Vietnam: Numerous landslide, land subsidence and cracks phenomenon!

( Many may think that crack in the earth in small quantities in Vietnam! Half of the cracks in the ground is not taken in the form of a photo but recorded in the article. )

Photos for period 1 January 2012 - 12 May 2012:

/ The cracks about 20cm wide, even up to 35 cm segments, forming deep pit. It is noteworthy that the cracks appeared just above the landslide area. While in Lost & Found area neighbors 2, 3 of Lost & Found Recovery Linh commune, Dai Tu district (Thai Nguyen) is still a lot of families are living next to the junk yard, just a 5-7m but has not been relocated. Source /


/ Strange cracks threatening 16 homes in Lam Dong. Day 4-5, Lam Dong DNRE Di Linh district People's Committee to coordinate on-site inspections of about 15 hectares in area - where the earth cracks occur. Status of land subsidence has caused damage along a permanent 15 temporary home of 16 households in the area under the Nguyen Van Troi Street 5, Quarter 1, the town of Di Linh. Source /

/ According to our observations, seriously degraded the road, long sink marks, cracks nearly 10cm wide, tens of meters long, raised a "wave" on the road and is showing signs of continued subsidence serious. Source /

/ Handled expeditiously land subsidence in Phu Tho. Source /

/ Despite state landslide, subsidence took place nearly half a year, but several sections of the Ho Chi Minh City. Source /

10 May 2012

/ Land subsidence abnormal "swallowing" the people
Nearly 30 households to move from emergency shelter to avoid damage to the phenomenon of irregular ground subsidence occurred at the Nam Son 2, Son Ho Cam Ward. Source /

/ The most serious phenomenon earth cracks in Quarter 1, town of Di Linh, Di Linh district with cracked soil and areas affected area up to tens of hectares, there are 4-5m deep fissure, width 10 -25cmSource /

/ Chairman of Thai Nguyen province that may be the climate, geological changes resulting avalanche morning 15/4, buried 12 households in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen. Cracks appear near the junk yard eroded. Avalanche that surrounding areas were severely affected. Source /


22 April 2012. Source

5 May 2012

/ Many households in the 33A and 33B, the fifth ward Khanh Ha (Ha Long city) reflects on the cracks, subsidence. Source /

8 May 2012. Source

21 April 2012

/ The earth cracks in the town of Di Linh could recur in the coming days. Source /

/ Appeared large crevices in the ground of the company discharged massive rural XD-171 PT constant eye on the mountain - a mountain near the 500m where more than 30 households living. Source /

9 May 2012. Source

/ Afternoon 24/3, Doan Ngoc Nam - Chairman Phuoc Cat 2 (H. Cat Tien), said the relevant authorities are investigating the cause of the subsidence and cause landslides in areas to Dong Nai River and plans for dealing with troubleshootingSource /

/ For many months now, for Tan Tan Ba Ba village, Thuy Bang (Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien-Hue) was damaged and seriously degraded. Specifically, the two sides of the bridge is the phenomenon of subsidence, a bridge has been fragmented, broken chunks of concrete form "trap" and can fall at any timeSource /

26 April 2012

/ PTO-facial sister Dang Thi Diep commune of Ninh People in Zone 3 (Thanh Ba) was still shocked when we heard tell about land subsidence night 6-4, 7-4 morning. Source /





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