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Starting on August 3, 2015 the Zeta Report has been made a partner with USA Emergency Broadcast Network. First Monday of each month, Nancy and the Zetas are now on LIVE at 4:00 CT. These shows are then made available on the Zeta Report archives as streaming archives and for Mobile aps and wrapped into YouTube videos and listed on the Interviews page. Past shows included Off-Grid Power Solutions and Survival Mindset and Plate Movements, the 3,600 Year Signature, Evidence Nibiru has Returned and for August 3 Pending Disasters in N America. Tune in at 5:00 pm ET each month!

Comprehensive hour long interview with MUFON on December 7, 2013. ISON, Putin's alien pal, pending Announcement history and likely date, what NASA is likely to say, Obama's partners in Xi and Putin, China's ghost cities, 7 of 10 and 8 of 10 overlap, Scotia Plate buoys, Safe Locations, eating worms.

Delo X in Moscow

Nancy was on the Delo X show on Russian TV on June 26, 2013 at 12:50 Moscow Time discussing visitations and hybrid babies. Archive is available. In Russian except for Nancy's portion (most of which was not played to allow the Russian translator to explain what Nancy said.).  Nancy was also featured on Ren TV on January 3, 2013. In Russian.

Our tiny family just witnessed a milestone event. We saw your appearance on one of the main Russian channels. Being old fans of your work, we were very excited to see you and Mikhael Kashin, the Russian ZetaTalk mirror supervisor, on a TV screen. For us this an important victory and your smiling and blowing a kiss was a kind gesture to see. I've translated your 5 minute portion on the video below.
[and from another]
Who won the vote at the end? Mystic of Skeptic? Mickhael Kashin: 53% Sceptics 47% Mystics. However there is rise trend. When I was there first, right before 12/21/12, mystics had only 8%, in May on the show about Nibiru mystics had already 23%.



Above Top Secret Interview

An interview recorded on April 16, 2011 has just been made public as of December 18, 2012. This interview was recorded for the Above Top Secret  website which was planning a 2012 video. The Trailer was produced, but the planned video on 2012 was not. Bobby Breeze, as he was known on Above Top Secret, has emerged as Bobby Powell, and has finally published the interview. This is highly recommended, an hour of discussion on a vast range of subjects. Don’t miss where Bobby discusses how astronomers reacted when he asked them about Nibiru. (This is 9:00 minutes into the second video.) To quote, “they leave the room like a bunch of scared little girls.”




The Sri Lanka interview for their NewsFirstTV station, has been scheduled for the weekend of June 16-17, 2012. The show is billed as the 2012 Mystery, with four speakers participating - Sara Seager, Fiorella Capuano, Dr. Barry Warmkessel, and Nancy Lieder of ZetaTalk. Introductions can be found on this Program Page, but specific times when the show will air are not provided.

I am really happy to inform you that we finally got the approval to air our program and Sri Lankans will see it from this weekend. Thank you very much for all your support and blessings, and I am extremely sorry for the delay. The link that I have given below is just a trailer that we created by using your interview with us. Hope you'll like it.


ZT from the ZetaTalk chat for Oct 8, 2011 regarding Nancy's C2C interview:
Reply by Nancy Lieder

I too want to ask a question. I was invited to C2C this upcoming Tuesday October 11 at 10:00 Pacific time. Last time I was on was 2007,  rather obviously blacklisted as the Zeta predictions were coming true steadily all this time. C2C is not the only media outlet turning their back on me, as BBC also expressed interest a year ago, even calling me, Nancy, "the founder of the Planet X theory", yet the special they said they were planning never came about. Why the change now? This question has been accepted by the Zetas.

Nancy was just invited back onto C2C after having been absent since 2007. What happened for the black listing to be lifted? Clearly the wobble has become worse, the public noting the Sun in the wrong place, the weather more extreme, but these matters have been around steadily for years and been ignored by the C2C editors. Certainly the 7 of 10 was presented last Fall by Gordon, citing ZetaTalk, and has been unfolding but has been effectively denied by the media, claiming sea level rise and rain and the like. C2C is trying to get ahead of the crowd, as they have heard by the grapevine that Nancy will be getting media attention at high levels, and soon. This should not be a surprise, as we have stated repeatedly that at some point, when the world is reaching the level of being in shock at the Earth changes, that Nancy would be pressed forward due to her emphasis on survival techniques and self sufficiency. At least equal to these reasons is the Puppet Masters desire to have more timely ZetaTalk on what is coming, as for some time we, the Zetas, have refused to give him clues unless he gets Nancy into the media. Seeing Africa begin to move was a motivator in this respect.


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Comment by Moderating Staff on May 27, 2012 at 1:00pm

Nancy and the Zetas appeared in the monthly newsletter Misteriji ( in Slovenia.


Points that were covered: a short history of Planet X, 1 to 10 scale progression, the 7 of 10 sequence was pretty well laid out as were some of the current 7 of 10 events, mainly in SE Asia, with some satellite coverage. Economic and social turmoil, as predicted by the Zetas, also got a mention as did the floppy red filter.


The article did not cover ZetaTalk exclusively as it was mixed with other theories. Due to the posting rules on the Ning, we will not list everything else that was discussed in the article and will not publish it here. Since magazine editors make their own policies as to what gets published and what does not, it is not a surprise that a lot of disinfo was featured as well.


However we feel the general outlook of the coverage was positive and has the potential of waking many people up. The strong points will sink into the minds of many readers, especially the current events unfolding as predicted by the Zetas will prompt many to go to the ZetaTalk site and check things out for themselves.

Comment by Moderating Staff on October 12, 2011 at 6:46pm

The Coast to Coast AM - Zetas Special from a third-party:



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