At session on June, 19th Zetas have told: "Spirits do not have the power to do much in the physical world, but when incarnated, they can affect a great deal by influencing brain chemistry. Moving a truck or lifting a train off its track, for instance, is something they cannot do." Okay, your souls in 4th density have more the power to do much in the physical world (4th density) unlike 3th density?

We have stated that 4th density, being a more rapid vibration of atoms, feels less physical, so that the soul or spirit is more in force. The body feels lighter although its relative mass does not change. Souls can communicate with other souls more readily, having casual soul-to-soul conversations. The incarnated body has greater access to past lives, and converses with its incarnating soul more readily. So if spirits on 3rd density worlds can influence the physical environment by making the room feel cold, or dimming lights, or altering the brain chemistry of a person they wish to communicate with so that the person thinks they see a ghost, then what is it like in 4th density? Not that much different, surprisingly, and perhaps this is God's way of ensuring that interaction between entities is up front and open. Souls in 4th density are not supposed to be able to trick one another, or avoid interaction by creating screen memories or fogging up the setting. 

Then how is it that aliens seem to have control of gravity, controlling this with their minds, so they can float to Earth or float a contactee to a visitation site? This is certainly not something that 3rd density creatures can do! This is a factor of greater intelligence in bodies used for 4th density incarnations. Humans are aware of poltergeist activity, where cabinet doors slam and cups fly off the table. This is due to a brain wave caused by rage, usually in a teenager, enraged at restrictions. Some similar mechanism is at work when aliens can control gravity to float themselves or their contactees. This is not due to rage, but directed intent. Human contactees, through the ages, have observed and experienced this, and thus the common myth that some humans can levitate. It is their wish, and their past experience, but not their capacity.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 3, 2010

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