Is there a timeline when we will receive help after the PS from the Zeta's and the hybrids and other races. If human and hybrids mate how will this happen, test tube or the old fashion way. [and from another] How can STO who are more advanced than us with the power to "help" just sit back and let things happen with the shift and all? I had a very vivid dream years ago that was all these boxes floating down, everybody was afraid and standing outside on their porches and streets looking up, everybody was scared. The boxes started opening up. Perhaps they were lifeboats come to rescue us, I've thought on this often, and can not imagine myself, if I was an advanced alien race just sitting by and watching. Can you ask them why they would? Also, can you explain the mindset behind people that look forward to the shift, who talk about it like a good thing? With most of the population killed, and so much suffering to come, I can not get excited about this.

As we have endlessly explained, the pole shift is nothing more than what mankind deals with now, but on a larger scale. The pole shift will be magnitude 9 earthquakes, worldwide. But does the world not experience magnitude 9 quakes now? They did so just recently in Japan! What about tsunami, a sudden tide rushing over the land, hundreds of feet high or certainly high enough and with enough force to scour the land clear. This not only happened during the Japan quake, but also during the Sumatra tsunami quake in December of 2004. Starvation? Sub-Sahara Africa, N Korea, Afghanistan, and even millions within the good 'ol USA are starving daily and have been for some time!

What is it you imagine that makes you unique that you should be rescued? Ah, it is your pain that you resent. You should be rescued, but all these other poor souls that are afflicted daily around the world, somehow this is not a problem. Tornadoes rip people from their homes in the middle of the night, throwing babies into trees and giving the survivors nightmares for the rest of their lives. Through all of these complaints that benign aliens should rescue mankind from the pending pole shift, there runs a theme. The infant wants to be rescued. If these natural disasters were in the hands of man, they would be demanding that Obama rescue them. But mankind cannot change what Mother Nature is about to bring, so they cannot make these demands of Obama.

But someone must do something! The cushy life, the food cleaned and packaged in the grocery store, the clothing hanging just waiting to be purchased, the guaranteed retirement funds, the ready entertainment on TV - all this about to disappear! How can this be a good thing? The infant thinks no further than his immediate comfort, even if wrapping this in a plaint for others. If your concern were for others, you would not be asking for rescue, you would be doing something about starvation around the world, perhaps volunteering to work for the Red Cross locally or overseas. Are you doing that?

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 14, 2010



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Comment by Derrick Johnson on May 16, 2011 at 9:14am

@ James they are here now assisting with the transformation and will be here during and after the shift

Humans would be stunned to learn of the numbers of alien visitors attending the Earth during its transformation. Wherever the groups of Service-to-Other visitors are busy, the work they are doing is never neglected. One task is not dropped because an earthquake occurs!

We are often asked such questions, and have a standard answer. There are over 1,000 different life-forms visiting Earth, organized into over 40 different working groups. These life-forms range from water creatures to reptilian, birdlike, and mammalian. A few are hominoid. There are multiple creatures visiting all countries, and all visiting Earth work as a large team so work sharing or coordination occurs. Thus, it would be fruitless to detail what creatures are visiting your country as tomorrow this may change!

The Zetas have said that more than 1,000 life forms are visiting Earth now, and they are organized into more than 40 working groups. What types of projects are these working groups involved in?

Primarily they are advising their human contacts. Secondarily, they are arranging group meetings among contactees interested in survival groups and in breaking down the cover-ups of the alien presence and Planet X. Then they are conducting protection of those individuals deemed important for the Transformation, and working with human teammates to effect the rulings of the Council of Worlds.

Zata Talk about transformation activities

Comment by Mark on May 15, 2011 at 9:18pm

Indra here are a couple of articles that might help you understand why the Zetas are helping us now:


If you are still having trouble putting rules of non-interference and the Zetas providing so much information to us on the same page then you need to read the Zetatalk material more thoroughly - I can assure you, the answer is there.

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