There are a number of us working hard to understand how to best handle individuals of different soul orientations and although in most cases it is clear what an individual's choice is, there is one scenario where we are confused and wondering if the Zetas could help us understand it better. There are individuals who really, genuinely do a lot of good for others - teachers and healers who have helped others through very rough times. These individuals appear to go 'above and beyond' for others all the time, and yet...they also seem to always need to be in control and in power in every situation, always need to be right and the leader and even go so far as to lie and manipulate others for personal gain. This is intensely confusing, as on one hand they behave as if they are highly 'in service' and they really, actually do help other people and regularly/daily display behaviour that is STO, but then they also display behaviours that are classic STS - needing to be in control and in power over others all the time. Are they undecided and conflicted? Is this a very sly manipulation tactic by souls who are STS (helping other people to gain trust/status/respect from others)? Or a clash of different STO methods and beliefs about the best way to get things done for the highest good of those around them? We have read and re-read all the material on Zetatalk in an attempt to understand this, and spent a lot of time debating this and trying to figure it out but we have not reached a workable conclusion. Any information that can be offered to clarify this is deeply, deeply appreciated. 

We have stated that to determine the orientation of a person or organization, look to the outcome of their actions. Yoda was grumpy, often critical or reluctant to support others among the Jedi, but was fully involved in the fight against the Dark Side and regularly risked his life. His actions, and the outcome of his actions, showed his orientation. Many who are leading a group will react in an autocratic manner, to achieve their ends. This issue is not whether orders are being barked, for instance to get out of the way of a pending tsunami, but the intended outcome of these actions.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for February 6, 2016

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