A series of Jolt happened one week later again as an identical pattern

As shown in a previous blog of "Jolt in Antarctica, Africa and South America some days after M6 Sco...", a series of Jolt was recorded at some GSN stations in Antarctica, Africa and South America some days after M6 Scotia Sea 2014-02-08. 

A jolt began at 14:10 UTC of 2014-02-11 at VNDA (Antarctica), followed at LBTB (Botswana), LPAZ (Bolivia), PLCA (Argentina), BOSA (South Africa), CPUP (Paraguay) and DBIC (Cote d'Ivoire) at 13:30 UTC of 2014-02-13, during almost 48 hours of a series.

Again, seven days later, a series of jolt began at VNDA at 14:10 UTC of 2014-02-18. 

This second series (2014-02-18) happened in the same order repeatedly at an identical station and at the same time as the first one (2014-02-11), exactly alike.

Assuming that the S Pole of Earth is pulled towards the Planet X, in the direction of the Sun, I show the supposed moving direction of the spot roughly at the time when a jolt happened.

Please note that the actual moving direction of the spot does not necessarily correspond to the direction of an arrow because of the Earth Wobble.

The appearance of such a series of jolts seems one of the signs that the Earth Wobble becomes stronger, and it might be a trigger of a prelude for Roll of South America and Roll of Africa.

* Roll of South America

* Roll of Africa

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Comment by jorge namour on February 23, 2014 at 4:20am

2014-02-22 22:39:34.04 60.26 S 47.25 W 20 5.6 SCOTIA SEA

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