Turkey: Black sea coastal highway collapse, Hatay airport flooded


Black Sea Coastal Highway, could not withstand the tempestuous waters of the Black Sea and the retaining wall collapsed way to the Black Sea coast, Artvin, Hopa District in the sea 10 meters due to subsidence caused by the waves destroyed the retaining wall, the border gate is closed to Hopa.
Transportation, from Hopa to Sarp two-lane road to the border gate opening provided access to both sides, the teams began collapsing on the road repair work. The people of the region, there were difficulties in specifying a path made with seafood filling, Hopa H Gul, Deputy Mayor suggested that the road is done incorrectly. Sarp Border Gate and about 500 meters away from the retaining wall on the seaward side of the road, the Black Sea 'could not withstand the power of waves reaching 10 meters in places, and was destroyed. Taşıyamadığı Black Sea Coast Road approximately 60-meter section of the retaining wall collapsed. Transportation, from Hopa to Sarp Border Gate, the opening of two-lane road provided access to both sides. Highway crews began collapsing on the road repair work. MARINE FILLER Local people often took place in front of the depressions of the road made with seafood filling is in progress, by Osman Özşahin citizen, "The sea rose, wave player is able to highlight the wall collapsed. Deniz took the path leads to dismantle. 15 years ago, it had collapsed. I need to pass the road to high" said. Hasan Aksoy, < strong> "Before the Georgia side of the road would have to look at. There passed the road will be seen how high above sea level. timely way was wrong. Other residents, those who know the area in the sormadılar. the road due to the collapse of the construction defect" he said. heart in his mouth BLACK PEOPLE ARE swelled Hopa is Deputy Mayor Rose H, "Black people living in the area swelled his heart is in her mouth. The coastal road, how much was supposed to be better able to withstand the power of the Black Sea, and tons of water, not a road " said. Rose, said: " There are errors in construction. in the region made of stone wall, on the poured asphalt. Wall deformed due to the waves when the road collapsed. Similar events can be seen along the Black Sea coast. We see that the city has closed with stones, even within the strip of waves. as some say, The coastal road was appropriate spending. If done cost would be high in the mountains ' disagree with the words. Fill the cost of the road, maintenance, repair, and all subsequent costs more is destruction. "


30.01.12. The Asi River overflowed its banks due to heavy rainfall and snow melt, flooding the airport in Hatay province on Monday.

Heavy rainfall that has been hitting the province for two days caused the Asi River and several smaller rivers -- Afrin, Karasu and Muratpaşa -- to overflow their banks, flooding the villages of Comba, Aktaş, Kurtuluş and Kırmıtlık as well as the airport, which is close to the Asi River. Flights will be delayed for two days due to the flood, while hundreds of thousands of acres of cultivated land are under water. In a written statement released by the Hatay Governor’s Office regarding the extent of the damage of the floods, it said “The rate of rainfall for January corresponds to 37 percent of the total amount of rainfall in 2011, while the rainfall rate for January 2011 was only 17 percent, which means the amount of rainfall increased more than twofold.” Mentioning that the main cause of the floods was not only heavy rain but also snow melt, the statement also said the State Waterworks Authority (DSİ), the Hatay Special Provincial Administration, the Kütahya Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management, including airport officers, are working in cooperation to drain the flood water.


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