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Earth changes and the pending pole shift discussion

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With the onset of the Pole Shift, electronic games, gaming on-line and cell phone games will be obsolete.  Traditional games will probably be played in the After Time.  Games that help children…Continue

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Here is a very useful link to a "Rocket Stove" which is highly efficient.  Enjoy..Rocket Stove for Hot…Continue

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Are things set into motion? 2 Replies

I have the feeling that now we had the Haiti quake thing are set into motion. Accordingto the new zetatalk this quake is related to the vison Nancy had.SOZTThe Haiti quake of course was downgraded,…Continue

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Started by Gerard Zwaan. Last reply by Douglas Gray Feb 4, 2010.

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Comment by Blair Shepherd on May 6, 2012 at 2:21am

I've recently seen the same UFO three times doing the exact same thing each time. The first time and the third time it appears in the sky from the Northwest and then slowly flys southeast and  slowly fades away. It appears in the beginning as a very bright star, and then slowly fades to nothing as it goes further southeast. I know that in the direction where it fades out is towards a military installation, I think they are trying to tell me to stay away from that area and head northwest to stay bright as a star, but if I go southeast I will surely fade away. I know it is in my subconsciousness what the real meaning is, but that is the only explanation my consciousness could come up with. Has anyone else seen the same UFO type?  I know it is an alien craft because a chill shoots through my body when I make eye contact with it. makes no noise, but just looks like a big star. The second time it did the same thing but while I was talking about it to my friend! It appeared low on the horizon and did the same directional fading thing but in another direction along a mountain range I was thinking of using for cover, and also was thinking of heading in that direction when the time comes. I guess I wont be going that way either, I now know in that direction, after some investigation, that there might be a large FEMA type installation in that direction according to some conspiracy websites. I think I'm now having close encounters of the third kind, and receiving some info recorded in consciousness. What direction to go has been on my mind. Very cool!

Comment by Derrick Johnson on July 5, 2011 at 6:06am

Hi Collin

Here is Zeta Talk about getting a response from your spirit guide.

If the Call is answered promptly when a human gives a telepathic request for counseling, how prompt is a response from a Spirit Guide? These are busy entities, as they watch over many young spirits, but they prioritize well. Something like distress over trying to sort out one's role during the coming times is not an immediate issue, but would get a response from more than one source within hours if not within minutes. Those who feel they have a role to play are in all likelihood recalling past lives and the role they did play during past disasters. If this was a success, helping others in the vicinity and making an overall difference in their lives, there is likely to be little confusion but more likely a determination to repeat the success. If, however, the young spirit's current incarnation does not afford a similar role, due to one's station in life or physical handicaps of some kind, there is trepidation. Should one repeat the past, or attempt this, or strike out in a new direction? If the young soul has tried and failed in the past, at least in their own eyes, then they may be determined to have a better outcome in the future. Such a sense of failure can linger through many lifetimes, for an astonishing length of time, if personal guilt is laid upon oneself by the young soul. Where learning from the past is an admirable step, it is better overall to sort out the current situation and make an action plan. Of course mistakes will be made, even for old and wise souls, but it is better to critique them briefly and then get on with life than to agonize over them. A mistake is, after all, just a mistake!

Comment by collin orum on July 4, 2011 at 1:16pm

thank you  SOOO much for your reply nancy.

is there anyway you know of that i can get in touch with my guide. i have tried to communicate while meditating but i dont believe that i have  a reply as of yet. unless the visions have been the reply. also i have sent you a friend request i hope you accept because i have alot to tell you. it was actually you  that i was wanting to contact, i am not very good with computers and this is the only way i was able to reach you. i had written you a letter that was quite detailed but was not able to send it to your email

again thank you

Comment by Nancy Lieder on July 4, 2011 at 12:33pm

@ collin you have been giving the Call all your life, sounds like, so YOU already have the answer in your subconscious.

Comment by collin orum on July 4, 2011 at 12:13pm

hello all

i have an issue that maybe someone out there can help me with.  i have had a deep gut feeling that i am meant to help out my fellow man in the troubled times ahead.  i have had visions of the future all my life. i have people almost randomly tell me that i will be a great spiritual helper after the end times and be a key figure in the rebuilding of our mother(earth)  i am not native but have native people aproach me all the time about this.  i have been given the name of the cougar. i believe in a great creator but not in  organized religion.  i have been compelled to search for the truth, as i have never felt my teachers, religious leaders and "elected" officials have told me the real truth.  i dont believe they knew that they were telling "lies" but, it never the less has helped to send me along my quest.  i was wonderring if anyone out there knows how to contact other entities so that i may ask them what they see for me and the people that i will be most definately trying to help.

Comment by Lawrence on May 4, 2011 at 5:54pm

Thank GOD for Nancy, the Zetas, this site and all that is associated with it!  Knowing can be a lonely and overwhelming feeling sometimes- my family, friends and those I have choosen to share this info with all think I am crazy and remain in denial.  I have actually been shunned and ostracized by some :(

That was and still is a shock to me!  However, I do have a great hope and faith that all will be OK and BE as it will!  Spiritually, I know and feel the evolution of myself and this world now-  It is my hope that I meet like-minded individuals and I pray that I can be of service and my path lead me in the direction I need to go and place me where I need to be-

In my early 30's I came to know this quote which did not quite make sense to me at the time, however, I knew it was somehow relevant.  I wrote it down, kept it and now after many years I have finally come to know what the meaning is-

"Being silent is the hardest part of knowing" -Azzuue

Still, there is a small part of me that questions why I have come to know these things-





Comment by Carrie Stevenson on January 11, 2011 at 9:56pm
What is coming through in Australia is the people saying they survived.  Stuff is not important and they have just let it all go.  There are pictures of people throwing out their possessions into their yards.   It just shows me that not only am I lucky, but I also don't really care about any of my stuff either, just our lives.
Comment by Warm White on January 11, 2011 at 8:27pm

yes, seven of ten are upon us...


"this time that we're in, is a time of change, and is a time in which we all get to experience that change together" and "the purpose is for all of us to come together and find commonality between us"


...having said that, we urge everyone to prepare and never lose compassion towards others.


peace, light and love to everyone,



Comment by astrogal50 on November 13, 2010 at 3:38pm
Zetaboy: I like the way you think.

Could not agree with you more: "I quite like it when their efforts to keep all of this from the public is smashed to bits." The arrogance of NASA, in particular, is clear.
Comment by Zetaboy on April 30, 2010 at 8:04am
I have the definite sense that the Zetas or assosiates messed with Nasa's PX spy baloon. Maybe Nancy and the Zetas will comment. I quite like it when their efforts to keep all of this from the public is smashed to bits.

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