The Zetas have repeateded stated that after the pole shift Service-to-Other groups will be shielded from Service-to-Self gangs who will simply not be able to see them in their looting, etc. The only thing I can say for sure if I'm lucky enough to survive the shift is that I'll be in a group of very mixed orientations. I want to know whether such groups might also be hidden from Service-to-Self groups nearby in the same way.

Help will be given to Service-to-Other individuals, wherever they live and in whatever situation. Some Service-to-Other individuals have chosen to work amongst mixed groups as there is great need there and a great opportunity to help humans to realize their potential in choosing to operate as Service-to-Other. So the reward is great but the environment will be a challenge. These individuals are given tremendous support, by like minded visitors who have operated in such scenarios. Thus, it is not just a solidly Service-to-Other community that will get help. It is instead that those Service-to-Other communities that will get unqualified help, where there is no threat of a takeover by the Service-to-Self. In essence, these communities have graduated early to a Service-to-Other life, as it will be in 4th density. For those concerned about assistance, the answer is to look less to how you might get it, and more to what you are doing to deserve it. Highly Service-to-Other individuals don't think about rescue - they think about those they themselves are trying to help! Thus focused, they are often surprised to realize they are getting help, such is their mindset.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

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