Annunaki undoubtedly used their calendars to get an approximation of when Nibiru would return, but they had other means, for instance the Great Pyramids, which were sighting devices. They also, as Planet12 pointed out, had communication devices on the Moon to support chatter between Earth and Mars, their dual outposts. Therefore, when you IMPLIED that the Annunaki were just sitting around, waiting to transport their gold, they were in fact chatting away at a distance via huge crystals on the Moon and sighting the arrival of Nibiru via the Great Pyramids. And you bring up an interesting point that some Gold may have been left on Earth during the quarantine.

- You also implied that the Annunaki left Earth and then went to Mars, but in fact they were in BOTH places, and on Mars well before Earth. This is all within the body of ZetaTalk and quickly brought up via the Search Engine dedicated to the site.

The surface of Mars cooled as the atmosphere thinned, and the freezing surface accelerated this process. Soon the atmosphere was too thin to breathe, and as the 12th Planet hominoids are used to a perpetual summer they were not all that reluctant to leave a freezing planet. Earth now looked more promising, especially as they had little alternative. They devised ways of dealing with the carnivores, specifically buffering themselves with human slaves trained in defense. Eventually, after being quarantined from Earth, they learned how to create and maintain their own atmosphere in air tight chambers, and thus relocatable they have continued their mining operations within the Solar System, on this spot or that, and are here still.

We are speaking here primarily of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet, whose hominoid form we have referred to as the Greek God form. This race was chased from Earth by the administrative authority of the Council of Worlds. They were quarantined from Earth so that the race of man could develop without undue influence. Even before the quarantine period they had established a communication post on the Moon, and they had a mining operation on Mars long before setting up on the Earth.

Comment by Derrick Johnson on November 25, 2012 at 6:36am

Here is ZetaTalk about how the 2012 date is a result of a guess based on a guess based on a guess and was far enough in the future that it was considered safe by the establishment to be used for End Time prophecies


So this date really has nothing to do with the Mayans or the Annunaki, it was made up by modern day humans guessing.

 Unlike the headlines, neither of these objects refers to the Gregorian year 2012. The Tortuguero monument is a broken tablet that is interpreted to say that the god of war and creation will descend from the sky. There is no reference to 2012 or even a date! The Comalcalco brick in question likewise refers to something that will arrive. Again there is no reference to 2012 or even a date. The Comalcalco brick has an estimated age of 1,300 referring to the Mayan holiday, and is interpreted to refer to the 52 Calendar Round, a Mayan holiday.

We have stated before that mankind has incorrectly lined up the Mayan and Gregorian calendars. Record keeping goes to heck after a pole shift, and after hundreds of years survivors attempt to re-establish their holidays. So the Ceremonial Calendar cannot be used as a guide. The Long Count Calendar is without connection points to either the ceremonial or astronomical calendars. Mankind is used to thinking of the Mayan calendar like they do the Gregorian calendar, where eclipses and returning comets and planetary lineups are recorded along with the dates. The Mayan calendars have none of these.

The age of one of the glyphs used to determine a connection between two calendars was carbon dated with a range of 3-5 years. How precise is that? So you have an ancient language no longer spoken or written so interpretation is a guess. You have a Mayan people practicing ceremonies today after a breach of hundreds of years so their ceremonial calendar is no longer a good guide and is a guess. You have glyphs whose date is a guess, established by carbon dating on wood which is imprecise or carved on stone which cannot be carbon dated. So you have a guess based on a guess based on a guess! All pointing, per those who want to sell books with 2012 in their title, to precisely December 21, 2012.

Clearly something is pending, as per our prediction Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003 and has been wrecking havoc ever since. Clearly the passage, resulting in a pole shift for Earth, a crustal shift, is pending. Even the Annunaki were not able to pinpoint precisely when their planet would return to your Sun. Any long journey results in variables, so the time can vary somewhat. We ourselves are not prefect in our ability to predict, though we are certain of the date of passage to within a 47 days period, and already know the year and trimester involved. As we have often stated, we are not allowed to reveal the date.

2012 was used as a magnet, so that discussions about the many prophecies, the End Time prophecies, could be pointed into the future. When the 2012 craze first began, years ago, this was far into the future and thus considered safe by the establishment, who want first and foremost for their slave classes to tend to their jobs and not rush away from coastal cities. Where ZetaTalk was saying mankind should prepare now, move to their safe locations now, the establishment wanted the common man to think they had plenty of time to prepare. What will they do now that 2012 is upon them, and we are only at the start of the 7 of 10 scenarios? They will fog the issues, finding some reason to point into the future. .

Comment by Howard on November 25, 2012 at 5:03am

Gordon, your wild speculations stray from the logic ZetaTalk has conveyed, and therefore unworthy of debate.

Comment by Howard on November 25, 2012 at 3:40am

Interesting concept, Gordon, but the Zetas have repeatedly stated the December 21, 2012 date is a miscalculation based on Man's inability to transpose the different calendars used in determining this date.  Therefore, any speculation that 12/21/2012 corresponds with a former expectation by the Annunaki that Earth-mined gold would be available contains the same margin of error.

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